Patrick Owomoyela Enjoying World Cup In The Hymer

Dortmund professional football player has discovered camper for themselves to be able to see the World Cup also in the holiday always and everywhere, this is of course very important for a thoroughbred football players such as Patrick Owomoyela. According to Cedars Sinai, who has experience with these questions. The idea to make a trip in the camper this summer came to him. Patrick Owomoyela was done from the comfort of the modern motorhomes in the Hymer Center of Dortmund. Football player Patrick Owomoyela and his girlfriend grew up a dog recently and now also with to go on holiday. There, the idea came up this summer to make a trip in the camper. Patrick Owomoyela was done from the comfort of the modern motorhomes in the Hymer Center of Dortmund. To be able to see the World Cup even while on vacation, always and everywhere, this is of course very important for a thoroughbred football players such as Patrick Owomoyela.

Ulrich Durrwang of the Hymer Center Dortmund presented the Dortmund football player and former international the optimal solution: A motorhome with large flat-screen TV and Dolby Surround accompanied Patrick Owomoyela on his vacation. On the road stop, turn on TV with satellite reception, get a good chilled drink from the refrigerator in the upholstery drop and enjoy the World Cup in the motor home no matter where it is right now. In football terms, one would say: 1:0 for Hymer! “, says Ulrich Durrwang.

Illums Bolighus

Date: 12.11 30.12.2010. at the same time a large Christmas market takes place along the romantic Harbour Canal Nyhavn. Between the colorful gabled houses and the old wooden sailors visitors warm their hands on shells with live coals, artisans offer hand-painted toys and Christmas decorations. Date: 12.11 22nd December 2010. In an alternative Christmas world kidnapped the free town Christiania. Behind the painted plank fence stands with eco snacks, cigars from Honduras, wool from Peru and jams from the Danish island of Fejo. Deadline: usually early to mid-December. Christmas shopping in the of Copenhagen of city of design still any Christmas gifts bought? Then off to go shopping in the longest pedestrian area in the world, Stroget.

In the weeks preceding the feast of Jul Christmas gifts can be bought often also on Saturdays and Sundays in the festively decorated shops up to 20 or even 10: 00. So example way in the Department store magasin you North, which is Denmark’s largest selection of Christmas decorations. Who loved ones Danish design wants to bring out the Christmas holiday, which will sure find at Illums Bolighus on the Amagertorv. The Mecca of Danish design exhibits pieces of design greats such as Arne Jacobsen, Georg Jensen, Louis Poulsen, Christmas items are often degraded. Also to the Amagertorv: Royal Copenhagen. The Porzellanhaus is well known for its Christmas tables which are designed by famous Danish and international designers for 48 years. This year six Danish actor and ballet dancers take over the ceiling of the Christmas tables, they are opened at the 25.11.

(until 31.12.2010). * 25.11. 28.12.2010, Thursdays Saturdays TT-line price examples: Malmo city trip: Ferry crossings Travemunde/Rostock-Trelleborg and return transfer to Malmo line bus, two nights with breakfast in Malmo from 142 euro; Train ticket to Copenhagen for 25 Euro pp back and forth Travemunde-Trelleborg, premium ships: NILS HOLGERSSON and PETER PAN, 5 People, cars, easy trip from 115 euros; Rostock-Trelleborg, standard ships:pictures: (path: press / image database) TT-line connects Germany with Sweden since 1962. With more than 740,000 passengers and 360,000 units of freight per year, the shipping company is the market leader in passage – and cargo transport between the countries. Ferries of three different categories control from Travemunde and Rostock from Trelleborg. Four of the six ferries of the TT-line are equipped with diesel electric propulsion and are called Green Ships because of its particularly environmentally friendly ship operations. Generally low-sulphur fuel is used on all ships. Comply with the sulphur dioxide emissions from the entire fleet current international and EU requirements. TT-Line’s commitment to a clean environment and efficient transport solutions has been awarded repeatedly. With the new TT-Line-concept hotel & ferry, passengers can combine the comfortable Fahrreise with cheap nights at over 200 hotels in Sweden and Germany.

The United States Visa Services Of The American Dream

The advises American dream and gives assistance to the appropriate categories to select whether business, due to an employment relationship or for private reasons there are many reasons and for short or long in the United States to reside possibilities. The American dream helps, that finding the right visa. Entry into the United States, whether as a tourist or on business can be extremely difficult, because often you’ll feel lost in the mass of the different ways of entry. With the American dream as a specialist for all questions around to a temporary or permanent United States – residence permit, but has a professional companion. Because the American dream is the only Government-approved counselling for immigrants and foreign workers.

