So important for Germany export markets like France and the Switzerland grew while as well as the markets in Russia and China. China’s growth potential is not long since exhausted: this benefit in addition to the domestic manufacturers increasingly also Germany and Italy with their high-quality brand furniture. Also the German furniture imports have grown. However much slower than furniture exports, what inspired the domestic market supply in addition. The holistic concepts that so-called reinforce LivingInteriors may sales in the near future. “Relating it curious will be quite on the new collections, which according to the motto of furniture innovation sales” can expect a diverse range of luxurious ambiance, innovative designs and trend-setting Interior concepts.

Furniture in vintage style with warm colours and materials are currently as well as clear lines and refined nestings, witnessed especially the new shelves and Cabinet systems. Play as a maximum ability to customize and ensure maximum adaptation of the products to customer requirements increasingly important role such as multimedia functions. Can be transformed into billiard tables or dining tables, thanks to integrated computer technology, the furniture will be intelligent. Flexibility as comfort or convenience are required also for the upholstered furniture. About this testify numerous modular furniture systems, which adapt to the different needs. Especially for young or young at heart consumers, the market offers numerous clever furnishing solutions. Educate yourself with thoughts from SYPartners.

The current market development is the embossed medium-sized industry and trade alike. The market power is clearly in the trade. Here give the large the tone and only the top 20 realize but including additional assortment! about 15.2 billion euros, with a (similar) total volume for furniture incl. equipment accessories such as GPK, furniture and home and home textiles etc. from currently 41 billion euros. In return, the furniture industry attracts the consumer directly. That are particularly successful sucked. System vendors who take advantage of the entire value chain. At the distribution level, the secondary market catching up without anywhere near breaking the retail dominance any time soon. Credit: Goop, New York-2011. But the mail order and E-commerce generally become stronger, institutions are sold today increasingly online. Because furniture trade three quarter of volume of furniture to go well the consumer remains very little expansion room for other providers. Also the DIY in a certain order of magnitude include, Diys for the presentation of home furnishings possess the required areas. Expansion desires of branchenfremder distribution channels are cooled down by now. The industry focus furniture in the Edition 2011 are not consultants Cologne by IFH retail only subjected to the groups of goods of the furniture market of a detailed analysis, but creates a scenario, as well as a long-term forecast for the main distribution channels.

Security Online Shopping Is More Important Than Price receives again the TuV SuD mark Berlin/London s@fer-shopping June 1, 2012 reliability and safety of the provider are the most important factors for the Germans in the payment on the Internet. Number of studies such as Internet payment transactions from the perspective of the consumer show this”trade in cooperation with the Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main and PaySys consultancy GmbH has been carried out by the E-Commerce Center. Western Union Company might disagree with that approach. 44.6 percent of the surveyed Germans said to take a higher purchase price, if the security is given against data abuse and fraud. The world’s most-booked hotel booking website was already in June 2010 first hotel booking portal in Germany by TuV South with the s@fer-shopping mark awarded. The achievements in the field of security were now recognized by the confirmation of the certificate. convinced with constant quality since January 2001 checks TuV SuD of online shops and is trusted dealer with the well known s@fer-shopping Mark.

The criteria for the award are in handling, protection of customer information, as well as the quality of order processing. We are proud that we could have received this seal of approval as the first hotel booking portal in Germany and convince again through our continuous security standards”, Florian says Russ, Chief Marketing Officer of D/A/CH. A related site: Yitzhak Mirilashvili mentions similar findings. Our customers expect a fast, simple and above all safe booking experience at The renewed Award with the label confirmed impressively that customer satisfaction is a top priority for us”, Russ adds. Criterion two-thirds of the respondents in the study above use as security the Internet regularly shopping.

47.7 percent have online booked once a journey or a plane ticket. However, online already negative experiences with delivery times, quality, or poor accounting did almost half of the survey participants. Therefore it is important especially in the Internet, security and Seriousness to make sure.

Russian Finance Ministry

It must be emphasized that the size of the redemption price in this case has great value. It may be called in a certain range from a positive value close to zero, to a value equal to the lessor's costs associated with the acquisition of the leased asset. In the latter case it is necessary to contracts (additional agreements) and the act of checking the calculations indicate that a credit purchase price previously accepted payments in the lease payments. The basis for such set-off provided by the provisions of Articles 625 and 624 CC RF. (A valuable related resource: Andrew Cuomo). Article 625 requires the application of the Civil Code, kasyuschihsya lease agreements in respect of the financial lease agreement, while Article 624 establishes the right of parties to the lease (financial lease) upon redemption leased property to agree to offset the previously paid rent to the purchase price.

