Stenio Snows Managing Gameleira General

From there denunciations, calumnies had appeared and defamations of all type and nature, originated are clearly of individuals with great influence together the dominant elite who always opposed the initiatives of popular nature. Nor therefore we abandon the fight, although the confrontation that if established and until today continues, propositalmente, objectifying only to hinder that the things if decide. He is well-known to perceive that great part of the actions that involve the name of the FACIB only aims at to hinder that the same one materialize its nobleman mission. We affirm vehemently that the CHARACTER is the fuel that moves the responsibility spirit that guaranteed the diplomao of 9.473 pupils through other IES that had acted in the defense of the interests of our pupils who already act on account as professional of great trustworthiness in the market of work of the suffering that they partilharam with us during the payment in full of its superior courses. We can affirm that this feeling of CHARACTER has been the great defending shield of all type of repression against our ideals. When we cite the term FAITH I mention myself to the spirit that if manifest inside of each human being that if victim of an injustice for the badness of the men feels and that he believes the existence of a God firmly, onipotente, onisciente and onipresente that to everything it observes, analyzing and judging the ortalezas and the weaknesses of each human being during its fragile terrena existence.

She is necessary to believe its ideals. It is not enough that the man is imbudo only of its feelings of audacity and character to transform the world, is necessary to add to everything this a strong attachment the faith so that let us can really support our brief terrena ticket. The faith consists of believing that it is possible to materialize desires, to share benesses and to believe that one to be superior in them intently observes in all the moments of the life, helping, admonishing and ace times penalizando, objectifying only to teach to live. To they praise that me, it blesses them to God. To they criticize that me, it also blesses them to God. Peace. Stenio Snows Managing Gameleira General FACIB – College of the Ibiapaba

Dominions Point Ec CL Co Etc

The dominions in a site, at the present time, if they are important. Either to position mark in the memory of the user or for search in finders of the network. Then a dominion whose name is one of the key words of your Web, to domonio is very disntinto that it is not it. Also a dominion of your specific country is important. No longer that runs that the dominions " .com" they are unique the good ones for having. Points EC, for example, are dominions of Ecuador. That it means this? Good, that google, locates for example them in search of IP of Ecuador.

Osseous, if you have a dominion " .com" and you live in Ecuador either rather you wish that your I publish objective is in Ecuador, is to you the more interesting simpre to buy a dominion " .EC" , it will position because you in the finder in Ecuador before " .com". If one, for example, needs a dominion especilaizado in directories doctors of Ecuadorian and for Ecuadorian, then, are obvious, that it interests to you that they see you and to appear in Ecuador. For it, you must buy a dominion " .ec". This, just begins to happen in Ecuador. It is already hour to begin a to buy and to use dominions point " our country (ec, CL, Co, EP, etc) " It does not seem obvious to them, furthermore? The other less important is not knowledge than hearing via finders of Internet to that you can arrive, because there are countries that just begin in Internet and then the publicity can be more interesting offline (it presses, radio, BTL, etc), so that the user, enters Internet and digite directly your page Web. Thus your objective market is major that the one of Internet, del that it looks for to you in google, is very small in Latin American countries. Like thus? good if we know that a country we have 5% of population using Internet just. Good, to hope that furthermore they find in the finder an important mass, it is noneasy task.

For it, it is not bad idea, to campaign strong advertising offline (outside Internet), that generates direct visits to you, digitando your Web, than the user than it sails more that already we know that they are few. By ex.: the case of medical directory for Ecuadorian. We know of the importance of having a directory specialized in this area, but no we can hope that it has many visits, without a parallel publicity that aims to remember the mark and to posiconar it in the mind so that they digitan it to the users beyond finding it like consecuencua to sail in Internet. I am kind to its commentaries and suggestions. Thanks Alberto Merello +593 9 6213440 original Author and source of the article.

Luiz Carlos

After the collection of the materials, will be made the had analyses, verifying if the work with the grammar is made in contextualizado way as the prescriptive PCNs or. Concomitantly with the analysis of these data, the necessary readings for the theoretical recital based in the theoreticians will be carried through ANTUNES (2007); BAGNO (2002); TRAVAGLIA (2008); UCHOA (2007) among others and we will procurararemos intervention ways so that (possible) the presented problem can be minimized. 7-CRONOGRAMA OF ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES APRIL MAY JUNE Choice of the subject x Bibliographical election x x Fichamento of the acquired material x x Rough draft of the first version of the project x Final revision X Delivery of the project X REFERENCES ANTUNES, Irand. Much beyond the grammar: for an education of languages without rocks in the way. So Paulo: Parabola, 2007. BRAZIL. Secretariat of Basic Education.

