You have to trust him, they sure will not be duped, it's true what they say, ultimately it is a man of his word. It is therefore essential that a coach "never promise them that his players can not or will to fulfill. The worst that can happen to a coach is that his players believe in him that the deception or because it is unable to keep their promises. It's easy to lose credibility but very difficult to get credit and this is something a coach has to keep in mind from day one who takes charge of a team. Credibility + Charisma + Empathy: Ability. 4 – Character: The set of qualities possessed by a person, if the coaches believe that these virtues are to be directed primarily at the professional level to the winning mentality that must have the person responsible for managing a team and the ability to pass the winning character of his players. An aggressive nature in the positive sense of the action is something beneficial for the group and serves to establish successfully transmitted a solid foundation towards achieving success in games.

Character: "Always aggressive, always winning." 5 – Lucky: We can not forget that football is a game and as such play is often subject to luck, for the ball between or not between, which hit the crossbar, which the goalkeeper deflected in-extreme "with the fingertips or at the last minute the referee is wrong and points to a nonexistent penalty. Besides the above, there are also lucky to be found, you can not always be referring to "bad luck", because sometimes what you want to mask are bugs, errors that both coach and players are guilty a party. The fate you have to work, you must keep track in training with the daily work and continuous effort, but that will be easier to find the way to appear more frequently, although it is true that sometimes denies you a strongly and repeatedly, before it is only one solution: keep looking. + Training Effort: "Way of luck."