Falling Snow And Ice – Who Pays?

The winter and consequently snow and black ice Germany has now reached. For more information see San Diego Gas & Electric Compan. Dusseldorf, usually, a pleasure for the December 18, 2009 – the children or other pedestrian painful event. Who is responsible for whom when? ARAG experts provide information: man suffers an accident as a pedestrian and injured himself, is on the search for a culprit might one would need to sprinkle, against which you can assert a compensation or damages claim. “The prerequisite for this is first of all, that a general smoothness” has occurred. The presence of occasional Frost formation is insufficient therefore. This fact must be proven by the injured under circumstances, which can lead to difficulties in our experience already (BGH, AZ.: III ZR 225/08).

There was now a general smoothness, the violation of traffic safety obligations must also be proven by saturated spaces or spreading. The clearance or spreading as municipalities, cities can and Individuals be required, so the ARAG experts. “The range of broaching and scattering obligations depends on whether and to what extent measures requires the formation of frost”; a nice, legal formulation that is so easy to grip, like the ice itself. Moreover, there are temporal and spatial differentiation. There is a difference if you crash at night at 3: 00 in the supermarket parking lot or at 10 o’clock on the roadway. It is clear that there is no obligation to unlimited space.

“Also, there is a precise definition: the broaching and litter duty is limited to the scope of what cheap consideration according to the traffic” commands (BGH, AZ.: VI ZR 155/70). Streets and public parking, begins spreading duty generally in the morning and ends in the evening around 20:00. At places, where even in the later evening even more special audience traffic (E.g. pubs, restaurants, theatre, etc.) the broaching and litter duty according to ARAG experts but also to late evening hours may be extend. How many times must be spread? Sicherungspflichtige (Streupflichtige) is basically obliged to repeat the spreading if the blockage has lost its effect in reasonable time. Also in snow freehold on or freezing rain again spreading may not be avoided however no purposeless action must be taken. But just such weather conditions require intense scattering measures in terms of the time intervals. It is enough if can at least reduce the risk of skidding (BGH, AZ.: III ZR 88/92). The prerequisites of a claim are basically, still the question according to the amount of compensation. If items from the fall are broken, usually a compensation in the amount of the value may be required for this. The compensation depends on the type and severity of the injury suffered. There are extensive tables and extensive case law. According to ARAG, usually an expert advice worth experts. To take into account is that a contributory negligence can be imputed to the pedestrian circumstances. Because a passer-by has in turn for identifiable risks a special running to be cautious (BGH, AZ.: III ZR 216/67).

Save Tax – But Legally!

“So, you lower your taxes by means of a Cypriot company as former tax haven” mutant with offshore laws Cyprus accession to the EU in May 2009 to a preferred business location in Europe, whose legal basis has been consistently aligned to EU and OECD regulations. According to the definitions of the EU and the OECD, not Cyprus therefore is now one of the tax havens and will thus enjoy of full pan-European recognition of its tax incentives. In Cyprus based companies all over Europe and worldwide fully recognised and are subject to not the special treatments”, offshore companies are confronted with. Cyprus applies, as for example in Germany, the principle of taxation of worldwide income. The EU parent subsidiary directive is fully in Cyprus have been implemented. Thus subsidiaries that pay dividends to their parent company, don’t have to pay tax on the dividend at its own headquarters! A subsidiary in Germany dissipates so tax-free winnings in Germany to the Cypriot parent company. In addition offers the advantage that from Dividends originating company income (, the income of the holding company) is generally exempt from any tax. Otherwise the general corporate income tax amounting to 10% of the taxable profits.

Income from companies that conduct their business outside of Cyprus and whose Executive Board is outside Cyprus, are exempt from corporation tax. Income from appreciation of securities, as well as from trading in securities is excluded in principle from any tax in Cyprus. Offshoregesellschaften of other States will act as? onar Cypriot companies recognized. Interest income is subject to any income tax on accounts of residents in Cypriot banks. Click Siemens to learn more. A wide network of extremely favourable double tax treaty provides additional incentives. For this reason, many companies prefer to make their investments in other States about a Cypriot company.