NATIONAL CURRICULAR PARAMETERS: Third and room cycles of basic education: Portuguese language/Secretariat of Basic Education. Brasilia: MEC /SEF, 1998. BRAZIL. Secretariat of Basic Education. NATIONAL CURRICULAR PARAMETERS: average education: Portuguese language/Secretariat of Brasilia education: MEC/SEF, 1998.

BAGNO, Landmarks. The Portuguese or the Brazilian? An invitation the research. 3 Ed. So Paulo: Parabola, 2002. ____ the occult norm, language and power in the Brazilian society. 8Ed. So Paulo: Parabola, 2009. COAST, Landmarks Antonio Project of Research: it understands and it makes. Rio De Janeiro: Voices, 2001. LUNA, Sergio Vasconcelos of. Planning of Research: an introduction. So Paulo: EDUC, 2002. SNOWS, Maria Helena de Moura. That grammatical to study in the school? Norm and use of the Portuguese language. 3 Ed. So Paulo: Context, 2009. PERINI, Mrio. For a new grammar of Portuguese. 11 Ed So Paulo: It stokes, 2007. POSSENTI. Syrian. Why not to teach grammar in the school. So Paulo: Market of the Letters, 1996. TRAVAGLIA, Luiz Carlos. Grammar and interaction: a proposal for the education of grammar in 1 and 2 degrees. 12 Ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 2008. UCHA, Carlos Eduardo Hawk. The grammar education: ways and embezzlements. Rio De Janeiro: Lucerna, 200

In Honor To The Fight Against The Corruption The Abb Case

As you must know, the past Wednesday 9 of December the International Against the Corruption was commemorated the Day; activity that is defined as the abuse of the public power to obtain personal benefits and that takes different forms like: bribe, embezzlement of public goods, nepotism and the influence in the formulation of laws in own benefit. In other words, it is the most justified typical conduct of the Mexican that can well be considered like the best one of the bad customs, that is to say, most unpunished and. This reprovable activity of whose practice, few are exentos- annually costs 1 trillion of dollars according to the World Bank, and it is reflected in severe consequences for the economic development of the countries. In fact, it is a so common practice, that surroundings would not in the future be strange to see a legislative debate to me its stabilisation. Our popular representatives are so shameless, whom surprise would not cause to me. In short, to enter matter, and considering the context of the fight against the corruption, it falls as ring to the finger the subject related to company ABB; multinational Swiss company that recently has put in conflict the tycoons of the Mexican policy, within that they emphasize: the director of CFE, Alfredo Elas Ayub, the Mexican president of stock-market of Values, Luis Tllez, the ex- president, Ernesto Zedillo, Vicente Fox and until the Federal Executive, Felipe Caldern, in its quality of Secretary of Energy, in the months that acted in CFE years 2003 and 2004. This subject, better well-known in means as case ABB , – and del that can find much information in the hemeroteca of national newspapers through Internet is not more than the putting in evidence than many we give by fact that happens in the political spheres in all levels according to its degree and capacity; but that as a friend says, no longer surprises too much.

Forexyard The Dollar Registers Minimal Values De Hace 4 Months

EconomicasUSD – the Retail Salts in the daily routine the American currency Yesterday registered minimums of 4 months ago against the majority of currencies, whereas the generalized optimism that reigns in the market took to several investors to invest in assets of greater risk. Against the Euro, the dollar registered minimums of 7 weeks ago reaching the 1,3700, whereas against the pound registered minimums of 4 months ago, and the pair closed in the zone of the 1.5290. Yesterday the official data with respect to the trade balance, showed that the breach has been extended during the month of March, for the first time in eight months, since the imports of crude increased, but on the contrary the exports fell. From the last year, as much the exports as imports in the United States fell, mainly by the delicate credit situation after the world-wide crisis, and in addition by cuts to expenses implemented as much by consumers as by industralists. Nevertheless, in improvement signal, the imports fell to a smaller step to considered, only a fall of 1% for March, in comparison to the fall of registered 5% in February and other months. For today one waits the Retail Salts and the Crude Oil inventories, indicators that will occur to know respectively 12,30 GMT and 14:30 GMT. If the results surprise, perhaps the dollar manages to begin to appear after the lost ones registered yesterday against the Euro and the pound. Nevertheless if the results are below the official estimations, the dollar could develop a bearish session during the today day. He would be advisable to follow these publications close by, since the investors can take advantages from the fluctuations in the market. EUR – The Euro continues fortifying against the dollar the Euro advanced Yesterday against the American currency, mainly after which the member of the BCE, Axel Weber, affirmed that there will be no necessity that the BCE continues buying active private to impel the credit development.