This was a fact kept secret until the thirty-eight years. I always thought I would take him to the grave, so revealing it was a profound change in my life, a change that is still marked my destiny. I went to an association that dealt with the issue and began to take control of my life. The fact is that my family and immediate surroundings, at such devastating news, reacted in a rather ambiguous. One hopes that there is a kind of earthquake or something, But it was not even remotely. Not that getting fired openly blame or say that would have been better to remain silent, as has happened in other cases that I know too well. No, in my case was that well-known attitude of we do as if nothing had happened.

But that would not last too long, because not long after we were offered at that time who were in the partnership for prevention and help for childhood sexual abuse, the possibility of participating in an interview this graph, which would case. Together with other three agreed to lend you my picture and give my testimony. When in November 2002 my photo appeared in the Magazine occupying an entire page, changed attitudes. Now the question itself had acquired a significance that shortly before seemed to have. What was the change? For thousands of potential readers position clearly, without any need to be ambiguous. When others give a specific value to a fact, attitude or behavior, as many are attached by comfort, or lack of knowledge approach and adopt the same value.