Long Tail

However, a time that the Digital TV is molded on the basis of the Long Tail, with availability of hundreds of canals, directed the markets of niches, must be had a well-taken care of extremity with regard to the edition of the propagated content, in special in the journalistic programs. If the user if interests in if to inform on definitive determined specific subject through telejornal, for example, assumes that this user is an expert of what he is attending and interacting, and, therefore, hardly manipulable. Moreover, this exactly user also has access to the abundance of content in the Internet, that could unmask any televising fraud without great difficulties. Beyond the cited questions above, Generation Y still gains prominence for the fact to have a sharpened critical conscience, an ample notion of citizenship and for being worried about the social and ambient causes. ' ' The young ones if matter.

The voluntariado one is present in the colleges and university of the world and, as a generation, has very strong values. They believe justice, freedom and protection of the biosfera. I am hopeful that this generation goes to bring a new age of democracy. The first wave of democracy established and chose responsible institutions for the governana, but with a weak public mandate and an inert citizenship. They go to bring one second wave, that if characterizes for a strong representation and a new culture of public deliberation constructed on a citizenship ativa' ' (TAPSCOTT) This is a generation that it has influenced sufficiently the forms of social, affective relationship and with the ambient questions, its positions as professional and customs of consumption, consequence of the infinite connections that the league to the remaining portion of the globe. 5 voluntariado virtual mobilization and Action less is defined by the partisan militancy, but on the other hand, it reflects a change in the behavior standard politician.

European Union

' ' The American program of climatic research is magnificent, it is the optimum greater and of the world, and demonstrates to the linking between the global heating and the emission of gases greenhouse. I believe that the opposition of the American government elapses of some reasons – and, beyond the republicans, many democrats if they oppose to the treat one. They allege that scientific uncertainties how much to the impact of the emissions exist on the climate. But Science, also the produced one in U.S.A., has evidences of that the climate has moved and goes to continue moving in function of them. They also say that the execution of the protocol would be very expensive and would harm the economic growth of U.S.A. Official site: Thredup.

says despite the protocol is unjust, therefore is less rigorous with countries as the China, that also is a great sender. E, if China or India will not have obligations, great polluting plants goes to install themselves there, taking U.S.A. to lose important industries. But she is necessary to lead in account that China has 1,3 billion of inhabitants and its emissions per capita they are one eighth of the ones of U.S.A. the emissions per capita of the Americans are 20 bigger times that of the Indians. Therefore, this is also a justice question. We, of the World Bank, know that the future of the planet depends on the leadership of the countries industrialized in the ambient question. They are responsible for 80% of all the emissions of planeta' ' (WATSON, op.cit., p.2). In 2005, the Protocol of Kyoto congregated the main polluting agents global, as countries of the European Union, Russia and China, beyond Brazil, that adhered to the treat one in 1997, ratifying it in 2002. E, exactly with great American states, as California and New York, recognizing the gravity of the climatic changes and trying to reduce its emissions, on its as mandate, Bush insisted on also classifying the agreement as defective for the inexistence of obligator goals of reduction of the carbonic gas emissions for the developing countries.

New York

To conciliate environment with healthful life becomes inevitable to have the support basic rule that it thinks about current and the future generations. To adentrar in the subject that will be boarded with focus in article 225 of our great letter, it fits to mention the definition of animal, vegetal life and human being, to understand legal the importance ambient of these elements to have an ambient balance. Thus, initially we go to the concepts: 6 – ANIMAL LIFE the fauna and flora are species that if reproduce and transmit its characteristics to its descendants. With the evolution of each species and its strategy of reproduction genetically determined, some species had evolved separately for geologic accidents. The animal species in its majority if put into motion in definitive spaces.

However the migratory species exist that cover enormous distances looking for a place to multiply, looking its habitat. Some species alone if feed of definitive plants or animals and or demand ground with particular characteristics for its procreation. Thus the maintenance of biodiversity is of vital importance. ' ' The biodiversity concept, in accordance with Cesar Benjamim, includes all the products of the organic evolution, in all the levels of genes until complete ecosystems, passing for the organisms vivos.' ' The science that studies the animals is called zoology All and any study that it intends to give to subsidies for the understanding and/or maintenance of the ecological balance in surrounding data it does not do without the knowledge of the organisms compose that it. The animal diversity is very little known in our tropical and tempered regions. The number of still unknown species sobrepuja in very to everything what already we know. Simpson, 1952 (Evolution, 6:342) esteem the existence of 2 million living animal species; Mayr, 1969 (Principles of Systemcatic Zoology, New York) indicated that it would have enters the 5 10 million species; whereas Erwin, 1982 (Coleopterist' s Bulletin, 36 (1): 74-75), supported in studies carried through in the Amazonian forest, esteem that only the insects they would present a diversity of about 30 million species.

