Silent remains the mystery, the sense of this pilgrimage, infinite adventure of existence, whose running lengthwise the sky turns countless trails circles, until at the end of the darkness emerges the knowledge into the infinite of the human spirit; and that alborear indecisive, without breaking your dumbness, through the mists clear provides the vision of life and love, emerging from the tumult of deep joys and sorrows. Santiniketan, on September 16, 1929. Currently we have countless definitions of being biological being, being social, consumer, economic agent, etc., etc. have assembled an entire industry of human, have ventured up to the depths of the individual and collective conscience in order to discover or create unmet needs that open new niches in the consumer market, encourage competition and keep the investment and the return on capital. But, again the question, that is the man? The great philosopher and poet, Rabindranath Tagore, in his book the Religion of man, told us: we learn in the life of the animals, that they are burning the stages of its formation step by step, at birth they are under the watchful eyes of their elders, they play with other pups of their species, they will strengthen your muscles and your instinct to reach the fullness of their potential. The Tiger does not come out to hunt other animals until it has not developed their fangs, claws and all his physical strength, then Yes, feeds itself same and is self-sufficient, do not before, because it is not mature nor fit to survive in the jungle, as their parents know it? again it comes to my mind the response of my daughter, the Tigers know but do not know that they know it, they are not aware of being. This example of the poet, citing the life of animals, can help us to outline a response to our question, that he is the man?, no doubt we can say that it is a rational being who is capable of thinking and awareness of being man.