For manufacturing various types of modern glass products are mainly used conventional material which are manufactured in sheet thickness from 2 to 6 mm. Sizes of glass used may be different from 250×250 to 1600X2200 mm. In some cases, a decorative colored types: transparent and opaque, hardened products, a high load on the punch and bending, etc. Improved performance is achieved by adding special substances to the basic composition of the commodity. Currently, windows, blocks and other similar products have very wide application. Difficult to imagine a luxurious store or public building without these elements. Glassware can significantly increase the size of window openings. They provide a sufficient amount of light entering the room.

To fill in light gaps in external walls, stairwells, lavatories, lights and devices for internal partitions used glass blocks. This is a translucent hollow parts with different texture of interior or exterior surfaces, made by welding two pressed polublokov followed by annealing. They are divided by type – on the square and angular, the construction of the inner cavity – to odnopustotnye and dvuhpustotnye. The first of these are the most common view, now widely used both in our country and abroad. Sides with glass blocks make smooth or with the thumb formed by a process of pressing. To increase the adhesive strength of the material with grout is recommended to apply a special postmark with powdered coarse sand, marble chips, etc.

These products retain all the positive properties of glass as a building material. In light openings, they work on compression, impact resistance and flexural strength. Tensile strength at this very much depends on the shape and design of products, the chemical composition of weight and quality of annealing. Thermal insulation – is the basic indicator that provides installation of glass. Because of the presence in them of air cavities, they have little thermal conductivity. This figure is in them is 0.36 kcal / m x h x deg. Also, these products have a high level of noise and soundproofing. In this case, they are easy and quick to install. You should not use windows as the supporting structures of the large difference in the coefficients of expansion of materials, considerable brittleness glass and low mechanical strength, vibration and bending loads. Therefore, the primary and the general condition of their mounts is to isolate steklobetonnoy panel of brick and concrete support structures. They successfully used for industrial buildings, public and residential purpose. This is one of the best options for glazing, especially in harsh climatic conditions of our country.

Profile Pipes

Shaped tubes are called such pipes, in which the inner section is different from the round or the outer surface is different from the cylindrical shape. Forms of modern metal shaped tubes, as well as their types, and place of extraordinarily diverse. The reason for this is that these tubes are compared with conventional tubes, a large mechanical strength. Therefore, while keeping them the same strength performance, achieved significant weight loss (25-35%) relative to the circular. More convenient, the assembly of different designs, shape, and the best design, also make use of profile pipes preferable Compared with the traditional. Metallic shaped tubes of rectangular and square cross section, commonly used for manufacturing parts having the shape of plane frames, as well as where required increased time resistance in simple bending, which is very often required in load-bearing structures.

Such use of metal shaped tube of square cross section is justified because it has a moment of resistance to the flat bending is 30 percent higher than equal to her weight round pipe. Application of solid shaped tube as a framework, in the manufacture of shutters on the windows or doors to the garage several times to increase their strength and resistance to mechanical deformations. Of metal shaped tubes collect different floors, trusses, light metal, stairs, handrails, halls, commercial equipment. If a flat curve is attached to only one sides of the metal square tube profile, you can use instead of a square tube of rectangular cross section. This will allow even up to 10% reduction in the total structural weight, while maintaining the same strength characteristics. Depending on where and how to use shaped tubes, dependent and its size. For example, in the automotive industry widely uses square profiles with parties from 25 to 100 mm and the wall thickness from 3 to 8 mm, as well as rectangular, ranging in size from 40x25x3, 100x50x7 mm up. If the pipes are designed to operate at an elevated internal pressure, then increasing the thickness of their walls.

Such thick-walled pipes This applies for example in heat exchangers and reservoirs of steam boilers. In recent years an increasingly clear trend to the use of metal shaped pipes in the building. They are used almost everywhere – in the reinforcement of plastic windows in the construction of supporting structures, and even as an ornamental or decorative items. Almost everywhere where there are higher demands for quality and durability, you can see the metal shaped tubes.

Consumer Rights Protection

Appearance has changed very first plastic windows pvc profile, which appeared a few decades ago, often sunlight. "To avoid this phenomenon, the manufacturers are now using a special light stabilizers – antioxidants increase the light stability of polymers, "- says John . "If your plastic window, turned yellow, it means that the production profile were used poor-quality supplements, defining its lightfastness. This is certainly an occasion to address the claims the manufacturer, "- says Rafik Alekperov. – The warranty period during which the design should not change their characteristics, according to gost 30673-99 "Profiles pvc for windows and doors, is 5 years.

Over time, plastic can not just change the color, but also become rough. Most likely, it is the fault of the consumer. "Do not use cleaning compositions based on abrasives, gasoline, solvents and acids, – says head of department on work with individuals of "Master Home Dmitry . – These substances damage the plastic surface, leaving scratches in the which can easily be dirty. So when you shop choose cleaner, pay attention to the fact that it was recommended for plastics. Of course, if the user has violated the rules of the product, then claims for changing the appearance of the product manufacturer will not accept. BOX: The windows in the "law" According to Alina Domkinoy upon detection of a marriage to the buyer must notify the seller of the identified deficiencies and required to eliminate them in a certain period. "It is desirable to send the document to the letter with return receipt requested, or deliver it personally against signature", – says the expert.

According to Paragraph 1 of Article 18 of the Law of the Russian Federation N 2300-I 'Rights Protection consumers, in the case of detection of product defects, if they have not been specified by the seller, at its option may require immediate replacement of the goods or free elimination of product defects or reimbursement for their correction by the consumer or a third person. Also it can "withdraw from the contract of sale and demand the return of the amount paid for the goods." Usually, the first step in response to by the manufacturer becomes exit the wizard, which assesses the weaknesses and identify ways to eliminate it. "The company can offer to conduct examination – agree. Perhaps, the results do not confirm the guilt seller, in this case, you can dispute them with the other independent expert – said Alina Domkina. – If in due time the manufacturer has not eliminated the marriage, then the buyer has the right to do it yourself for your account and then invoice the seller for compensation of costs incurred. " In the case settle the issue directly with the manufacturer's box fails, the dispute resolved in court. According to Alina Domkinoy, court, most often takes the existing State Standards as mandatory documents that must comply with construction organizations. And since, unfortunately, the standards are seldom clearly satisfied in the process fabrication and erection, then it is usually resolved in favor of the consumer. Assist the client in the design of the suit and advise him on all issues that arise may as lawyers, and local Office of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare. Their addresses and phone numbers listed on the official website of the Society of Consumer Protection -. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS