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So you've decided to go to the country which have not yet visited. If you want to enjoy the journey, see the sights, after an excursion to bring photos and indeed in some cases return to good spirits and unharmed from the long-awaited trip, to avoid misunderstandings that could lead both to comic consequences, and in the tragic, which is especially important in the Middle East, West Africa will not affect the familiar with the manners and customs of the country. There are lots of nuances, which many travelers are unaware or simply not paying enough attention. We give several such examples. 1.Do not worth skip gesture "OK" if you are interested in Brazil. Macy’s understands that this is vital information. Fakt.V 50 years of the last century, Richard Nixon, U.S.

president with a friendly visit to Brazil. Coming down the ramp, as a gesture of greeting, he showed the "OK". If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jeff Gennette. This welcome gesture angrily condemned in the press and broadcast on all television channels, which does not strengthen respect for the local population to unsuspecting Nixon. It turns out that in Brazil this gesture means the same thing as an advanced middle finger in the countries of Europe, the usa, which naturally outraged and offended by the indigenous inhabitants of Brazil. 2. If you are in Greece, and decided to have lunch at a diner or take advantage of hospitality of the locals and savor the "real cuisine, you should not be misleading and even frighten gracious hosts at first glance, an innocent gesture of an outstretched arm, palm exposed out.

Diving In Hurghada

Diving in the Red Sea an ideal spot for diving, without a doubt the Red Sea. Always warm weather and clear water, no industry, which would spoil the ecology of this amazing place, thousands of species of fish, one more beautiful than the other, varied, never repeated, the color and shape of the coral reefs. All these conditions have made the Red Sea for thousands of attractive, if not millions of travelers. and Most of them seek to plunge into another reality. A sea water, in general, it's really another reality. There is no noise and uproar, the silence here, and my head starts to work differently, and your whole body completely differently respond to "hover" in this very different world. Diving in Hurghada, Hurghada And, without doubt, the most wonderful place for diving in the Red Sea.

It can dive all who wants it – from nothing greenhorns able to tough guys who have committed more than one dive in different places. In the vicinity of Hurghada over forty dive sites, and probably more so Hurghada is so popular. Virtually Each hotel has its own dive centers that teach beginners and turn them into expert divers, with the presentation of special certificates. If you just want to try – what it is – diving, then this will help you experienced instructor, who will be always with you. Options for scuba diving of different levels and duration of great variety – just choose. I would like to emphasize that instructors in many Diving centers have Russian boys, so communication problems will not arise.