Monetizing A Website Well

The other day we received a mail suggesting that we did a small article about monetizing a website, how to throw (from a financial point of view) a web project, etc … As this is not a specialist in this page, give a short brush strokes and tell our experience in these matters. And to divide this article into three parts, so that it is cumbersome to read and readers can search the Internet for more information. Launching a web project and monetizing with advertising obviously have enough startup capital makes things easy and the results will be posted soon. However, the Internet has an advantage: the costs of entry are small. Look at the case for this site: mounted with just 60 eurillos anything. Something outside the Network would be impossible. Does it cost to obtain initial funding for a web project? I think it is comparatively more difficult than in real life.

The Web is a wide world, where there are thousands of pages competing on the same sector and where it is difficult to get through. After the disaster of the. Com, many investors opted for caution when investing in ideas to be converted through a The real effort recently launched a web project is to show the validity of their proposals, showing to reverse the project will differ from similar initiatives. We must show a commitment to continuity and some people skills. Even with all that, they have done projects from scratch, reinvesting profits to improve the initial idea.