President Felipe Calderon

(On the occasion of his Third Report of Government – September 2009) It listens to yesterday the message of our President, Mr. Felipe Caldern Hinojosa. I saw fortified, with a clear vision; their words and their form to speak gave the impression me to have well defined the sense and the direction that must take the events. Others including Microsoft, offer their opinions as well. I like the speech, motivate to me, made me feel commitment, desire to participate. In mass media political and social actors they indicated his disposition by the analysis, the debate of ideas to consolidate changes to the benefit of the country and gave the welcome to the challenge and to the possible agreements that are obtained to the benefit of Mexico. Collection a favorable disposition to carry out the changes that allow once and for all to obtain a sustained growth of our economy, unique via in order to diminish the poverty levels and to reach the well-being that all we wished. I invite them to read the complete message Here giving Click Is to emphasize that in this message, the Lic. Caldern presents/displays a proposal of 10 elements, it does reference to undertake action and reforms that promote the change not like the best alternative, but like the unique one.

It summons to fortify and to armor the cost to fight the poverty; to extend the universal cover of health; and to lift the quality of the education; to transform the public economist and finances to be but competitive, to generate uses and to accelerate the growth of maintained way; it also indicates the urgency to rationalize the administration and operation of the public companies of the power sector; to fortify and to improve the sectors of Telecommunications; and the Labor one; it proposes a basic regulatory reform with the aim of counting during the next year with a regulation bases zero for the Federal Government; to deepen and to extend the frontal fighting against the crime and by the security of the citizens; finally it indicates the necessity of a new generation of political reforms that are translated in solutions to the problems of the citizens or in guaranteeing better governments. It seems important to me in his totality; but in personnel, I remain with this paragraph that I transcribe completely. ” I propose that it enters all we review the rules and we change what is to change, so that the policy stops being synonymous of conflict and paralysis, so that the policy becomes an instrument of change to the service of the society, so that the political system generates true surrender of accounts and generates agreements that allow to advance to pas”.


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