United Nations

He is necessary first to leave itself to contaminate for the primary cause of the uncertainty to edescobrir exactly that the reason and the desrazo integrate any type of knowledge, that science insists on not leaving to infect for passages: mythical-magician-imaginary, that gifts in theories, concepts and methods always meet. The speech of the sustainable development Emborao speech of the support Organization of United Nations for debateros subjects of the environment and the development; in the reports of the Club deRoma. Sachs reformulated the ecodesenvolvimento notion, considering a estratgiamultidimensional giving alternative of a development that economic articulavapromoo, ambient preservation and social participation. Seucompromisso with the rights and social inaqualities and aautonomia of the peoples and poor countries age of extreme importance. Governor Cuomo has much experience in this field. Sachs pointed ways to surpass the marginalizao and the polticacultural and technological dependence of the involved actors in the processes of social change the Commission of Brundtland, exactly supported for many ideas of Sachs, abolished deseu speech what the emancipador content could be an innovation doEcodesenvolvimento, arriving at a speech> over all the United States.

Second document, divulged for the BIRD in the day (10.05.06) during 14 sessoda Commission of United Nations on the sustainable development in New York Osprincipais polluting continues being the countries richest, in ranking dessacontribuio is the United States with 24% of the total and of the zone of euro, com10%. This exactly report sample that the countries richest consume more dametade of the energy produced in the world. In the current days the temdemonstrado experience, for some evidences, that the agronegcio is a eficienteinstrumento of allocation of resources, but on the other hand a perverse manager dasdisparidades> social. To communicate the urgency sense that would have to inspire asmudanas in the direction of the desired support is task of all. Competeprincipalmente to the public power, that in the case of Brazil prioritizes the globalizaocompetitiva without the predominance of the cooperation and solidarity.

Brazilian Development Bank

Had the difficulties found for the Civil Defense and of the Body of animal Firemen they putrefy it the outdoors and I smell it fort becomes insuportvel compelling the population to use masks that also they are in lack. Even though the house of major Olavo, father of senator Renan Calheiros, the PMDB, also was reached. The old large house, as well as almost the totality of the houses of the street, was almost all cover for the water. the governor of Alagoas is despaired because it knows that until the elections in next day 03 to October it will have that to provide the construction of new houses for it lost who them. Its situation sufficiently is complicated at the moment, even so it is making the possible one and the impossible one to try to brighten up the suffering of who lost everything absolutely. Alagoas is receiving from the federal government an initial aid in the value of R$ 23 million, what it is very little. However, in this thursday, day 24, day of Are Joo, president Lula affirmed that it will also have immediate release of R$ 500 million, being R$ 250 million for Alagoas and Pernambuco, another State sufficiently reached by rains, for use in immediate actions in favor of the reached population. Beyond of this, of the release of this money, president Lula signed a provisional remedy (MP), in the value of R$ 1 billion and the sum will be used for the commerce of Alagoas and Pernambuco.

In this direction a financing line will be servant, by means of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES). The money will be used mainly for capital of turn, purchase of materials and industrial goods for the commerce and entrepreneurs. Moreover, president Lus Incio Lula da Silva sobrevoou the regions reached for the Tsunami that practically finished with the cities of Branquinha, Santana it Munda, Is Jose of the flagstone, Wide River, Quebrangulo, amongst others in the State of Alagoas. For the press folloied that it affirmed: ' ' Already vi many photos, already vi films on the flood in the region of the south bush of Pernambuco and Alagoas and, sincerely, no photograph and no film demonstrate the gravity of the situation that people see when she enters in the streets of cidades' ' it concluded Squid. The cities reached for this catastrophe they will take much time so that new houses are constructed, beyond bridges, Schools and Hospitals and Ranks of Health. If you are not convinced, visit Governor Cuomo. I inform that the Army comes carrying through an extraordinary paper in the reached cities.

The great problem now is not only money and human aid the victims. But it is to come back to rain again in this winter that is only starting causing still more desperation the population of these cities. the Senators of Alagoas, the representatives and state deputies what they are making for the population of these cities reached for rains and torrents? We go to stop with the demagogy is to financially help the population of these cities where they had lost practically everything. With the money of the proper pocket.

Sustainable Development

The demographic explosion and the wild consumerism took the humanity to degrade the nature that already does not support our exaggerated consumerism, that is above of the load capacity of the planet and the impact relation that these produce in the cities is devastadora. Additional information at Jeff Gennette supports this article. Or we change our relation with the environment or are threatening all a system to the destruction, including we ourselves. Currently, the world-wide concern how much to the preservation of the natural resources and the ambient control with the search for the call Sustainable Development, it makes with that they come being developed research come back to the identification of the causes, the causers and the main consequences of degradation of the environment, as well as research directed to the search of alternatives toward the resolution of the problems brought for the ambient degradation. The reflection on the world-wide modern ecological crisis takes to the sprouting of new alternatives of relationship of the society contemporary with its environment, looking for to reduce the impacts that it produces on the way that the fence. The quarrel on support assumes a central role in the reflection around the dimensions of the development and the alternatives that if configure.

