The God

John Melo one of the Greeks cry listen! It seems strong drum sounds, suddenly opened up the universe and the gods danced a very long dance (Sas Quyhynuca), with the music of the Fo drum, in the first ceremony. This ceremony gave origin to space and time. Then, the gods created the first materials of the universe: Fiva (the air), Faova (the cosmic cloud) and IE (the smoke). Then, they created the six directions of the material dimension, and in the middle of the empty, created the center of power Tomsa (bellybutton of the universe). But, still the universe had no consistency, and they waited many bxogonoas eons until the sas bequia, start hour note world once the teacher explain thing to thing to children about each of these visions, came out a few gods who were not registered Indian memory and with strong armies destroyed one by one of the Greek gods, leaving after of if ruins them; that subsequently the world took places that looked like temples where surrendered them worship and idolatry. The God more powerful bass and took children to renounce to be a Greek ruin idolatrous generation, whether it was as they understood that all were Muisca and hugging went to the classroom where her teacher very gently closed the door, almost instantly rang output. While children organized their things teacher saw a white throne at the right hand of the most powerful one and a holy spirit that made that the Muisca gods arrodillaran against his presence and his Majesty when shining through the window. The heart burning a fire as if you you consume the bones made it sigh while a few precious handyman told him thank you master for that beautiful story, is my precious work intelligence and a when the status is unfair to pay us us teachers will be here to love them. End Jose Orlando Melo naranjo 5 bibliography original author and source of the article.