Disco CroMagnon

The fire of the Cromagnon Republic nightclub, located in the neighborhood of Once, Buenos Aires, Argentina, occurred on December 30, 2004 on the occasion of a recital of the Callejeros rock group. The audience was mostly young (average 20 years of age), with presence of some children. With respect to the origin, it is believed that the trigger would have been the use of pyrotechnics, (a Bengal, and an item known as three shots, which triggered three explosions with lights on the air). They would have burned in principle the low roof of the place, causing fire of large proportions, with dense smoke. There were great difficulties for the evacuation of the place, which aggravated the consequences of what happened because a: Denso smoke avalanche in the attempt to leave the interpretation of the fire place as part of the door’s closed emergency lack of signposting some of these difficulties show have strict relationship with aspects of behaviour, either because of the perception of the risk situation, the lack of caution, and lack of recognition of threatening situations for the physical integrity of persons. As a result, 194 people were killed and there were hundreds of wounded (derived to the network of public hospitals in the city, the University hospital and private clinics). To deepen your understanding NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is the source.

The health system responded, the night of the fire, more than 700 patients, (111 died in hospitals) over 100 injured arrived at hospitals in critical condition, most with severe breathing problems by inhaling carbon monoxide. In terms of patients assisted at the Hospital de Clinicas: 50 patients I arrive at the hospital, 25 were dead. 10 patients were assisted in the guard. 15 patients were derived to UTI: 3 killed in the first 48 hours. 12 patients remained hospitalized in ICU. Psychological approach and psychosocial initial period (early hours): the difficulties which occurred during the early hours, conditioned emotional impact on all involved.

Exhibition Congress Women & Work

First own exhibitor forum for mid-market Bonn, 12.09.2012. On 8 June 2013, largest trade fair Congress for women, for the third time in the Bundeshaus Bonn World Conference Center held the women & work, Germany. In cooperation with the middle class job board Yourfirm.de be the organiser for the first time an exhibitor Forum exclusively for medium-sized companies set up. According to a survey of universe in 2012 among specialists and executives, 77% of female respondents pursure a career at the top employers in the middle class. Today, every fifth Manager in the middle-class is female, at the junior executives are even 37 percent.

Through cooperation with the job market Yourfirm, now also the recruiters for the Hidden champions the opportunity, female junior and senior executives within the framework have to recruit the women & work targeted. So the middle class is in the discussions and events of the fair not only a focus content, but represented with an own exhibitor Forum be. “Many visitors of the last two events wanted, to contact directly with the representatives of medium-sized companies in contact at the fair”, explains Melanie Vogel, initiator and organiser of the women & work. Through the SME Forum on women & work we offer a forum to find out about career opportunities in the medium-sized businesses and to compare them with those of the corporations interested women now.” Only a few places remaining available three months after the women & work 2012 the third event is almost fully booked on 8 June 2013 with over 80 top employers and nearly 60 consultants, associations and networks. For medium-sized companies, a few places remaining in the separate mess tent are SME Forum”available. The combination of trade fair atmosphere and Congress is ideal for medium-sized companies, to attract female specialists and executives targeted in”, said Konstantin Janusch, Managing Director of the Yourfirm job board.

University Press

Then each time that we will be to a speech, in one beats papo, in an informal colloquy gives to attention what it is said, therefore ‘ ‘ fogo’ ‘ as much can mean to shoot in somebody, to inform of a fire, as to be a simple form of speaking. exists innumerable examples of these and who attended to Sherlock 2 Holmes the Game of the Shades can see the quo lisonjeira is a message written for antonyms. We have that to be smarter and more intense in what we speak, however taking muitssimo well-taken care of with all and any said word, therefore if we are in a society, and we want this such of cultural politics functioning well without provoking problems we have that to be clearly zealous with each one of our phrases, therefore as ‘ says the music of the Mutants; ‘ it does not go to lose itself there for ‘ ‘. It is very sad to know that if it can lose a life or a history for words only said, writings and that wars already had been declared and sentenced for them. But it is a fact as one plus one is, still, two. Visit NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for more clarity on the issue. We do not have option and us we do not have conditions to foresee when a word can be understood as an offence or as a grateful compliment, inasmuch as optimum it is to observe the law of little saying and with care in the adjectives and adverbs that are absolutely (as this here) treacherous. That let us not think more about Nietzsche as benefactor of the nazistas, therefore was not.