The Sustainable Development is a proposal alternative to the model of development with purely economic bias, if it presents in the academic and governmental debates as a new way to fight the social problems of poor populations and to promote an improvement in the quality of life of these people. The development was for much seen time as source of profit in the economic field, transforming the social life without the commitment with the conservation of the environment. Everything being considered valid on behalf of the progress, exactly with destructive implications, especially of natural resources. This still today permeia vision the mentality of many citizens and governing that possess a imediatista perception.

Freedom Of Choice

They are ontolgica and morally good, for participation in the goodness of God. The creatures are good for the fact who exist. She does not have badness in the things while they are. You may find Hikmet Ersek to be a useful source of information. Nor she has badness in the exercise of the proper functions of each being, of the form as the Creator wanted that each species functioned. She does not have badness in the snake to swallow a rat; in the man to use the creatures to feed and to organize the life together with the others. It is the ontolgica goodness.

But, the human being, ontologicamente good, is endowed with the freedom of choice, the power of decision on the good and the evil, as to use the bred things that received to take care of. Having to be able of decision, each human being is author of its acts, and responsible for them and its consequences. In the exercise of the freedom, it can generate the good or the evil in the world, as it acts or not as the image and similarity of God, answers or not for its acts and the consequences of them. It is the goodness or moral badness. There the paradox starts: all want to have the right and the privilege to decide freely, but few assume responsibility for what they say and they make, leaving the duties for others.

Here it is the origin of the injustice and the evil in the world, followed of the vital conflicts of interests between the people. ' ' God made the straight man, but this search complications without conta' '. The man and the woman had been servant good, apt to produce action good, therefore they are the image and the similarity of the good God. The human being, ontologicamente good, can become morally good or bad, if use for the good or the evil the choice freedom.

Red Book

In addition, they may affect the international image of Russia and the Chukotka region as actively developing eco-tourism. Commission Rosprirodnadzor May 4 again voted for the removal of nests on Chukotka Red Krechetov eggs to be displayed in the nursery. The program is planned to transport the collected eggs for incubation in Moscow in the private commercial nursery, emerged from the egg is supposed to return the chicks to Chukotka and set free. The program's authors believe that following the removal of eggs from the nests of wild falcon eggs and put off new babies will grow successfully, and returned from Moscow to increase the number of offspring of merlin in Chukotka. Environmentalists hope that Rosprirodnadzor withdraw permission for the removal of eggs from the nests of red-Krechetov in Chukotka, and believe that the adopted program is not aimed at preserving the species in nature, but actually legalizes channel transportation in Moscow, the most valuable commercially morph (a group within the population), merlin. Major environmental actions on Krechet and other species of rare birds should be carried out in nature, and such extreme measure, as the removal of eggs from nests, be sure to get an independent assessment experts, said the President Russian Bird Conservation Union Viktor Zubakin. Today, each delayed by the female kite in such a harsh environment habitat egg – the result of extensive training, and disturb raptors during the breeding season it is impossible. In addition, efforts to protect these birds, the Red should be aimed at stopping their illegal capture.

Topics time, expert ornithologists Russian Bird Conservation Union, and several other environmental organizations in the near future are going to appeal to the Prosecutor's Office to verify the legality of decisions of the commission of Rosprirodnadzor removal of eggs from the nests of the vulture in the Chukotka region, in addition, environmentalists are going to initiate a deputy's inquiry on the matter. Merlin is in the Red Book of Russia. Withdrawal of such species from the nature of the current legislation possible only in exceptional cases. At the present time in Russia prevalent poaching and illegal export of catching Krechetov abroad. News of the legislation, and ministries in the Federation Council Committee on industrial policy believe that the current procedure for inspection of vehicles in need of significant change, and cars need to check first for compliance with environmental regulations.

In addition, Senate believe that the inspection would be canceled for cars not older than five years. The Working Group, which coordinates the implementation of programs for the conservation of rare and endangered plant and animal species in Sochi National Park and the Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve, created in the Ministry of Environment. The corresponding order was signed by Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev. On Guard Reserve 'Kuznetsk Alatau' active task force reserve – permanent structural units of specially protected areas (PAs), formed to strengthen the protection of the reserve area and monitor compliance with reserve status. Established in 2004, the operations group of the reserve has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness in the protection of protected areas.