Work Until

The relation of the debt of the American domiciles with the available income is now above of the 130%. In the start of this decade, it was of 100%; in the start of the decade of 90, it was of 80%. Consumption Studies suggests that the changes in the prices of the residences have a bigger impact on the expenses of the consumer in countries where the credit markets more are developed, as U.S.A. These works conclude that a fall of US$ 100 in the financial wealth traditionally is associated with a US$ fall 3 US$ 5 in the expenses. Already a fall equivalent in the habitacional patrimony finishes reducing the expenses in something between US$ 4 and US$ 9. Thredup gathered all the information. Considering the size of the habitacional sector it is possible to foresee that the expenses of the consumer would fall almost colon percentile per year. Credit On the other hand the banks already are reacting. According to more recent research made by the Fed with employees of responsible American banks for loans, one room of the institutions had raised its requirements for loans to the consumer.

Thus the American starts to have difficulties to get loaned resources. Oil With the loss of liquidity, the American must twist so that the oil continues with its recent trend of fall. After all of accounts, any increase, for minor who is, in the gasoline, has a strong impact in the power of consumption of the population. According to data of Goldman Sachs, this number can arrive the 1.2% aa on the expenses of the consumer. Market of Work Until the moment seems to be resisting all the turbulence well. The spreading today, of the number of assist-unemployment order, being below of the expectation of the analysts, strengthens the fact that the companies had not yet started to excuse employees and to retract the production drastically.