Hugo Chavez

There are seven military bases more than American presence in the contours of Venezuela, shut-off valve to the continent! And seven empty world view, the UN, international relations, global pressure! Response to the ones and the others. Do will be shortly, invade when is imminent, as the first batch run (his leadership), fearful of losing the explotacional autonomy of his feud: craves let him at ease about their homeland and take no more out dictator Hugo Chavez of the way, in the case of Venezuela, to the? lot? continue serving as obedient satellite imperial. It might not be very good business having to share so intimately mercantile sovereignty of business? is the first thought?. Gringos walking happily by the streets, raping women with impunity and always include the greater slice of commercial findings, could include a situation that not even a political right with some dignity would be in condition to bear (with as monarchical that behaves the right concept, also, so historical and originating, implies a relative autonomy and rebellion). The history of the war of the United States is full of chapters of allies which has been finally flipped them. There are seven military bases more than American presence in the contours of Venezuela, shut-off valve to the continent! And seven empty world view, the UN, international relations, global pressure! For left-wing politics, the issue is most regrettable. Beyond or not tolerated greater or lesser presence imperial, the disappointing discovery lies in the discovery that there is no world, no international pressure, there is no world opinion, UN or international law, as planideramente featured many outbreaks of insurrection in the continent, all left alone with his fate, abandoned imperial outdoors. There are ideological loneliness, confinement media, the underhand machinations, the perpetual conspiracy, betrayal, and quantitative certainty of support from some many dignities in the world, undoubtedly great weight by the singular; There, in end, human loneliness, the certainty of a destination’s struggle for survival.

The Seller

What happens is that the profitable customers end up subsidizing this waste and are so good and so profitable that they give to generate this subsidy and produce profits. This leads to situations such as the following. A process of assigning customers to the sales force that does not respond to criteria of knowledge, skills, abilities or profitability of the portfolio of clients. The sellers end up generating its results with 10 or 15% of assigned clients, that happens to the rest? Incorrect allocation of business goals or objectives processes, which is the best additive for inefficiency. That happens when a salesman or Manager makes its results several days before closing the period? Because it stops selling and booking their business for the following periods, is or is not an inefficiency. Otherwise, builds what I call the string of pressure, which does nothing more than produce discomfort and dissatisfaction on the client.

The managing presses your seller to sell and this presses the customer to buy him. The use of creativity, which can play limits complexes in ethical and legal terms, is so high in these situations, that hopefully the company could prosecute it to generate positive things that will help everyone to be more efficient. Communication with the client is atomized and totally disconnected. Much of this communication is informal and there is no record of actions or results of such communications. This creates busywork, delays and problems that do nothing more than generate waste of resources and inefficiencies. Promises made by the seller without official support, commercial transactions without documentary basis, tricks used to display results, etc., are just some examples of situations generated by lack of efficient customer communication channels and a backup of information appropriate for each of the interactions with the customer. Ignorance of the client, which generates a large amount of work and wasted resources.

Fernando Jesus

(2) It is necessary to disseminate in the Peruvian State is not possible to constitute the chattel mortgages. 11 Proposed legislative after having developed the theme the chattel mortgages and have formulated conclusions and suggestions formulated legislative proposals in the following terms: 1) it is necessary that the standards of the Peruvian Civil Code of 1984 regulating warranties and other standards, are grouped in a single rule, so that when we want to apply the guarantees only have to study it. What if happens when we want to establish a company, or use a title value, opportunities in which we apply the general companies act and Title Act values respectively. 12 Rules legal consulted for the elaboration of this study have consulted rules of positive law Peruvian and foreign, which are as follows: 1) Peruvian Civil Code of 1984. (2) Peruvian Civil Code of 1936. (3) Peruvian Civil Code of 1852. (4) Guarantee interest Peruvian of the 2006 Act.

(5) The Spanish Civil Code of 1889. 6) Code 1896 German civil force from 1900. (7) Civil Code of 1804 French, known as code Napoleon. Putting on record that all these rules are in force, with the exception of the second and third, i.e., all these rules are in force with the exception of the Peruvian Civil Code of 1936 and the Peruvian Civil Code of 1852… 13 Sources of information for the elaboration of the present research work have consulted not only books, but also magazines, by which in this part of the work not can be called him bibliography, but sources of information. 1) REAL ACADEMIA ESPAnOLA. Diccionario de la Lengua Espanola.

On CD. (2) TORRES MANRIQUE, Fernando Jesus. Classification of the goods in the right positive Peruvian. In: Revista legal norms. (3) TORRES MANRIQUE, Fernando Jesus. Encoding. In: Revista legal norms. (4) TORRES MANRIQUE, Fernando Jesus. Warranties. Assymetrical editorial. Lima Peru. (2004 5) TORRES MANRIQUE, Fernando Jesus. Commercial warranties. In: Magazine legal norms. (6) OLIVERA VASQUEZ. Salvador. Civil law definitions. Editorial Edijsur. Arequipa. Original author and source of the article.

Guest Undesirable

We all agree that we live in an accelerated world, cities, the traffic, the financial and labor problems and the problems of every day, all they do that, our body tension build up, what we call stress. But that is it stress? Few understand what is the real danger that is behind this word. The vast majority are unaware that, stress is much more that the voltage that lies behind the discomfort that we feel in the back. When a person feels back taut, what is actually happening, while we think that could be a bad posture or even that we have caught cold, what actually happens is that our sympathetic vegetative nervous system, which reaches the entire body through the spine, it is on exciting. This makes our bodies begin to produce and pump an excess of adrenaline, which is a hormone that is produced in the glands adrenal, located just above the kidneys. When this happens, the adrenaline modifies the State of our body, the veins and arteries are compressed, which is called vaso-constriccion, which increases blood pressure, and that cause than, the quantity of blood, nutrients and oxygen that it comes to the organs and the brain, decreases, this is the same as saying that all the organs of our body are or remain as if they were holding breath- he imagines it. Arriving less nutrients to the brain, this worsens your performance, so it comes off certain areas from him by security, areas that are vital to our daily life, this produces that we padezcamos among other things, a low working efficiency, loss of memory, which let us make errors, which suffer forgetfulness, which may have fatal consequences at the wheel of a car, etc. Moreover, we can notice how tense the muscles of the back, our biological defenses decrease, leaving us more vulnerable to disease.