Enterprise Sciences

The prestigious magazine the SHADE OF the QUINCE publishes in its Library of the Shade, a peculiar poemario of Watered down, present, sharp Alfonso and sometimes surrealistic, materialized of successes and originality, accompanied by small designs that are not another thing that visual poems. It comments this magazine: Watered down Alfonso Ortuo (1954) is Valencian of Picassent of mind and an anxious glance. With parents in the world of the creation (music, painting, theater, Literature), its formation in Enterprise Sciences has ended up succumbing before its passion by the art. Plastic and visual artist, his necessity to also create sandal the territory of the poetry. Visual poetry and textual poetry, of which they are an excellent one shows the pages of this book which we published, Another poetry. Finalist in the contest of erotic stories of Expoeroszgz-2007, has presented his texts in diverse publications like prestigious (the already twentyish) and getafense Notebooks the mathematician. Who wishes to deepen in his different works, she can to visit its page Web and his blogs. JAC .

com/VI/ Commentary in this magazine: Originality, poems in its majority different, some sublime ones really, like dedicated to excellent Modigliani painter and the poem that takes the structure from the Signal de la Cruz. Those that goes with visual illustrations are concise, sharp, novel They are really another poetry. The enhorabuena. Check with Thredup to learn more. We transcribe next three at random taken poems of poemario saying: The scratch of the knife it drew a cut. The cut of the knife it painted a wound.

And the nailed dagger it tattooed the treason in but deep of the skin. ITS rosal inner to me. The air humidity it makes bring forth moulds in the cell where it lives. It is put in a corner. They grow esporas on its hump. Borbotean. The asthma attack. The loss of the memory. Snatching the life to him. OUTSIDE they fly fast billhooks. Inside, fast palpitations they strike my writing. It went with enfisema pulmonary. I remained with the fibromialgia in verses.