The Godfather

At this time the identity of an interesting, albeit unknown to me until today. At the same time in France, Jacques Rene Mesrin has become almost a legend. The first time he was arrested in 1962 in preparation for a bank robbery. Once in 1963 he only spent two years at liberty, where he managed try designer's art studio. Then the new arrest, release, Canary Islands, Canada, the United States, the conclusion, escape, return to France, robberies of banks (sometimes two per call), arrest, escape, kidnapping millionaire and shot (no opportunity to surrender) in the outskirts of Paris.

And it's all a big way, arrogance and pressure. Jacques is not only not hiding from the media, he wanted to be in the spotlight, and while in custody, he even wrote his autobiography, "Death Instinct". It is clear that in two sentences the life of this gentleman's good luck to fit quite impossible. As well as in a movie. That is why the new film directed by Jean-Francois Richet decided divide history into two parts. The first part was tougher and more uncompromising than many expected. Cruelty Mesrina sometimes goes beyond all reasonable limits.

Striking that in the next moment after another massacre Jacques is all in white dances with the woman I love or hugs his young children. In general, great merit Vincent Cassel, who played superbly in the role, that of his hero always hate, but often he to empathize and sympathize. In my opinion, he is extremely unhappy, and this is the main cause of most insane actions. For the rest of the cast of the claims as not, but the film throughout the 110 minutes is one-man show, and it's definitely for the better. It was nice after a long time to see Roy Dupuis, with the work that I met on the series "La Femme Nikita" and one of the most terrifying films I viewed "Haemoglobin". In visual terms in "Enemy of the State number 1" all fairly balanced. The first minutes of concern is the shaky hand-held camera, but it only serves to underscore the atmosphere of torture of Algerian poor then settles down and the picture changes depending on what is happening. It looks interesting. A good movie. A controversial association with it "Dobermann", then "The Godfather". Interesting story extraordinary personality with its principles, and often inexplicable actions. Everyone who can not stomach the cruelty – is absolutely contraindicated (genuinely felt sorry for children who were leaving the hall in an obviously a sad mood). Others can enjoy a strong shot down the story and a great game of Vincent Cassel.