Internet Advertising

However, the use of SMS-marketing has a delicate moment. Almost immediately, the question arises: what are different SMS-mailing of spam? All Internet users face a similar kind of advertising. Sometimes unauthorized advertising messages sent via SMS. Recall the federal law on advertising. SMS notification for illegal for companies doing this by promotion of its goods or services impose a heavy fine. The difference is that the SMS-mailing are made only for your subscription, you have to phone customer or partner organizations who gave this his agreement. In the questionnaire for the registration discount and loyalty cards, many companies already include a request to specify the number of mobile phone and offer to subscribe to SMS-newsletters, notifications and promotions. Category SMS mailings may be at the discretion of each customer.

To the greatest extent, it depends on the area in which the company operates, but regardless of using it can be implemented any marketing ideas. Most common SMS mailing, notifying patrons about new offers, discounts, sweepstakes, holiday promotions, new products in the range or menu. Moreover, if the subscriber has an electronic club card, which it uses each time you visit a store or restaurant, it becomes possible to track what products or services he buys most often and keep it exactly on the shares associated with them. Thus, the range of SMS sending narrowed, but increases the response, since messages are sent to subscribers is concerned. Due to the propagation velocity (up to 10 SMS per second), this method is very useful for informing customers about the "burning" proposals.