Free Web Hosting

On the other hand, the disadvantages of using free web hosting are also numerous and come in the form of hidden costs for your business:-the lack of flexibility and control be sure to read the terms of your web hosting provider of service before registering your free web hosting account. Some free web hosting providers restrict the use of certain types of files, content, and even languages. In addition, they can also overload your web site with ads that are not necessarily relevant in order to support their hosting services. When you are bombarded with this type of inconvenience, visitors to your site will make the effort to not visit your website anymore. You will also find that some of the advanced tools needed to operate a complete and functional e-commerce are not possible with the use of the free web hosting, such as shopping, security system carts to buy online and payment gateways. You may need to update or change to a paid hosting services provider if you decide to use them, what It will require not only an extra effort, but also money extra.

-High risk of downtime and without support guaranteed to be honest, there is no such thing as zero downtime, whether for payment or free web hosting. Downtime refers to the period of time or a percentage of an amount of time that a machine or system is offline or doesn’t work, so their website is inaccessible. However, with the free web hosting the risk of inactivity time often is more than likely to happen with paid accommodation. Web free hosting most often providers do not offer any guarantee of its services due to the cost of their maintenance. Apart from the risk of downtime, free accommodation is generally subject to a bandwidth of low priority, which affects access to its web site to make your website load slowly.