Venezuelan President

Pythagoras (500 588. A.. C) philosopher and Greek mathematician, whose doctrines influenced Plato. Pythagoras is considered the father of the idealist philosophy. Having fled the island of Samos after the victory of the demos that he had handed over power to the tyrant Polycrates. Finds refuge among the nobles who reign in croton, the demos insurrectionist replaces the aristocratic regime by slaveholding democracy.

Pythagoras founded a movement for religious, political and philosophical purposes. Known as pythagoreanism. The philosophy of Pythagoras is only known through the works of his disciples. Dear young people observe that all men by more scholars coming to be, directly or indirectly are influenced by any political movement. Some of our philosophers discussed all these matters with enough depth. Example in my country using the system proposed by Machiavelli.

In his work the Prince. Something that some perceive. When there is democracy system is used for the philosopher. Juan Jacobo Rosseau. And his work the social contract. Philosophers and sociologists, observed the political thing in a real way, so try to give awareness to the masses. In the end despite the efforts, the exploitation of man by man. It will always survive. In different degrees and with different systems but everyone always arrive at the same i.e. exploitation. There are exploitative Governments that are more Patriots as the Government of the great Venezuelan President, which is a great thinker, few rulers as the were born. Since this legislator has thought about the education of a whole people. Which shows us that this Governor has given his nation the greatest of all human gifts, i.e. education. Polycrates glorify with large works public, had built a vast spring and an aqueduct that had to open a tunnel seven stadiums. (More than one mile) through the mountain; If did erect a temple, the largest of all temples. I invite the Anacreonte poet to his court and the doctor Democedes, but he banished Samos Pythagoras, spokesman of the nobility.