Ketogenic Diets

Ketogenic diets: diet ketogenic is the one that generates the production of ketone bodies in the body. Ketone bodies are compounds that are produced by the metabolism of fatty acids. This situation occurs due to fasting or the decrease of the consumption of carbohydrates. In this type of diet the total calories that are ingested can restrict or may restrict carbohydrates (in this second option will ingest proteins and fats). Low-calorie diets are an option for adegazar, and should be generally reduced to less than 1,000 calories per day. Within the diets that restrict carbohydrates we have the hiperproteicas and high in fat. Hiperproteicas diets are those in which predominates the consumption of proteins, are used to combat obesity. Diets richer in fats are used in the treatment of certain pathologies.

Ketogenic diets are extremely effective for the reduction of weight, although it is advisable to perform them under medical control. Seems silly as lose weight eating fats, but eating fats and decreasing carbohydrate, can lose weight and obesity quite fast. In general to start a diet, ketogenic follow these guidelines: you can eat: vaccine meats, chicken, fish and any other type of meat. They can be eaten in unlimited (not patties by the carbohydrates in the bread). Cold cuts and cheese in an unlimited, eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, salsa golf, oil, vinegar, pepper, lemon. Tea, coffee, mate without sugar in unlimited number, and can use sweetener.

Juices containing no nothing sugar or glucose or another carbohydrate, in unlimited quantity. Some vegetables that contain carbohydrates in the form of fiber can be eaten: chard, spinach, lettuce and chicory. You can add some foods sparingly: e.g. a yoghurt without sugar per day, 1 small tomato per day, etc. They take 2 liters of water per day as a minimum. You can’t eat: sugar, flour (bread, all kinds of pastries, cakes, cookies, etc.), rice, polenta, fruits, alcoholic drinks, whole or skim milk, Visconti (to avoid the bread), any other kind of carbohydrates. Conclusions: in general, for the person who just wants to lose weight, no matter if you lose muscle volume, suffices to restrict carbohydrates, maintaining a certain level of proteins and fats. For the bodybuilder who has obtained muscle volume during the previous months, it is convenient to make changes in the diet gradually, keeping a high consumption of fats and proteins very high so you don’t miss this volume. Also ingerise can be a certain amount of carbohydrate complex before training at the gym and some simple carbohydrates after training. Among the undesirable effects of the diet are the State of weakness that usually occurs around the second day of diet by the decrease in circulating glucose into the bloodstream. The effects of any diet can be enhanced using fat burners. Ketogenic diets are a very effective method for weight loss, being recommended to perform them under medical supervision.