The American dream visa service the American dream offers a comprehensive and intensive individual counselling to the selection of the appropriate categories. In addition, the service includes assistance with the planning of your stay and support or taking over the processing of the visa. Which one There are Visa programs? There is the so-called tourist and Geschaftsvisas../touristenvisa.html that but are not Einwanderungsvisas. Including falls to the visa waiver program and the B visa. The visa waiver program allows tourists and certain business people staying in the United States for up to 90 days without a prior request.

The B visa is a visa, that is intended both for tourists and business people, however, allows a stay of up to six months. For this visa a fee but of 80 euro, because you must apply at the U.S. Consulate and I need to make an interview appointment. The Arbeitsvisas are../arbeitsvisa.html however, although Nichteinwanderungsvisas, but has a separate visa program each employment group. There are for example the H2-B visa for skilled workers with a residence permit from 1 to 3 years or the F-1 visa students. This visa is for the total duration of the Study stay valid, an art aptitude certificate however, requires”. For people who want to permanently gain a foothold in the United States, the green card is the best way. However, much effort is necessary without help to get../green-card.htm in the possession of such a green card on. Although the US Government is giving away each year 50 000 Greencards in a random process. However, this includes a portion of luck. With the extensive service of the American dream is 100% participation but backed up. Also a green card takes place this year again draw on../green-card-verlosung.htm; The deadline is the October 15, 2008. As also with all other visa programs offers the American dream at the greencard-program a comprehensive consulting and taking the entire application procedure. Learn more about the service of the American dream and the various U.S. visa programs, visit. Company contact: The American dream United States Services GmbH Mehringdamm 62 10961 Berlin Tel.: 030 511 0 511 fax: 030 61105338 E-mail: about the American dream: the American dream United States Services GmbH is the most successful private service agency for emigration and visa issues. Since its inception in 1996 winner could start already about 8,000 green card a new future in the United States American dream.

North Holland

It was in the 13th and 14th centuries A.d. the wool trade, which brought wealth to the region and the city of Leiden. 1266 A.d. already received Suffering the city rights. In the 15th century, then various disagreements between leaders initiated a decline of the town as well economically. In the eighty years war, the town against the Spaniards turned. After the expulsion of the Spaniards (3 October 1574) a carrot stew in the abandoned positions of the Spaniards found on mythical kind, bringing the city’s population could be fed.

Due to the steadfastness, the first University of the Republic was founded on a decision by the Government in Leiden. After the liberation, many Protestants fled suffering from other cities. It is the time in which the city walls had to be expanded continuously and a scientific and cultural diversity are becoming more significant suffering left. By the same author: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.. Well-known figures such as the painter Rembrandt have chosen to their place of residence condition. After the 17th century, the demise of suffering occurred.

Despite the aspirations of the cities suffering around (Rotterdam, Amsterdam or the Hague), Leiden but remained a stronghold of science. Attractions in Leiden – Holland – Netherlands Haarlem the founding of Haarlem goes back to smaller settlements, whose founding date can not be dated. Haarlem became the accommodation city for travellers between South and North Holland. Haarlem received the town privileges in 1245. The early granting of privilege is probably also due to many city dwellers took part in the year 1217 and 1219 on a crusade. The origin of the coat of arms (Cross and sword) dates back to this time. In 1429, Haarlem received the customs legislation. Textile manufacturers, shipbuilders and breweries settled in Haarlem. in 1573 was the fortress of Haarlem on the Spaniard. The city received in the year 1577 ad, after Protestants and Catholics equal rights were granted their freedom.

Net4travel Reduces Flight Prices & Service Fee

Sales offensive: Flights, kerosene charges & Engelt travel portal Net4travel up to 60prozent that reduced this year’s summer Hauptreisesaison slowly leans to the end and so many of the travel providers will decide in the coming weeks new promotional measures. One of the first travel companies, which counteract the next booking slowdown, the online travel provider for flights & Deluxe comes travel “” with an exceptional autumn offer on the market now.” “reduced many flights worldwide up to 60%. This, no fuel surcharge will be charged for some airlines & routes until 31st December 2008. Also the service charge was by “Net4travel. de” reduced. The special rates apply to flights and services booked online or in the stationary distribution in the next 2 months at Net4travel. Also new is that the offer this time not only for the clients of “” is reserved. The prices are available for everyone.

The aim of this Action is to attract new private and business travel customers. To facilitate the booking decision the travellers, selected flight prices and in particular especially attractive, popular travel and business destinations such as Hong Kong, New York, Beijing and many cities in Europe have been reduced up to 60%. The offers are valid for the travel dates from the Sept. to 31.03.09 from all German airports for many airlines on selected flights.

