Structural Forms New Furniture

Structural forms construction long known. Beneath them are understood construction volume, exterior and interior finishing of buildings, as well as specific material on the 'sign' shape and design. The structural form of buildings offered as examples of furniture, its formation, design and manufacturing. Plane partitions, such as floors, parapet wall and partition wall panels are preimages planes tables and chairs. Volumes eg stepwise fragments buildings become preimages cabinets and capacitances.

Grates eg rod constructions facade become preimages ethmoid finishing surfaces. Framing eg portals become preimages frames with panels. Speaking candidly University of Houston told us the story. Pyramids, eg home with tabernacular roofings become preimages etazherok, tables and stilts. Triangles eg angular home become preimages tables and objects seating. Honeycombs eg corps houses become preimages elements cabinets and objects seating. Cylinders eg tall houses become preimages furniture. Shell, for example, the dome, are prototypes of objects for seating in the form of shells.

Lattice, such as fences or railings bearing structures, are prototypes of wicker chairs. The wooden parts of the construction, such as poles, crossbars and struts, are prototypes of bars, edges, poles and frames. Steel profiles, such as pipes, poles and strips, are prototypes of bars and side bars. Elements of prefabricated building systems such as frames, panels and blocks, are prototypes of the shelves, walls and buildings. Profiles and traction, for example – the cornices and belts, are prototypes of the horizontal overlap. bnFGfnmxbmJeim5ufllmavEiVilDA0MFl8Sc3MSSzMS8YiuFkIxUheDUIqAkAH9oQbldAAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjcybi7gLeCAxW3VqQEHUEwAeMQ9OUBegQIAhAZ’>Rachel Crane-2011. Building structures, such as console stiffeners, reinforcements are accented prototypes. Identifying the direction of transmission of forces, for example, by isolating the individual functions, leads to forms that replace the ornament. Articulation of the facade, for example him split into elements as methods of increasing order, bait to the complication of frontal surfaces. Plastic forming, for example through the creation of the speakers structures leads to cutting of the array, giving transparency. Reflections – vertical horizontal and inclined – redoubling structure or cause them dissolution. Planar receptions morphogenesis eg painting adorn facades dismember plane underline openings.