For example Russia, Russian companies pay 15% withholding tax on dividends to foreign shareholders. As a result of the double taxation treaty between Russia and Cyprus, are subject to profits of Russian companies to Cypriot companies of but only a withholding tax of 5%. For this reason, there are today approximately 60% of all foreign investment in Russia of Cypriot origin. The Republic of Cyprus offers sophisticated legal tax advantages, in line with EU and OECD regulations. “To fully perceive this, without running the risk of the own tax office of the hobby” accused or making an ticket company “suspected to be, we recommend you to use experienced consultants and lawyers. Otherwise, errors can lead to unpleasant consequences. Typically, a 08/15 company off the shelf as it is offered by some startups, does not lead to the desired success. Especially really very consultants and lawyers really with the subject understand, in particular as regards the German legislation. Because the reason of a restructuring involving a Cypriot society in general more favourable tax We recommend also sound advice and assistance even after the Foundation. Because the goal is not the unique company was founded, but the continuous optimisation of tax Yes. Who want to save hundreds of thousands of euros every year, but thinks, trying to save a few thousand euros to constant advice and support, not saving certainly at the right end. Shanda consult offers you a comprehensive and thorough service that ends not with the company, but begins with you.


01.02.2010 the new genetic diagnosis Act into force and brings new regulations to the private paternity test. 01.02.2010 the new genetic diagnosis Act into force and brings new regulations to the private paternity test. As a result, clandestine paternity tests will constitute an offence and can be punished with a sensitive bus money. In addition, the law prescribes a duty of consultation, and the laboratories must be accredited. As a result, clandestine paternity tests will constitute an offence and can be punished with a sensitive bus money. In addition, the law prescribes a duty of consultation, and the laboratories must be accredited. America Relief Sweepstakes Contest gathered all the information.

Children, fathers or mothers who will give a paternity test in order the other interested parties without consent, will face a fine of up to 5,000 euros. For uninvolved third parties”such as for example grandparents, as well as for laboratories that take such a job, the financial sanctions can still significantly higher fall out. Oliver Penzel, spokesman for DNA24 now that all involved or the custodial in writing agree to a paternity test it is necessary.” The necessary forms are among other things under dna-24.de available now. The only Downer of the affected doubting: withdraw a paternity test nobody of those involved can be in the future because according to 1598a armchair w / BGB is entitled to consent to genetic testing to clarify the biological descent. Therefore, the family court has to replace a not consent and arrange the toleration of a sampling. The Court suspend the procedure, if and as long as clarification of biological origin would constitute a substantial impairment of the well-being of the minor child which would be unreasonable taking into account the concerns of the clarification of eligible for the child. Who however has complied in a genetic parentage testing and a genetic sample, can insight in the origin opinion or handing over a transcript request.

Conclusion: Often the doubting will not confront those involved with questions. This fact alone are basically of course notes on the State of a relationship might still exist. However, a secret test could cause that the doubting feels back at home and secure after a positive result in its familiar context. The family peace was disturbed not more than necessary. With the new law the commitment to openness toward the partner, now faces each test what can always also lead to damage in the relationship, no matter what the result is.

Mobile Costs

Who leaves a mobile phone his minor child shall be liable for the cost of the mobile tariff and additional costs. The son or daughter a cell phone left today is nothing more special or something everyday. But this may be the parents more expensive, than one might think. Have the parents for their child accepted offer no prepaid, so the minor offspring can be fine the phone bill in drive? And for the parents must be just, even if they have placed previously clear rules with the children for the use of mobile phones. Western Union has much experience in this field. But is it happen quickly.

For example if download the child – like also his schoolmates – ringtones, music or games. Then, it can be quite fast expensive for parents. To avoid unnecessary costs is important to bring his child the responsible use of a mobile phone and to find the right mobile plan for children and young people. Because who provides his or her minor child a cell phone, it is necessary the costs imposed by the child also pay. Parents are responsible for your children. This emerges from a judgment of the District Court of Berlin-Mitte (see AZ: 15 C-423/08). In this particular case, had a father of daughter contracted Mobile Mobile and left it especially for the purpose, to call the parents, if something would be. But the daughter graduated from an expensive subscription for ringtones.