Nor in Marx as justifying any disobedience of Stalin as well as never it occurs. The world does not lack linguistic misunderstandings more than, but of attention in what it is gone to say and to hear they do not find, still more in an age where ‘ ‘ to have preconception with racismo’ ‘ , and ‘ ‘ if you were white you would be perfeito’ ‘ are expressions repeated in canals high-frequency of people attending. We have that to ignore the disobediences of the language and to make with that everything that absolutely to say or to make either a page of transparent words and without double felt some. For our good, the good of grammar and the good of the countries let us leave that demons only exist in imaginary the religious one, and badly either a moral subject is not better thus. It is better to forget the oil when the broth already is very greasy however, therefore!

Parallel Universes

Who appreciates the literary sort and cinematographic the fiction-scientific one certainly it remembers some referring narrative to the parallel universes. It occurs that, depending on the eventual results gotten in the fields of the comment and the experimentation, the coexistence of many universes can leave of being ' ' fico' ' to become &#039 purely; ' cientfica' '. The Theory of the Parallel Universes was presented to the world, for the first time, as academic thesis in middle of the decade of 1950. In virtue of its eccentricity, it finished for being ridicularizada in the subsequent decades, until, recently, its beddings had passed to be studied empirically: scientists had observed that substance microparticles, when observed, the known and possible states tended to modify its structure physical for all. Such constatao opened the doors for the acceptance of the initial academic hypothesis.

If substance microparticles if convert into all the physical states known and possible, great structures of substance, without and with life – including the being-human beings – make also it, unfolding itself in innumerable versions. This means that, since the beginning of the call ' ' multiverso' ' , with the explosion of the big-bang, everything what it can happen, in accordance with the laws of the physics, effectively occurs, and not only one of the possibilities. Thus, to each minimum unit of time we would have the creation of millions of ' ' bubbles of realities alternativas' ' , that they are the parallel universes (the famous Theory of the Bubbles, that coexist inside of the multiverse). Our universe, therefore, would be only one of these bubbles. In such a way, for example, it would have parallel universes where our galaxy was not formed; others where only our solar system did not arrive to exist; some where it consisted, but the life in the Land did not prosper because the precursory microorganisms had died; several where the Man of Neandertal was extinct for climatic catastrophes, and, therefore, the Homo Sapiens-Sapiens did not arrive to exist; one handful in which Gnghis Khan, when enslaved of infancy, it died of exhaustion; groups where Germany won World War II, or in which that the plans to knock down the Twin Towers previously had been aborted, and, consequently, it did not have the current War of Iraq; another one where you, who already passed for a situation where it was between the life and the death, effectively died, in way that you are your proper surviving version; e, also some where the proper theory argued here already was proven.


You will need a platform to train yourself in all marketing techniques both online how face-to-face, if you want to have chances of excelling in this highly competitive market. A good marketing system will teach you as a market and attract prospects to your business without suffering rejections. You can also use this system to train your own team. 5 – Rodeate of people PositivasSi are determined to succeed in your MLM business, make sure you surround yourself with leaders of this industry, that have the ability to motivate you and get inspired. The leading MLM delNegocio attributed his success to what they have learned from other successful people. -Someone who is in the industry and to succeed is a mentor.

In fact, you can not be successful without a mentor who will guide and support. -Attends events live – and learn from leaders who are generating millions of dollars and how they build their empires online. Western Union pursues this goal as well. -Surround yourself and get Mastermind with people who have your same interests avoids people and negative situations and that they do not provide you value, socialize with people of your same niche and with which you can share experiences and knowledge 6. Think about different sources of IngresosUno of the problems with the MLM business is the fact that you only pay when people join your team or buy it. That happens with those who are not interested in working with you? There is a great revenue opportunity in those who don’t want to join your team. A good marketing system will allow you to take them to other various offers to create the cash flow you need to keep your business and cover their costs. If you are not using a smart strategy for these cases, you quebraras before seeing any results. 7 Remains completely EnfocadoNuevas opportunities and business appear every day and it can be difficult to resist the temptation to join them.

