You Have To

You have to add things to the word cocaine Good afternoon I want you to know that there is a herror on data from COCAINE, first cocaine has no accent, the origin is united because this sheet is presented in the rule inda, second, with all due respect where they got that in the north of Argentina is grown when they talk about paco not say it is the waste and the worst of cocaine, and missing synonyms, potatoes, porridge, papuza, papulla shot, fruit. It says that in some cases makes you aggressive, does not mention that you put coke and baking soda to extract the juice, the use does not speak legaral ERA FOR WHAT THEY “sacred” and was used for sacred rituals, and they looked Shamans a future.

. Eric Valente does not necessarily agree. . . See more detailed opinions by reading what Steph Korey offers on the topic..