Turkish Government

Absolutely! All existing reasons to confirm this. Here are just a few of the reasons and causes. The first thing that nowadays Turkey shows a steady growth in economic development. Here, every year increase rates gdp. Significant and sustained development of production and agricultural industries. To the fore with increasing confidence comes the tourist business, and foreigners trying to buy private villa or apartment in Turkey Turkey at affordable prices, not only to carry out while on vacation, but our work here. And all this promises a foreign investor reliability and profits from investments.

Secondly, the country is actively preparing for eu membership. After her entry into the eu, or even setting some deadlines for this, the price of Turkish real estate certainly increase. Consequently, the income from investing in real estate will further increase. The third factor is that until the price of Turkish real estate objects quite acceptable. For registration of documents in the country there is a simple circuit, so the process is not as tedious as in other states.

Experts argue that in the next few years property prices in cities in Turkey will grow steadily. Very impressed investors, and the fact that the process of registration of the Turkish real estate is transparent and supports local laws. Fourthly, the implementation of the project, here is the yield, one of the biggest in Europe: up to 40% annually. To summarize the main points and note confirming the benefits and reliability of investing in facilities Property Turkey. Thus, the state of conscience related to the issue of buying a property. Thus, Turkish law and loyal to the Turkish citizens and foreigners. That is, they have, in the sections of existing legislation, have the right to place a prospective buyer, which means, at its discretion to acquire and use property, bequeath or sell it. The Turkish Government is aware that the investments of foreigners in Turkish property in the country contribute to the development of various types of business. Incidentally, among the permanent investors in overseas property are numerous and the inhabitants of Germany, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Russia and uk. One must not forget that the Europeans will always be a need for recreation in the Black Sea coast. Maybe things will change, but do not handle this important issue without the expensive hotels and apartments in Turkey, must be submitted to rent, and without the business services sector, which makes the holiday memorable. Politics of the Turkish authorities in terms of inflows of foreign capital is very helpful to this the fact that every year there is facilitated the registration procedure foreign companies. To become full owner of the company does not necessarily involve a Turkish citizen. All this makes real estate in Turkey is especially attractive on the background of overseas property in countries Europe. Great influence on the growth of demand and property prices in Turkey have Russian citizens, since so many dreams to come to rest in his apartment in Turkey.