National Championship

I was a tireless worker and never cease trying to hone my blows. At the age of fifteen years he had won the national championship of track lasts in the junior division, and he had felt the emotion of winning a major tournament. At the beginning of that same summer I went to the National Championship from Kalamazoo and lost in quarterfinals with a player’s seventh term 3-6, 6-0, 10-8. In the last set, he had been ahead 5-3, 40-15 with the service in my favor. I was nervous but optimistic. At the first point of departure, I did a double failure while trying to make an ace on my second service. In the second, failed bolea it more easily possible in front of a filled and ostentatious rostrum. Since then and for many years, relived the starting point in countless dreams, and still so alive in my memory now as it was twenty years ago.

Why? Does difference really meant?. He could not answer me. When I started the Institute, he had left aside the idea of proving my worth through Tennis Championships, and I felt happy to play to be a good amateur. I put most of my energy on intellectual Affairs, sometimes was a laborious effort, sometimes a true search for truth. Since my second scholastic year I realized that in the days in which had a poor academic performance, I used to also get it wrong on the tennis court. I tried to demonstrate in the track that had hardly shown academically, but I used to find that the lack of confidence in an area tended to infect the other. Fortunately the opposite was also true. Four years as a player in high school, I was always nervous when he went to the track to compete in a tournament. When he was a student of the last year and I was elected Captain of the team, it was the intellectual opinion that competition does not really showed nothing but it remained tense before the majority of the tournaments.