Lets Talk Family

For many of us our children’s education is more important, is so important; that we care more about ratings than by our children’s emotional and cognitive development. As parents we demand grades 9-10 and we don’t accept scores low or failed. When your children come to obtain scores low or failed what we do as parents is to punish them; but we have never come close to them or we have much less sought information and accurately to help your children. As parents we want your children to have a quality education therefore; We select the best schools and teachers. Unfortunately this is not enough for the integral formation of your children.

By is required of three links: how paramount family. The school as necessary and how complementary society each of them plays a very important role but this three closely related. Links much influence the formation and transformation of your children. In your family children possess behaviors (innate: are behaviors with which we are born) and learn how diversity of attitudes and skills known as operating behaviour or instrumentale. Therefore the first school of your children is the family later that knowledge moved it to his second home that is the school.School children reaffirm and modify knowledge possessed by that they were learned in the family; but not only reaffirm – modify if you don’t learn and build diversity of solutions that allow you to integrate it into his personality. This with takes all that comprehensive knowledge is put into practice in social life, but the most interesting is that your children tend to modify such knowledge according to the context in which they operate.

That is why that as parents we must integrate ourselves in the three links and most importantly bringing your children to learn about their problems this will allow having involvement in the above links. Likewise be provided to your sons education optima that you will allow you to face this world which is in constant changes. Education is not only for the school or the family nor much less to society education compete them all three.