Petrovsky College

That is, there has developed and creativity If you are in any capacity, then they will manifest. Studied together with me the girls who just have a good mechanical sewing, but then after they dropped what they were doing. What did you do after it received a diploma? I had an idea to continue on their education, and I went to another city. I was told that my diploma with no interest, but they needed ready-artist-designer. Then I returned to Murmansk to receive special education, but to Unfortunately, at that time was not there a special school until they opened the design department at Moscow State Pedagogical University. I immediately came back and studied in parallel also in the Petrovsky College. When did you start their own sewing clothing and sell it? When I was studying, I was addressed by many people to know that I know how to sew.

And so far treated, the jeans hem, then sew on a button. Orders have always had a lot of basic things that you can make a minute, to design evening dresses with beads and bugles, which are sewn months. There is a thought expressed by the well-known fashion historian, Alexander Vassiliev, that "the mode exists only for the rich bums, because they can afford to change cars and interiors of their homes, since this is also part of fashion. For ordinary people as there is simply beautiful or comfortable clothing, expensive or cheap " How do you keep this view? I do not quite agree with this statement. .