If Not Know That Is Impossible Maybe Lo Try Y Lo Hit

When you were small you didn’t care who you were, if you were higher or lower than your friends, if you were smarter or less, if you were more clever or not, it only enjoyed everything, so get everything, you were leaving help or ayudabas to others, without criticism, without censure, as something natural. When you were a child of 2 or 3 years, you competias with your mates, but it didn’t matter if you ganabas or perdias, that in the end little affected, lived the moment and already, the result was a temporary boost and nothing more, sometimes ganabas and others perdias, in some games were better than your friends and others were not so good, but that didn’t matter. You said what you thought or sometimes even just said what you wanted, without worrying about others approve or not what you said and without considering fools who thought something different, only hear and aprendias naturally, accepted what you served and were leaving to go what do not. But one day you were taught to value yourself but not for yourself, but in comparison with others, that you They called self-esteem, only then started to worry and suffer, to judge your friends, to criticize its results and to try to see yours as superiors. You were taught to make judgments to be competitive, you’re the best, you’re worse, were henceforth phrases that most commonly hear, and suffering was increasingly more strong, fear seized your actions, you have learned to say smart things, to show the results that others expected it, thereby won their acceptance, many times against your values, thought of your feelings, than it actually did. Did you learn that if you was not the approval of others you feel rejected, and sufrias, but in reality others that little cared, but it was necessary to be popular, not be rejected. Steffan Lehnhoff shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Dorval Ideology

Why are we so dirty on the streets? Why are all done in a slipshod manner? Why the high crime rate? Why is drug addiction? All these questions are relevant not only for politicians and bureaucrats, but also for the average person who does not want to survive and live. He asks himself these questions and simply can not find answers or find, but they did not suit him. And we like: ‘If the answer is not satisfied, then this is the wrong answer. ” Contrary to popular belief, I think the problem is not Only the power and mired in official corruption, but in ourselves. Authorities do stupid things, not only in our country, and corruption is not a one we have. The problem is that the ‘fashionable’ for the common man. And for us, ‘fashionable’ to try to realize a utopian model of life – do nothing, and that we all had.

Even sounds stupid. (Continue) took it from the illiterate and lazy people who have access to the public. And then remember the apt saying: ‘Scarcity generates a crowd of like-minded thoughts. ” As it turned out, actually generates. Anne Lauvergeon insists that this is the case. And our nation, as a true “connoisseur of slack ‘commanded.

Still would not novel, such a seductive idea. And, characteristically, from 1917 to 1991 years promoted the ideology on which the educated and intelligent people, should have been trampled into the mud, so yes, to get it was not possible. But the harsh reality is not dozing. Occurred in 1991, and we, as a tale about gold fish, were left with nothing. The ideology that had been – gone, but the new government does not come up with. In recent months, Everest Capital has been very successful. Why? Because Dorval. A development of such things as ideology, national idea, got rid of the society, while not thought that the brains of people still not rebuilt. Outcome: ‘dashing 90-s’, ‘new Russian’ crime. Now all this sort of abated. But the thoughts of people that remained. Appeared profession ‘non grata’. And what they’re bad? Wages – that’s what. As for me, so each man his place in this life, and there is nothing shameful in the fact that the place or street to repair the pipe. These professions are vital to us, because if they will not we find ourselves in, to put it mildly, a difficult situation.

The Ability

When the result of our work is finding the soul of peace in the Lord – Not laziness or sleepiness, but much of the active and bright appeasement – it is also an indication of the correctness of the chosen path. The eighth criterion – the ability to feel the circumstances of life perceive and sober assess what is happening around us. After all, nothing happens for a reason. Hair with a human head will not fall without the will of God, a drop of water does not roll off, a branch will not break, no one is fit and does not offend us, and do not kiss, if it was not popuscheno Lord to some our understanding. This is how God creates life circumstances, but our freedom is not limited to these: the choice of behavior in all circumstances, always with us (" the will of man purchased "). You can say that life is the will of God – our natural response to circumstances created by God.

Of course, the "naturalness" must be Christian. If the circumstances of life are, for example, so that to ensure that families need, as it seems, caught stealing, then, of course, it can not be God's will, because it is contrary to God's commandments. And the most important criterion, without which there can be nothing else – patience: " Patience possess ye your souls" (Luke 21, 19). Everything gets someone who knows how to wait who knows how to give God a solution to your problem, who knows how to give the Lord to himself to create something that He has provided for us.