Equally, there is plenty of information and marketing strategies available and sometimes without realizing it we find ourselves wanting to Learn and use them all. Focus on what you’re working. Choose a single marketing strategy, learn it, and specialize in it. 8 Outlet Accionsi want to see results and have profit in your business quickly, then you need to take action every day! It is your MLM business like any other business, not as a hobby. What if you decide to start one business anyone and only open when you have time? How long do you think it would survive? Well the same goes for your MLM business, have making your daily work, focused on the results that you want and putting all your effort and energy to achieve them. It implements the strategies mentioned above and you’ll see that you will soon begin to see results.


Once our account has been accepted, we can configure the type and size of ads. AdSense has various formats, simply select one and generates an HTML code that we can stick in our website. If you want to vary the appearance changes are carried out from our Adsense account. They cannot be Choose ads, Adsense automatically chooses them for us. IMPORTANT: Ad selection should be planned very well since a time you create an ad account Adsense can not be erased. This with the aim of not committing carelessness with our own web page. From our page if the ad can be deleted, but in our own Adsense will remain.

There is an option that lets you hide them so that out of the way. Once configured our ads is important experience which is what gives us better performance. We must experiment much with the size, color, position, borders. AdSense has what is called a heat map that consists of the most common positions to place ads and yields for each of them. It is recommended to place the ads on the left and in the center of the page, but every webmaster chooses and experiences as you like.

It is possible that what is useless to one to another. When a visitor comes to our website and click on any of the Adsense ads manda directly to the company owner of the listing and Google Adsense pay us pennies to our account. It is a small amount for each click but the efforts are focused on getting a lot of visitors. One of the golden rules of Adsense is do not click on our own ads. In such a case they can suspend our account and lose it permanently. Our web site is like a supermarket that must be stocked with lots of products, that are useful to users. For those who have blogs is important to writing relevant articles that attract more visitors. Then summarize the most important points: 1. establish a website (which is preferably own) 2. Fill the site with quality content (write periodically) 3. Make the request in Adsense as soon as possible (no need to wait six months) 4. Take care at all times fulfil the conditions of Adsense.(avoid clicking on our own ads) 5 Experiment, experiment and experiment. (scan which combinations produce more revenue) Harold Molina if you want more tips of these topics visit my page: original author and source of the article.

Choosing A Shower

Typically, the size of the shower depends on the size of the room in which it is installed. The most typical form for the shower – rectangular. If the bathroom small size, you can use variations in the shape and structure of the shower. This allows for maximum functionality and save space in the bathroom. Particular attention should be paid to the device tray. It is this element of the shower Cab is most vulnerable to the strain that sometimes leads to loss of integrity. Pallets are made of acrylic and reinforce its metal frame to give strength.

In various models of shower enclosures are different inputs. For example, for the pentagonal model has hinged door. In the quadrilateral using sliding doors or a door swing design. And in the corner shower doors can be moved in different directions, providing entrance convenient for you party. Previously, for the manufacture of shower enclosures, used plastic, now most of the models are made with safety glass.

Such models are very stylish and have a stylish appearance. The biggest demand is for showers produced in Italy and Sweden. This is due to excellent quality and reasonable prices for their products. Recently are quite popular showers made in Germany and France. Installation of a shower is to entrust a specialized installation company, which will produce a competent installation in quick time. Depends on that of its performance and functionality. In addition, experts will give you a warranty that will save you from headaches break a shower.

Universal Wisdom

While Dr. Noble had come with Master Tenno to repair something on the other side of the river, where he practiced during the night, the Master Sweeper Esmeraldas to bring some mushrooms to the Master. Sergei treated him with care and he sat while preparing tea. The teacher had just finished transcribing the teaching that every day he explained to Ting Chang. – Year bother young Sergei! I would not bother the Master but I know you love this kind of mushrooms.

– I just say I pray that you wait, they do not want to leave without finishing a chapter. Without hesitation Macy’s Inc. explained all about the problem. But it comes to tea with you, Venerable Sir. – Do not call me, I'm just the janitor of the monks. If I found out, goodbye peace and quiet. – If there is a lot of rudeness I would ask why you called our Master of the Sweeper Esmeraldas.

