Advertising Work

She has good cars, good life and influences. Or, as my case, I love shoes and fashion clothing. Katrina (which it recommended to Texaco) called me yesterday to ask if he knew of a website to sell shoes. I gave my recommendation and recommended company that did not pay me a dime. Or we have the case of people who call me to ask me tips web page designers. I am an evangelist.

I'm always recommending and as I have influence will do the advertising work for companies. And all without earning a penny! Where are these evangelicals? To get evangelists only need one or two people in a specific circle of your market. Let's say you sell clothing. Estate slope of that person who stands out above the rest. That looks confident. Who dresses well. This is the person you need to ally to spread the word.

Loyalty to the evangelist An evangelist is a loyal person. Satisfied with your services. A person who shall voice whenever there is a conversation related to your products or your services. It is a person that others follow. That admire. They call asking for a suggestion. If you look back, in reality we are all evangelists. You are what you love something and when people ask you advice on this topic. Say you love barbecues. A friend who wants to make his first barbecue will be in the market for the utensils. Who will go? Does the store or friend who knows head to toe the best coal, the best machine, meat, etc.? There are many examples: A person who loves fishing. Someone who would fascinate cruises. A person who likes to save money. Just ask yourself: Of my clients who is more passionate about my products and my services? Who is the one that stands out? And fidelizalo. Hence the importance of loyalty to your customers from the start! With postcards, phone calls, letters, good treatment and great service. And always be aware of the evangelist who highlighted. In summary: * The evangelist is a person with influence, not necessarily power. * We are all evangelists. When was the last time a friend asked you a tip about a product or a similar service? * Loyalty of your customers from the beginning through monitoring. * Estate slope of the person on the other highlight. Dare. I'm gonna you!