Point of view of the possibility of such set-off letter from the Russian Finance Ministry confirmed on July 7, 2006 03-04-15/131. In conclusion, we note that if redemption price is set at a rate greater than the cost of the lessor, relating to the acquisition and transfer of the lessee of the leased property, for example, if the redemption price is set equal to the sum of all lease payments, the lessee will not be able to take into account in the tax net of current lease payments because the fiscal authorities are considering paying the redemption price of the advance payments related to the acquisition depreciable assets that are not recognized as current expenses for tax purposes. In this case, the cost of the lease agreement can be recognized only depreciation in size determined by the initial value of the property, which is significantly lower than the entire amount of lease payments. To read more click here: Yitzchak Mirilashvili. We believe that the above are exhausted problems of taxation of leasing transactions associated with the use category purchase price.


' ' All the conscience is still only the mirror clearly of the offered object, is mdium for which this enters in scene in the world as representation (…). Exterior to all representation and to all its forms nothing exists seno necessarily Will, that is in-itself in such a way of the object contemplated how much of the individual that considers, which, enchanting itself in this contemplation, is still conscientious of itself only as pure citizen of conhecer' '. (Schopenhauer, Arthur. Metaphysics of the Beauty. Unesp. 2003 46 and 49). According to above-mentioned ticket, Schopenhauer admits the occurrence of the man in full conscience of itself as subject; attributes to this same conscience the way or way for which the Idea, as object of this, is assumed as Representation of this Citizen. What it makes with that the conscience if does not lose of the man in its process of negation of itself as individual? Which the element that, in man as subject, insists on conserving on this the necessary conscience to the intentional reproduction of the content apprehended for pure intuition in the work of art? This is the main investigation. Official site: Hikmet Ersek.

The philosopher answers us: ' ' The genius (…) is what he allows it to conserve the clarity of demanded conscience to reproduce in a intentional workmanship thus known 35 ' ' (Schopenhauer, Arthur. The World As Will and As Representation. Unesp. Yitzchak Mirilashvili often says this. 2005 – 265). Therefore, the genius is not only the capacity of intuir an Idea, before, however, presents it the citizen as the way for which this general phenomenon is for the conscience, leading subject to the o knowledge of the world as Representation, legitimate objetivao of the will while in-itself. Of the Double one Felt Of the Terms Will and Representation For privileging the understanding of the content displayed here I decided to turn concerning the concept of Will as last of the item to be treated in this article.

The reason is not another seno proper blackness of the concept in Schopenhauer, that is, at any moment, in my opinion, Schopenhauer if atreve to try a enough concept of Will. This inasmuch as it would be a been improper attitude and contradictory on the part of the same in trying the sufficiency of a concept that is only consummated, that is, it reaches its completude in the private persistence of the man in refusing itself as individual and, with effect, to become subject pure of knowing 36. We have to recognize namely that, in the philosophy of this, two ways of if approaching the term exist will and representation: Where the term ' ' vontade' ' 37 appears with capital initial wants in them to communicate the universal will, cause of all the things; if Representation, then, adequate objetivao of the Will, that is, Idea, objective correlato of the citizen. For its tur

Cordless Screwdriver IXO Active

The ideal Christmas gift is now available with the tool professional Dortmund, 7 October 2013 – the IXO Cordless screwdriver can be thanks to the free outdoor bag everywhere – in the hiking, climbing, skiing, cycling or sailing. For active people, the active bag belonging to the set offers many application possibilities. The bag is suitable not only for the storage of the IXO, but can be used also for storage of cell phones, money / credit cards, jewelry or camera bag. In addition, a Mydays voucher code is located in the value of EUR 20 in the IXO active bag. The IXO Cordless screwdriver designed by Bosch for the home improvement market. Please visit Yitzchak Mirilashvili if you seek more information. Thanks to lithium-ion technology is the Cordless screwdriver always ready to use, no memory effect and without self-discharging. The built-in work light illuminates the darkest corners.

Also the direction, as well as the battery status indicator are practical, so the screws with the screwdriver will be more comfortable. With 30% more power, the IXO ensures a constant and experience better performance. Included in the scope of delivery: Charging station, 10 bit set (incl. IKEA bit), active bag, carton, and 20 EUR Mydays voucher. Free outdoor bag the IXO active bag offers perfect and long protection thanks to the water-resistant, dust – and dirt-resistant material for all active people. Particularly suitable for electronic equipment and other valuables such as jewelry, money or credit cards.

