EAP Points

Taking into account the regional history data recorded above-implicated them in the inter-national and global happenings, pointed that people who are currently in the beginning of the PEA. aged 18 and born in 1990.Las people at the other end of the EAP is 65 and born in 1943. A person 45 who are missing 15 to retire if female and 20 if male, born in 1963. These figures, which may be described as perogrullescos or redundant, reinforcing our hypothesis in the sense that there is a culture of everyday life, as alleged was relatively inexpensive availability of energy sources already mentioned and who are on verge of extinction. This points both to the use of vehicles, motorcycles, machinery, agricultural and household appliances (and we were forgetting of certain fertilizers). But it also points to sources of work, mostly directly or indirectly linked to the energetic support of transe gradual or abrupt disappearance, or difficulties in obtaining their costs by increasingly inaccessible to the population dependent on wages, retirement, pension, or even subsidies. We do not believe to be annoying, to emphasize the invitation almost forced to make lifestyle changes and consequences of situations that are glimpsed. There are things that we happen to us, but they are almost countless studies and opinions that has been doing ads prospective on the subject, although the general public just go anoticiando for the delay with which the mass media have made these challenges and our respective futures of the generations that come after us. .