For this purpose the father felt not responsible now, especially as the daughter he had forbidden the download of ringtones. So, he refused to pay. But the judges saw it differently, because as a customer of the carrier, the father was obliged to pay the costs. And even if he himself does not use the cell phone and even forbade even the download of ringtones. In the explanatory statement it is called further, because the potential of”seduction” quite known can the mother was. Because the behavior of the daughter explained it so that even their girlfriends had these ringtones. For this reason the daughter didn’t see a banning. And before the daughter didn’t themselves on the agreement, which she regularly telephoned her friends and also SMS, and that sent with the knowledge of their parents. Therefore, the parents not to have trusted that their daughter adheres to the rules. Also, the parents had to expect, that the daughter of “Temptations of a ringtone cannot resist”, continue so the judges in their reasoning. It follows from this judgment that parents should make sure their children mobile phone or who leaves a mobile phone his underaged children, who must arrangements just a few. International calls are cost drivers that same should be prevented from de delivery of mobile phones.

The European Commission

Requirement for the tax benefit is, that the employer is the computing or telecommunications device or the software owner or at least lessee (lease). It is irrelevant what is relationship between the professional for private use. Basically, it plays also does not matter whether one or several, low-cost or high-quality devices or programs are left. The private use of a business unit or program is free but only social security, if it is granted in addition to the agreed wages. Also a use license that is financed through deferred compensation is tax-free. Note: The amendment tabled by the Finance Committee of the Bundestag on February 29, 2012. It is though still not entered into force, shall be applicable retroactively for past calendar years.

We recommend the benefits so far wage tax handed over Smartphones or software within the framework of Income tax assessment as to apply tax-free assignment of use of and to apply for a tax refund. Tip: with the tax-free transfer of operational data processing and telecommunications equipment as well as software, payment arrangements can be fashion for employers and workers alike are beneficial. Employers can reduce their payroll taxes and workers receive a higher net remuneration. Please contact us! Can advise the ETL tax advisors. Equestrian is more expensive so far, shipments of horses are subject to the reduced rate of tax of 7%.

That should change after July 1, 2012. The Federal Government plans to submit the rule tax rate of 19% and shipments of horses. Buying a horse as an individual, must Access so that in the future more deeply in the Pocket, because prices will probably rise by increasing the sales tax. The change in the law is based on a judgment of the European Court of Justice. The European Commission had sued Germany because of the reduced tax rate for horses and get right.

Now, Landlord For Non-payment Of Increased Operating Costs Can Terminate

Auer Witte Thiel welcomes the ruling of the Federal Supreme Court: now, landlord for non-payment of increased operating costs can terminate Munich August 2012: with its judgment of July 18, 2012, the Federal Supreme Court is breaking new ground in the law of tenancy. Landlord get an effective tool at hand to enforce increased operating costs compared to their tenants, so the law firm Auer Witte Thiel. Auer Witte Thiel informed about the new legal situation. Arrangements advance payment via the operating costs can be found in almost any lease and prevent financial risks tenants such as landlord. It comes to a general price increase, dispute ensues experiences Auer Witte Thiel, often between the parties to the proportionality of the boost. According to BGB, the landlord has the right to increase the advance payments (section 560 (4) BGB), unless she has no formal and substantive errors.

However, faulty boost request not to pay the lessee is obliged (judgment of 15.05.2012, AZ.) VIII ZR 246/11). So, the tenant in the event of a failure to pay of the increase in operating costs must reckon with an eviction. Because residues of more than one or two months rent running through non-payment of operating costs, the landlord may terminate with immediate effect and without payment, Court (judgment of 18.07.2012, AZ.) VIII ZR 1/11). There is a big difference to the previous case-law, where the landlord had to sue the tenant in case of not paid increased operating costs bills only on the payment of the outstanding amount. Terminate without notice he allowed him only after had been given place its payment claim in court, and this decision has become final. Now no final conviction must be preceded by the termination with the current ruling.

Unilaterally increased the operating costs the landlord and the tenant does not pay, can he now directly pronounce the termination and the publication of housing demand, so Auer Witte Thiel. As examined in the framework of the eviction, whether the increase in operating costs was justified, the lessee is not also worthy of protection. The possible eviction of tenant is however in the right will be rejected and the landlord has to pay all costs (including legal costs). There is more information on the subject of operating costs on. Here, Auer Witte Thiel’s lawyers informed about important legal issues and current judgments. About the law firm Auer Witte Thiel, the specialization areas of focus and the development of core competencies in certain disciplines are indispensable in the legal services sector. Auer Witte Thiel is a business law oriented law firm and represents several German insurance companies. The firm Auer Witte Thiel is Munich. How to contact with Auer Witte Thiel lawyers Bayerstrasse 27 80335 Munich phone: 089/59 98 97 60 fax: 089 / 550 38 71 E-Mail: Web: