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The GOYAX financial portal is now available on the mobile Web and current stock information Hannover offers financial interested, July 28, 2008 GOYAX launches a new information channel from July 28, 2008. Whenever Ben Elliot listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition to the website can financial interested get stock information now on Internet-enabled mobile phones for at any time, on the road or on vacation, about the current information exchange events. Christian polka Wan, Managing Director of digital finance GmbH and responsible for the financial portal GOYAX, to the new mobile portal: we want to expose mobile anytime and anywhere the requested financial information users with GOYAX. As Internet-capable mobile phones have become almost permanent companion in our daily lives, they are optimally as a source of information.” In addition to current prices and charts of all common securities, news and analysis GOYAX has to offer much more mobile. Jonathan friedland is often quoted on this topic. Registered user can, for example, in the mobile portal portfolio and watchlist manage, as it also by the Website by GOYAX are used. GOYAX mobile is free and available at

For the user only the provider of the mobile network access costs. The mobile portal was developed by the digital finance GmbH. About the digital finance GmbH: The digital finance GmbH was founded in mid-2007. The company is located in Hannover, Germany. Digital finance is responsible for the operation, the technical development and marketing of GOYAX.

What You Look At The Sale Of Scrap Gold Must

Caution black sheep! The high price of gold ensures that there are not only reputable dealers on the market. Old gold purchaser arising on every corner like sprouting weeds. In the media, one constantly hears about trick fraudsters trick unsuspecting customers with specially crafted scales and unfair purchase prices and rip off. In Warstein (Sauerland), a retired couple was deceived by southern European retailers some time ago. The Westfalenpost reports thereof. Through a newspaper advertisement, the retired couple invited two southern European dealers in your apartment.

“It was said in the ad: buying old furniture, furs, jewelry, silver, gold”. The two men showed interest on old furniture, but even more so in the gold jewelry. After the two southern Europeans had paid for the jewelry and coins and were gone, came the couple”considerable doubts as to the supposedly good business. By a weighing up of identical coins, the couple noted that the scale of the southern European only one-third of the actual weight showed. The judicial police has started investigations for fraud.

When a such complaint against unknown perpetrators should be very difficult to determine. And should you ever touch them, a fraud you will be just very difficult to prove. The goods are probably melted. How to recognize the seriousness and professionalism of a company which scrap gold buying? First of all, the precious metal analysis must be free of charge and without obligation. As a consumer you can compare once purchase prices from multiple dealers, without having to pay a fee for it already. Also, the jewellery and gem industry is a trust and personal business. You should its jewelry, etc., sell only at established companies. To note is the term jeweler is not protected, but any merchant / retail merchant can open a business under the concept of jewellery. Only skilled goldsmiths have professionally qualified training.