Business Idea

Any business concept, always develops from an idea, which is intended to be a solution to the problem or opportunity, which originates to detect a possible unmet need or market that poses a different form of particular needs, in a likely identified target market. This initial idea must be distinguished from that of what already exists, and that factor (or factors) differentiators will be your success factor. The business idea can arise in several ways, such as: a. the imagination. b. the invention (new technology or use of old technologies). c. the chance.

d. the observation and interpretation of the environment. e. the own work experience, or knowledge derived from the study. f.

the successful experience of others. (g). The passions or hobbies. h. for the detection of unmet needs (examine our own needs may lead us to see if they are sufficiently satisfied) or new ways of meeting needs. i. by the investigation of new uses for old or new technologies. j by experimentation or simulation in business, or war games. Also, it complements or motivates the generation of a business idea, from the search for sources of creativity, among which we have: k. Reading newspapers, magazines and specialized books. l surfing the Internet (visit technical websites, businesses, universities, entrepreneurship, projects, investment blogs related, among others). m. contact with creative and innovative people or experts on the subject involved. b. take advantage of changes in the legal, business-building, tax regulations, export processing zones, liberated areas of taxes, free trade treaties, among others. o investigate industry registry and, in the patent and Trademark Office. p technical and university theses. q adapt foreign ideas of success. r. franchises. s. go to fairs, congresses, conferences, business associations, chambers of Commerce, scientific meetings, among others. t. studies and regional, municipal or national Diagnostics. u Diagnostics and operational, logistics plans of companies, annual plans of State (Government procurement) procurements.