Personal Laser Printer

Change personal line of HP LaserJet monochrome printing in 2010. Already in the second quarter of 2010 was visible on the deficit "personalki" series printer HP LJ 1005, 1505 and MFP M1120, M1522. This series became the basis for the supply of personal HP printers in the period 2007 to 2009. This series has won fame with the printer "unprofitable" cartridges, which have long been in short supply, and quality service for about a year there was no filling of cartridges, ie practically the whole of 2008 year users of these devices often were forced to do by the rules, namely honestly buy into the financial crisis are not cheap new original consumables. And only in 2009 it became possible obtain a stable high-quality filling cartridges cb435, cb436 for these devices. In place of this series, HP released in 2010, new series of devices – personal line of MFP HP LJ M1132, HP LJ M1212nf, printer, HP LaserJet P1102 series and more productive Printer HP LaserJet P1566, A4 HP LaserJet P1606dn. According to its principal characteristics of the new devices do not differ from their predecessors.

Despite the shift of the second generation printing devices, are still in demand proven, devices based on the printhead using a universal laser toner hp q2612a. With the cessation of supplies of the previous series and the start of deliveries of new equipment there are many reasons inhibition of promotion of these products. Whether the service is filling cartridges hp P1102 and P1566, P1606 series? This question asks 90% of potential buyers. Machinery bought on the recommendation or advice of professionals serving the equipment. Especially when it comes to centralized procurement in the corporate sector, the differences between the new equipment more often rather play a negative role and often lead to a revision of the requirements and the need for most purchases. In reasons in the middle of 2010 there was an increase in the deficit model series and LJ P1005 LJ P1505 M1120, M1522. Nevertheless, there is good news for future users of the new line and for system administrators. Series of devices that use cartridges CE285 CE276 and have a similar design of the entire apparatus with rulers in 1005? and 1505 M1120, M1522, respectively. A new line of service performed by analogy with the previous one.

Novelty Advertising

Advertising novelty: the wall clock for the holiday! It is very convenient and cost can be an advertising campaign for the target audience. What are the benefits of such advertising – advertising wall clocks? So: Wide coverage. If the clock is hanging in the office, all visitors will sooner or later look at them and see your advertising. Duration. The clock is not changed every month, so at least a year they will gently hold your advertising.

Cheapness. Unlike other types of advertising do not watch so expensive as many think. For example, the average cost of hours we can be in the vicinity of 350-370 rubles. If you do all the 'bells and whistles "such as gilding and painting arrows, then the price rises to a maximum of 500 rubles! The rate of production. We have a constant supply of components, so we can offer the shortest possible time. For example, the day we can sobiratot 40 to 100 full hours. True, there are cases workable hours. We agree that this is a significant advantage? After all, what kind of advertising can be discussed when the watch will break after donation? Versatility. Wall clocks can be a gift for both organizations and for individuals. Drawing on the dial you can 'tie up' for any holiday. What do you end? And you end up with a great inexpensive advertising medium long-term exposure! Wall clock with the logo as a gift – a good choice.