Used Clothing Market

Make sense when we are on the wrong road? In Europe is not surprising to see in major cities and even in provinces, such as one day a week sellers lacalle with jobs where they offer lot of used clothes and where the buyers a large number are presented to buy the product that are offered at prices bajisimos. In Italy for example, I found very mercadito many operating one or two days a week in certain areas where presents a significant number of sellers with a lot of clothes, which are purchased easily between 1, 2,3,5, 10 Euros, by a number of consumers gra. The truth, as says, the so-called developed world discarded after year thousands and thousands of tons of all kinds of products, including clothes, but do we know where he’s going this clothes that we don’t want?. It points out, that in Germany, are collected each year about 600 thousand tons which tend to be donated to charity institutions, although many of these garments are pure rags. This clothing It is recycled and transformed into new fibres, something that makes a company located in Hamburg, which has acquired the rights for the use of the garments given to charity by a certain price per kilo. Used knits are usually recycled in Prato, Tuscany known for its textile production industry city, where the process of converting discarded fabrics and old clothes from different parts of the world, in new clothes, has a long tradition in these lands. However, the export of wool used is only a small part of the business. At a factory in recycling of textiles in Germany, 33 tons of second-hand clothes pass every day through the sorting plant and only if half of this clothing is to be exported, the operation is commercially profitable. Between five and ten percent, depending on the origin and the quality of the selected garments, going predominantly to Europe from the East, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.