The Power Of Latin Quotations

Latin is indeed supposed to be a dead language and is no longer spoken, apart from the University of the Vatican again. So why it is so often taught in German schools yet There are many reasons. On the one hand, most modern European languages originated in Latin. Whether Italian, French, Spanish or Portuguese. They all have the same ancestors: the Latin. Latin quotations are still very popular. Especially in the business world of today, they are often very helpful. Bring in a conference once a Latin proverb. And although not too familiar, but one that few understand. Your audience will respond in two ways. One group (the minority) will know it and are happy that they know it. Others however, will appreciate it a step higher than before, according to the motto “But he knows something!”. In terms of rhetoric, man has apparently developed back. An orator like Cicero have today – that would be for any political party is an incredible profit. ThePower of words continues – and is underestimated by many people. It used to be so and will always remain so. They learn a few suitable Latin quotations by heart. At a suitable place, these more clout than any “normal” rate. As long as this language was a world language, there is hardly a situation which would not find a suitable quotation. Also: What other sayings are valid for 2000 years English and German, certainly not. Take-tested wisdom in themselves and they let them free in places where few Latin connoisseurs go. So that they will succeed.