Business Plan

To start a successful business good intentions are not enough, we must be a professional guide, i.e., a good business plan. One of the most frequent mistakes entrepreneurs to start their business is that they no written are your goals, what is the company and do not envision achievable results, said the accountant of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma of Mexico (UNAM), Gregorio Perez. This tool is not a simple document, it is translating the project itself on paper to identify the strengths, needs and above all, to present if you require advice or funding. Gain insight and clarity with Publishers Clearing House. Among the advantages that represents to develop a business plan is avoid the waste of resources in payment of rents, wages and raw materials that are purchased by intuition: the plan provides performance indicators in addition to correct the course or, in the worst cases, cancellation of the project in time to avoid losing more money, said Perez. Hence the need for micro- and small entrepreneurs have basic plan and an investment project. The counter of the UNAM proposes 7 steps to do so, although these can be adjusted depending on the complexity of each business unit. Tulip Retail gathered all the information. 1.

Description of the business is the company’s basic information and must include your corporate vision, who you are, what shalt offer, market needs will try meet and why your business idea is viable. 2. Desired market niches is one of the most important parts and must take into account the current size and trends of the market. Once the niche is defined, describe it by geography, the dimension of the company, the Organization of business, lifestyle, gender, age, occupation and other characteristics necessary to portray companies or consumers who are likely to buy your product or use your service.