Subsystem Performance Evaluation

Regulate the processes of recruitment and selection of candidates, and the conditions under which the applicants will be incorporated into the scheme of the professional career service; a Subsystem Development Professional. Contain the processes for the determination of individualized career plans of public servants, in order to clearly identify the possible paths of development, allowing them to occupy positions of equal or higher rank and salary level, after fulfilling the requirements, as well as the requirements and rules to cover the part of public servants belonging to the system; a Subsystem Capacity Training and Certification. Establish professional models for public servants to enable them to acquire: a) Basic knowledge about the dependence of working, and the State Civil Service as a whole, b) specialization, upgrading and formal education in the position held; c) The skills and attitudes needed for other jobs of equal or greater responsibility; d) The ability to overcome institutional, professional and personally within the unit, and e) The skills required to certify skills acquired; a Subsystem Performance Evaluation. Its purpose is to establish mechanisms for measuring and assessing performance and productivity of career civil servants, which will turn the parameters for advancement, promotion, rewards and incentives, and to ensure labor stability separation subsystem a . It is responsible for dealing with cases and assumptions by which a public servant ceases to be part of the system or temporarily suspending their rights, and a Subsystem Control and Evaluation. Its objective is to design and operate the procedures and means to conduct surveillance and if necessary, correction of system operation.