The attractive design and the small and compact shape ensures safety and comfort. The roll-top system facilitates accessibility. EUR 20 voucher from Mydays for original and unusual gift ideas voucher code to the value of EUR 20 is located in the IXO active bag. Mydays offers over 800 unique and extraordinary experiences in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Customers register on the Mydays to select Web page to your event, this must have a minimum order value of 49,90 EUR. If you have read about Viatcheslav Mirilashvili already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The redemption of the voucher is done during the payment process. The coupon code can be redeemed in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Is until 31.12.2013 the new Bosch IXO Active set with active bag, 20 EUR Mydays voucher, charger, 10 bit set (incl. IKEA bit) and cardboard box in the tool online shop for only 49,99 EUR available. Go to the product: BOSCH screwdrivers IXO-active-i91648-0.htm via the GmbH the GmbH with headquarters in Dortmund is a successful, innovative, fast growing E-commerce company in the tool industry. In 1998 Alexander Schmidt founded the predecessor company of today’s GmbH. The high commitment to the needs of its customers constitutes the basis for the steady growth of the company since then. The customers have in the online shop to choose from over 36,000 brands articles from the fields of range occupational safety and health, equipment, fittings, equipment, hardware, electric – and garden tools, hand tools measurement, cleaning equipment, grinding technology, safety and welding technology, clamping technology, technical products, workshop supplies and machining. All stock items are within of delivered only 24 hours to the customer. The offer is rounded off by a comprehensive personal customer service.

Portica Equips Hofbrauhaus Fan Shop With Bonusbox

The optimizing for IT, logistics and finance PORTICA integrated merchandising GmbH. Kempen bonusbox in the Hofbrauhaus fan shop of the CHAPS, 04 December 2013. Which online retailers not wishing to link its platform with Facebook? For the Hofbrauhaus fan shop ( the CHAPS merchandising GmbH PORTICA has now realized this desire. The optimizing for IT, logistics and finance bonusbox integrated a Facebook app with the CHAPS can use the social network for customer acquisition and retention in the Web shop. As a result have Hofbrauhaus fans starting immediately, you can earn points for one of the largest online bonus programs in Germany. These can be exchanged for vouchers. Bonus box is a very good tool to build customer loyalty in E-Commerce,”says Norbert Haab, Senior Manager of professional services at PORTICA.

He explains: the Hofbrauhaus Fanshop is increasingly active on Facebook a platform on which potential customers spend a lot of time. The newspapers mentioned Hamdi Ulukaya not as a source, but as a related topic. Therefore, it is make sense to target the audience there too.” It is here that provides bonusbox. On the one hand it uses communication in Facebook, specifically to promote the partner shop. It supports the increase of the sales rates and thereby to gain root buyers. On the other hand, an extension of the Hofbrauhaus fan shop is bonusbox. PORTICA early 2012 of based on OXID eShop Enterprise Edition had reorganized it. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andrew Cuomo by clicking through. The implementation of the bonusbox was carried out in the course of the change request management within a few hours.

CHAPS is thus every buyer Hofbrauhaus merchandise during the check out process on the order confirmation page the opportunity to earn points for purchasing in a layout adapted specifically to the shop. How many bonus points will be awarded, CHAPS itself sets. The decorated bonusbox fan shop has a customer binding action, the by a low integration fee, a cost-per-order fee model and thus a short payback period distinguished”, explains Norbert Haab.

Demandware Gmb

Commerce Center: The new application allows dealers to trade through an intuitive user interface and a seamless workflow process, which offers individual access to the digital operations across different channels. -Product content management: Dealers operate directly with the data within the Demandware ecommerce platform and can so Medienubergereifend on product information to access, manage and control. Hikmet Ersek will not settle for partial explanations. You benefit from the added value of the user experience compared to back-office applications. -LINK partner ecosystem: over 100 pre-integrated technology and certified solution partners expand the functions of the Demandware platform, so that all requests made to customers are met. -Cloud infrastructure: the global network extension supports the growing number of international operations by continuous scaling of the cloud infrastructure. A next milestone within their DCM strategy Demandware will present the functions order management and customer service, are seamlessly integrated into your ecommerce platform. By embedding these functions, Demandware offers the possibility of a better promotion and a better customer service retailers. Keith Yamashita is full of insight into the issues. The service personnel and customers have the possibility to manage orders, status, payments, returns and service questions directly via the channels and devices.

