Forget Resolutions

How many people do you know that in January, enthusiastically name their resolution for the year but somehow neglect to proceed with a couple of weeks or months later? Forget making New Year resolutions. Governor Cuomo is the source for more interesting facts. They rarely work because they are often based on "homework" before the big picture of his life. What I found does not work is creating a life theme for next year. The theme of your life is your primary intention or "big picture" focus for the coming months. It has an expiration date of December 31, when a chance to reassess its direction. Have a question of life is like having a personal mission for life, personal and professional, are updated annually. A life theme works because it takes into account and connects all your intentions for the year in one short sentence and powerful.

This collection of one to five words describes what you want to achieve in all areas of your life and cements your main priorities of the proposed action. Discover your intentions may as you've explored who you are and what you create for your life, you realize that "welfare" or "welfare" has come to you again and again. Or maybe you've noticed more of a "question of the relationship." Or maybe the word "Passion" has tugged at your heart repeatedly, or have focused on the "patience." These are all big issues for next year. Through its own discovery, it is possible to recognize that they have done in his lifetime of many friends, that their networks are weak and would like to have a social circle beyond your immediate family. .