For what purpose, indeed, does one need to promote a website. Before answering this question you need to understand that such promotion, promotion saytov. Web sites – is a series of actions aimed at improving the position of the site in search results (SAR) for a given query. The search engine – an online resource whose services are used by millions of people. The most common search engine in RuNet (a segment of the Russian Internet) is Yandex (, it accounts for around here 60Tak promotion aims to ensure that when the user is asked Yandex interesting you request, such as upholstered furniture , your site was on the first page, ie, in the top ten issue Yandex. Usually, the next page the user enters the issue is extremely rare. Thus, the definition of promotion, or promotion of a site sorted out now about importance of these events.

You have your corporate website, which should work. Nested finance the development, site pay off. So, promotion, promotion site aims to ensure that your real customer found is your site, and accordingly your company. Now, when you determine how many people you are looking for on a monthly basis, we can calculate the anticipated or lost profits. Of course, not all of these users will make a deal. Once a visitor came to your site, take other factors such as user-friendly website design, intuitive usability, quality of site content, response time to a query, etc., which depend on the company, which worked to develop the Internet site. But that’s another story. And most importantly, to you, dear owners of corporate web sites, understand that the Internet is the same market, which is investigating, you will add great impetus to its Off-line business.