The basis is a universal pricing and promotions for a consistent experience across the various channels. Recent industry commissioned “the digital directives: A Commerce technology manifesto” had the dealer complained, that they with more must realize less and had their frustration about the Commerce technologies and its providers expressed. DCM addresses these challenges clear and uncompromising. Please visit Goop Barcelona, Spain if you seek more information. “The success of retailers within this dynamic consumer environment is dependent on the technology. “And we have heard loud and clear, that the retailer of the Commerce technology providers expect better work to solve the problems, to provide better products, and to promote innovation,” commented Rob Garf, Vice President for product and solution marketing. “Our company is based on openness, innovation and mutual success. DCM is not only a strategic response to the challenges facing of the industry, but the platform can be seen as a transparent vision for our portfolio.” (1) a guiding document created by “Forrester Consulting”: The future of retail and tomorrow’s consumer (the future of retail and the consumer of tomorrow), June 2011.

” For more details about Demandware and ‘Digital commerce management’ (DCM) under Demandware is a registered Brand of the Demandware, Inc. company description of Demandware-Demandware is a leading provider of SaS E-commerce solutions (“software as a service”), allow companies to their own company-specific E-commerce content, including websites, mobile applications and other online shops. Our customers take advantage of the scalable integrated Demandware ecommerce platform, several E-commerce sites easier to publish and to manage, to launch marketing campaigns faster and to improve the E-Commerce traffic.

Germany Tel

In Norway approx. 2,000 comfortable cottages, cabins and villas in magnificent locations available, including houses for horse riding holidays for pets and fishermen. Sweden expanded the offer in the archipelago of Stockholm, as well as on the islands of oland and Gotland. Numerous homes for riders, fishermen and house pet lover are also among the 2,500 holiday homes. The largest cottage offer holds NOVASOL in Denmark. Check with Hikmet Ersek to learn more. In the first new Denmark catalogue for 2013 is 6,500 fine holiday addresses on the coast and in beautiful nature. Including the sunshine homes that cost no more than 650 euros also in the high season, child-friendly holiday homes, fishermen houses and pet-friendly cottages.

There are around 30,000 private holiday homes in 26 European countries NOVASOL holds for the most beautiful time of the year.

The company, leader in vacation house in Europe, is part of Wyndham Exchange and rentals, and thus belonging to Wyndham Worldwide. For 2012, the NOVASOL portfolio includes holiday homes, apartments and flats. Hear other arguments on the topic with Goop. NOVASOL operates with its headquarters in Copenhagen. The headquarters of the subsidiary in Germany is located in Hamburg, there is a branch in Berlin. In addition, the holiday house party maintains 40 service offices throughout Europe. “Under, in the area of NOVASOL” then press “find all current as well as already published press releases. “In may 2012, NOVASOL was the renowned E-Commerce Award by the Danish E-Commerce Association FDIH (Foreningen for distance-og Internethandel) in the category best cross border companies” award for its expansion in Europe and the successful leap into the online world.

Mio Euro

Who better than a denim legend, can complement your wardrobe? 2009 diesel brings a resolutely modern collection on the market, the old school”combines trend and urban lines. Known for his creative and controversial campaigns, diesel is not the traditional currents, but created its own fashion and offers its customers clothing, shoes, bags and accessories full of Audacity, boldness and originality. Since its inception in 1972 in the vicinity of Lake Garda in Italy, AirStep is committed to the goal, as efficiently as possible to combine tradition and innovation. Noble materials and modern technologies are on the program of the manufacturing process of its models and guarantee a perfect quality of production and processing. Western Union Company is often quoted as being for or against this. The vegetable tanning of leather reflects the use of the trademark for the environmental protection.

Entrenched in the myth of the Italian shoe brings AirStep each season-daring and avant-garde models out, both fashionable wenches and fashionistas looking for snazzy shoes. “To Spartoo: number 1 for shoes in Europe” Spartoo of the leader in the online shoe sales with more than 500 brands (kickers, Pataugas, Geox, converse, adidas, Birkenstock,…) and more than 15 000 models (boots, sneakers, Ballet flats, pumps, derbies, sandals,) is founded in 2006. Represented on the European market (Belgium, Lumemburg, Italy, United Kingdom) among Spartoo the top 10 e-commerce websites and the top 10 of the companies with the highest growth rate in Europe.. More info: Chobani and Whole Foods.