– His jokes are not are more important, – he answered, smiling -. At that time, was the Master who saluted with great respect and contented to their host and they sat down to enjoy the rich spiced tea. – Sergei, this is not a joke. I'm going to tell the story. I for many years, our host was martial arts instructor in the Red Army of Mao. Until one day he saw the universe in a drop of water landed on the edge of his sword. He retired to the temple of Saolin and sought to complete its wake the monks shared with the mastery of his techniques.

The Secret Power Of Ordinary Words

From birth, we are surrounded by sounds. First, we do not understand and do not differentiate. Then there are the sounds of pleasant and annoying. Check out Macy’s Inc. for additional information. Soon we learn to distinguish between words. Words are a huge part of our little world. Perhaps check out Hikmet Ersek for more information. Our speech and our thoughts are composed entirely of words.

We communicate, exchange views, say, write, read the words. Words uttered by us most directly affect the way how the things in life. The power of words are a lot of sayings and proverbs. Here are some of them. The word is not an arrow, a heart . No armholes with a spear, armholes language! That is written with a pen, that will not cut down with an ax. Why are words so powerful? From them such power that the word can and kill, and wound, and put his feet? The fact that each word in addition to the semantic load is and the emotional component associated with our past experiences. The same word in different people is different associations, and as a consequence, different reactions.

A simple example, the word "exit" for someone is good, even great word because it is associated with relaxation, with the holiday, with glee. The word "soon weekend inspire and give strength. For another man, the word "output" may be akin to a curse, because it is associated with unpleasant memories or expectations in the future. Of course, one such word does not have much impact, regardless of their emotional staining. But every day we use hundreds of thousands of words spoken, read or thought. And everyone, even the smallest word, echoed in our subconscious. The conclusion is simple, we watch what we say and think. By words you can use to your benefit. For this we must include in its lexicon as much as possible of the positively charged words. I will begin, and continue to Yourself: "Love, affection, and gratitude

Why Does Baby Cry ?

All babies cry. Baby crying – not just a signal for help. At this stage of life crying – it's the only way to communicate with the world they can not say that worries them, what they lack, but only notify lament his misery or disadvantage. That is why a baby cries. Reasons may be many tears, and to understand them is not easy. However, parents should try to show a guess and wit in this case, moreover, that, depending on the causes, crying is different shades. Thus, we explain the main causes of crying. Baby cries when he is hungry most often that he is hungry, baby alerts prolonged crying, very loudly and insistently.

A hungry baby is crying, Blushing, stretches handle. What do mothers in this case? . Of course the child should be fed, even if not yet the proper time came, and the same applies to the night crying. Crying, Crying may inconvenience caused serve as a signal of discomfort of the subject child. If you are using reusable nappies, the child cries will alert parents that wet and irritate his skin. Wet diapers irritate the skin, the baby cries Crying incessantly whimpering, uninterrupted, even though it sounds stronger, weaker, may be accompanied by hiccups.

If a diaper change, and the kid warmly covered, he calms down. If you use disposable diapers, remember that they may leak or get wet inside, bring discomfort to the child. If your baby sleeps in a diaper all night, the irritant can be greatly increased volume of the diaper.


This was a fact kept secret until the thirty-eight years. I always thought I would take him to the grave, so revealing it was a profound change in my life, a change that is still marked my destiny. I went to an association that dealt with the issue and began to take control of my life. The fact is that my family and immediate surroundings, at such devastating news, reacted in a rather ambiguous. One hopes that there is a kind of earthquake or something, But it was not even remotely. Not that getting fired openly blame or say that would have been better to remain silent, as has happened in other cases that I know too well. No, in my case was that well-known attitude of we do as if nothing had happened.

But that would not last too long, because not long after we were offered at that time who were in the partnership for prevention and help for childhood sexual abuse, the possibility of participating in an interview this graph, which would case. Together with other three agreed to lend you my picture and give my testimony. When in November 2002 my photo appeared in the Magazine occupying an entire page, changed attitudes. Now the question itself had acquired a significance that shortly before seemed to have. What was the change? For thousands of potential readers position clearly, without any need to be ambiguous. When others give a specific value to a fact, attitude or behavior, as many are attached by comfort, or lack of knowledge approach and adopt the same value.

