Momentum In The Sector Despite Crisis

Advertising in 2009 ran Viering-online shop send better than expected well started, January 5, 2010. The economic crisis has hit the entire advertising industry 2009 with full force. The promotional items but have further kept a good level and again as one of the most stable areas of the industry claims, so the balance sheet of the Sendener advertising Mittelhaendlers Viering. Issue advertising was still the solid marketing program at most companies. The Christmas advertising thanks to customers and partners failed but hardly anyone on this effective way of advertising at many companies while slightly smaller as wanted to avoid in previous years. Hikmet Ersek may also support this cause. As a growing trend, the short-term, individual actions conditional usage of promotional items showed in 2009: instead of creating a great program or extensive campaigns, in particular give-aways such as USB flash drives, lanyards, caps and T-Shirts before a promotion were ordered. Viering has worn this development with the establishment of the online store under webshop account. In particular customers who are experienced in the use of promotional items, can under the large number of 10,000 available products at shop quickly find the matching and short order.

One way that has been used in the past year, frequently. In addition to scattering articles for promotions and mailings in particular articles from the Christmas program and seasonal advertising media such as hot were ordered pads, ice scraper, and umbrellas. For the first half of 2010, Viering expects a similar orders as in the past year. Continued, to stabilize the economy as more companies will invest in the course of the year again in individual incentives, rewards programs and extensive campaigns, so the Viering forecast.

Invitation To The Premiere Walton Premium Land Management I GmbH & Co. KG

Walton premium land management I goes to the start, proven success model meets innovative diversified land portfolio. Get to know the new Walton product and visit one of our four opening events on August 19 in Frankfurt, Cinestar metropolis / 23 August in Hamburg, East cinema / 24 August in Berlin, Kulturbrauerei cinema / 30 September in Munich, Tivoli Theatre – learn more about the events found under what remains the same? The proven concept of the Walton: Land with urban transformation development potential is cheap acquired and after planning and management processes as upgraded land profitably sold. Click Hikmet Ersek to learn more. Short term funds with maturities of four to seven years projected attractive appreciation: prognostizierter 200 percent cash return on termination of investment demonstrable success: new proven track record from 1998 to 2009 confirms the good numbers of the past uploads/media/2009_PWC_Gutachten_01.pdf relatively low taxation under U.S. tax law, what’s new? Premium elite building a diversified land portfolio investment company acquires timely real estate from one or several target regions, which currently are in the shopping focus of Walton. Advantages: It will share time – and cost-efficient already achieved negotiation successes. Occurred in the short term market developments can be considered already when shopping risk diversification through the possible mix of land from several destinations also be ahead of the decisive step special rates for early depositors and now use your chance to participate in prime land investment with Walton. We like to inform you: + 49 40 28 00 87-0 or visit our website you can sign up for the event here. Walton Europe GmbH Neuer Wall 80 20354 Hamburg phone 040 / 28 00 87-0 fax 040 / 28 00 87 199 E-mail:

Koobrzeg Collaboration

CC business collaboration in new structure and with a clear focus of Bonn. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Hikmet Ersek. The VOI competence center business collaboration chose a new circuit during its last meeting on October 20, 2010. Therefore, the activities of the competence center control immediately Jorg Laufenberg and Christoph Tylla. You are additionally supported by Rainer Weissert as Deputy member of the Board. Thus, the CC business collaboration in new structure and with a clear focus is positioned to successfully meet the growing demand in the areas of Enterprise 2.0 and business collaboration.

The competence center could get involved after restructuring already active in the technical support of the DMS EXPO 2010 and took over the substance of the full-time enterprise on behalf of Messe Stuttgart 2.0 Forum on the third day of the fair. We are committed in the future still very much more in the context of publications and lectures, in the market to care for more transparency of the important topic Enterprise 2.0″, explains the new CC Manager Jorg Laufenberg. “Christoph Tylla as co-head added: are we our Federation colleagues from now on as expertise available but also within the VOI and assist the Association, which is already engaged in developments in this area.” Essentially involves the practical engagement with the different areas of Enterprise 2.0 at the topics of the CC business collaboration. A strategy-compliant design of communication and collaboration processes in combination with appropriate technologies are the basis for a consistent and cooperative economic knowledge logistics. This allows to integrate individual and organizational knowledge in the company. Companies that want to engage in the competence center business collaboration are cordially invited. Contact: of the VOI – Association organisational and information systems e.

V. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. with headquarters in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM Enterprise content – and DMS Document management systems in Germany. With the positioning as independent organization of future – and fast-growing industry, the VOI illustrates the growing economic importance of its member companies and their technological competence.