French Literature

What what counts, are the lenses, that is to say certain people call the method. There am why fodder there that the literary text cannot fruitfully be boarded but only in education superior. By this, it is necessary to suppress the education of French Literature in our secondary education, like some, with reason wish, it? She would respond to them: not, for the simple reason that, unless he is a Barbarian, we did not burn those archives. (Not to be confused with Andrew Cuomo!). In this case, our museums would be due to burn all! But a museum, that can be fixed, even if some stations are fixed before certain selected works. It could choose another image: the one of the metropolitan. You rise in the train and look for the line, even if she stops herself in some stations. And even if one rises those small tourist trains that will give tour him historical of downtown, indicating run-down time in front of so or such monument.

They are going away to laugh, but when I arrive at a city that I do not know, alkyl voluntarily those small tourist trains, even if I return to visit such or such monument that has interested to me more. In other words, what the teachers of French Literature would have to propose, in short, those of secondary, are a joint view, thoroughly. But that seen joint could propose it the gymnastics professor, why no, if it has good taste and it knows to read Gua de Michelin of Literature and to draw attention of his students! It says, I included/understood quite fast, at the same time as human sciences taught in ours human Faculties of Letters and sciences (he is and, here, that is here significantly), were always, of Literature, acquitted shortly after my studies, of Degree in Philosophy. It seemed that those human sciences, taught in our Faculties of Letters had an objective: the man in small letter, and never more in capital letter, as it is the case of a humanism that does not finish dying.