MMORPG Against Online RPG

At first, let's define what is an mmorpg and online rpg. mmorpg (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) is obemnye, often paid games available only online, where hundreds or thousands of players play with each other in huge fantasy worlds. Andrew Cuomo can aid you in your search for knowledge. On the other hand, online rpg is a game such as Diablo ii, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and Dungeon Siege, where the actual game – the only thing you need to buy as an online game with other players for free. Instead of one big world that is sometimes updated (or, in some cases, updated frequently), a few players gather in different rooms of the same game. Defining these differences, let us now look at the advantages and disadvantages of each, to see what is best for you. Most the great advantage of online rpg to mmorpg, but the fee structure, is that you have the opportunity to play this game offline and get to know her before you'll be drawn into the world, where there are more experienced players.

For example, you can slay Diablo 2 offline, and then go online and compete with other people. In this case, you'll be less dependent on other players, as you well imagine the picture of the game. Online rpg with offline components as well suited to players who quickly want to join the battle and to win treasures and rewards, as it is for such a system is normally designed the game for one player. We add that the players can play online rpg from different locations, such as lan, independent game servers and servers that are intended for games like on battle.net.

Samples Of Gold – Jewellery Stories

Breakdown of the precious metal is considered the minimum content of such a metal, which is measured in fractions of a rate per thousand units of mass of an alloy. According to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation 643 (dated 18 June 1999), "On the order of field testing and stamping of precious metal in the jewelry industry in our country, the following sample of gold: 375, 500, 585, 750, 958, 999. Each sample has its own name. Title alloy is of letters, they identify the components of the alloy. After the letters are numbers that show the contents of a component of the noble metal in the alloy samples (ie, thousandths). The content of base metals is indicated in percentage. in the base metal in the name brands are not indicated if he is at the end.

In the state standard, the following notation metals: for precious metals – gold, indicated the reduction of pln, Silver – Wed, platinum – Gr. For platinum group metals – rhodium Rd, iridium – And, palladium – Pd. And for the precious metals we use the notation: copper – M, Nickel – H Zinc – C, and cadmium – Kd. Gold 375 Gold 375 test samples in such a gold alloy contains up to 38% pure gold, the remaining components of the alloy – it is silver, copper, etc. His properly be called gold-silver alloys and copper. Under the current gost 30649 – 99 "Alloys based on noble metals Jewelry.


The woman said: Sir, you have to draw with, and the well is deep. And where do you get that living water? Yacas are you greater than our father Jacob, who gave us this well, and drank it, his sons and his cattle? (WISH) Jesus answered and said anyone who drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks the water I shall give him shall never thirst but the water that I shall give will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. Swarmed by offers, Hikmet Ersek is currently assessing future choices. The woman said, Lord, give me this water so that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw. (DECISION-Conviction of sin) Jesus said: Go, call thy husband, and come hither. To read more click here: Raphael Shore. The woman answered and said I have no husband. Jesus said to him well have said, I have no husband, because you have had five husbands, and that I now have is not your husband that you spoke truth. See more detailed opinions by reading what Seth Fischer Hong Kong offers on the topic.. The woman said: Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet.

Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, and you say that in Jerusalem is the place to worship. Jesus said, woman, believe me, the hour is coming when neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem worship the Father. Ye worship ye know not what we know we worship, for salvation is from the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for such worshipers the Father seeks to worship him.

Cooking Omelets

Omelets are prepared from fresh eggs, egg powder or egg melange. When cooking scrambled eggs are added to the eggs cold milk, cream can or water, salt and mix thoroughly. This mixture is prepared for all kinds of omelets. At each egg to 15 grams of milk, cream or water. Salt 0,5 g Omelette natural. Gain insight and clarity with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Pour the egg mass to the hot pan with oil.

Stir fry over high heat. When the mass thickens cease to interfere. Collapse finished omelet in the form patty and serve with butter. Omelet with cheese. Cook like an omelet natural, only mass add grated cheese (20-30 g). Scrambled eggs with green onions. Cook like an omelet natural, but added chopped green onions (6-7 g). Omelet with ham.

Sliced ham, lightly fried in butter, add a little red sauce. Lay the finished omelet and wrapped patty. Omelette with jam. At fried omelet put jam (seedless and syrup) and rolled up pie. Omelet with mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms, finely shred and fry in oil. After that, mixed with beaten eggs, salt and baked. Per 100 grams of mushrooms used 2 eggs. Omelet in Frankfurt. A few sausages cut into slices and fry. Beat the eggs (2 pieces) with milk (2 tbsp. Tablespoons), salt and black pepper. Pour this mixture of sausage and fry on both sides. Before serving, sprinkle with herbs. Serve with a garnish of boiled potatoes.

Alphabet Traveler

So you've decided to go to the country which have not yet visited. If you want to enjoy the journey, see the sights, after an excursion to bring photos and indeed in some cases return to good spirits and unharmed from the long-awaited trip, to avoid misunderstandings that could lead both to comic consequences, and in the tragic, which is especially important in the Middle East, West Africa will not affect the familiar with the manners and customs of the country. There are lots of nuances, which many travelers are unaware or simply not paying enough attention. We give several such examples. 1.Do not worth skip gesture "OK" if you are interested in Brazil. Macy’s understands that this is vital information. Fakt.V 50 years of the last century, Richard Nixon, U.S.

president with a friendly visit to Brazil. Coming down the ramp, as a gesture of greeting, he showed the "OK". If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jeff Gennette. This welcome gesture angrily condemned in the press and broadcast on all television channels, which does not strengthen respect for the local population to unsuspecting Nixon. It turns out that in Brazil this gesture means the same thing as an advanced middle finger in the countries of Europe, the usa, which naturally outraged and offended by the indigenous inhabitants of Brazil. 2. If you are in Greece, and decided to have lunch at a diner or take advantage of hospitality of the locals and savor the "real cuisine, you should not be misleading and even frighten gracious hosts at first glance, an innocent gesture of an outstretched arm, palm exposed out.

Astrology Soul

Absolut is impartial, we can say is irrelevant. His game – the life of the universe, including our lives. The positive part of the Absolute – God, the negative part of the Absolute – Satan. Since the Absolute is impartial and indifferent, and his positive part of – God is gracious and kind, then the problems, requests and prayers should be addressed not to the Absolute, namely to God. At this time, the Absolute relatively speaking, does not exist, since it was divided into parts to his game, in which involved the entire universe, including humans, aliens, angels, demons, and all beings in the universe. God loves us, and not absolute, so ask and pray to God. ‘Ask and it shall be given you: seek and ye shall find: knock and it shall be opened unto you’ (Holy Blagovo-existence of Matthew, 7:7).

According to the karmic doctrine, life after the destruction of the physical body does not cease, but continues (and we believe that real life is just beginning). Soul changes the body and life of the soul infinite. By the way, in order to fully understand the doctrine of karma, you should not read many modern ‘professionals’ and primary sources. After all, karma – it’s not something that really exists in the physical world, and the hypothesis created by the ancient religion – Hinduism. Subsequently, this hypothesis has introduced their religion Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama – carried out the assignment of the kind of Gautama muni, the sage of the tribe, the Awakened One, Enlightened One). Buddha after the departure of their loved ones out of the palace, where he was a prince (although this is unproven hypothesis), he became a student of Hindu followers. Long learned from them and remained in austerity.

Subsequently, he became the teacher and founding a new world religion, he borrowed from the Hindu doctrine of karma and reincarnation. Hindu sources (Vedas, Upanishads, etc.) argue that the soul passes millions of birth, changing the body. Most ‘experts’ on karma completely unfamiliar with Hinduism – the religion of ancient India that has created this hypothesis (not theory, because it is not proven!) about karma. Hinduism is called the religion of 33 million gods. Supreme Hindu gods (gods of the gods), Vishnu – Shiva – Brahma. Estimated Professional Hinduism, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of thousands of years. In Hinduism has its own canons and laws based on the hypothesis of karma, what do not know many ‘experts’ on karma.