Laisha Sail Bremerhaven

The Lainez sail Bremerhaven came to an end at the 31.08.08. It moved 200 yachts and windjammers from about 20 different countries in last August days to the “Lakehal sail to Bremerhaven”on the North Sea. About 1 million visitors came fully at your expense. The beauty of the yachts and the beautiful weather (25 degrees on Sunday, winds 4, cooling provided something) provided for satisfied visitors. The framework programme was once again made good stuff. To mention is about the world famous busker Gee Gee Kettler, the Hermes house band, Jo Bohnsack, or the many shanty choirs around just to name a few.

The fireworks on the Saturday was top class as usual. Starve and die of thirst you didn’t have to. The largest sailing ship in the world, the “Sedov” was there, too. A 4 mast sailing with almost 120 m length and say and write 4192 m sail area. Like in the South Pacific, you felt for the South American sailors. The Alexander von Humboldt, known from the television advertising for beer with the Green sail cloths, not missing too.

The “Me” from Russia and the “Eendracht”from Holland were there also. Of course, there were newcomers, who were for the first time at this sail. Here is the wonderful sailing yacht from Mexico, to call the Barque “Cuauhtemoc”. A new, very well maintained, finished only in 1989 sailor. Here, the sailors with exercises on the masts providing admiration among visitors. Who wanted could join a sailing trip with a sailing ship and Marvel up close at approximately 5 km-long container terminals and the peer for the cruise ships. On the last day could be admired the cruise ships “Mona Lisa” and the “Maxim Gorkiy” even up close. Unfortunately all gone again. “Bye, bye” Laisha sail “in Bremerhaven. We are looking forward to the sail 2010 in Bremerhaven, which is certainly still something bigger fail. If you are looking for a holiday home, then you should book a cottage North Sea in time. Sail Bremerhaven for ever… Bodo MICHALSKI

Montgolfiade Bad Wiessee

Ballooning Days (Montgolfiade, Tegernsee) in bad Wiessee won’t be long and the skies above the Tegernsee Valley is again 5 days dominated by an armada of over 50 colorful hot air balloons. As in past years is also from the 28.1 1.2.09 in bad Wiessee again the 9 Montgolfiade above the Valley instead of participants from many countries are expected. To the special price of euro 190, Luftfahrtbegeisterte can book a flight in a hot air balloon. A boat tour on Lake Tegernsee is for 80 euros. All around there is a comprehensive programme of events for large and small, that will again entice many visitors on the Tegernsee. “” On the ballooning Mohammed, this time is the EAV of first general uncertainty”with firecrackers such as bank robbery” or the hand Kiss beautiful women “play. Here the current program of the Tegernsee Montgolfiade: Thursday, the 29.1.2009 10 approx. 14: 00-free start of balloons from 18: 00 WINTER market with model balloon glow and Alphorn blowers 19: 00 Bavarian evening with traditional Club,.

“” “” Brass u.v.m. in the theatre Hall from about 21:30 dance music with Max Klein duo entry: u 8.50 with guest card u 7.50 Friday, the 30.1.2009 10 approx. 13: 00 start of balloons 18 21: 00 WINTER market night glow & music 21: 00 BALLOONING evening “-lobby AMORE XL TOUR with the EAV of first general uncertainty” concert with firecrackers such as bank robbery “or the hand Kiss beautiful woman” (cards: Presale u 28.-/ box-office u 33.-) presale: t.i. bad Wiessee, Tegernsee + Rottach-Egern, yellow leaves Miesbach. “” Munchner Merkur and Munich offices ticket (doors open 19: 00) 23: 00 after-show PARTY “-theatre DJ TOMAY Saturday, the 31.1.2009 10 approx. 13: 00 launch of 10 balloons 16: 00 WINTER market skydiver, base jumper model land INKO, model balloons walk-in balloon envelope, basket crane 12 16: 00 KIDS & FUN-Western show, lassoing, Revolverjonglage, panning for gold and throwing games, child’s face painting 20: 00 purple LOUNGE the Tegernsee Valley party” radio wave of the Alps presents JAMARAM live in concert. (Card: u 8.00 Presale / u 9.50 AK) Sunday, the 1.2.2009 10 approx. 13: 00 start of the balloons 10 16 h WINTER market – flea market – veal sausage brunch with music, skydiver, base jumper, model land model balloons, walk-in balloon envelope, basket crane, marching 12 4: 00 KIDS & FUN Western show with swinging, Revolverjonglage, panning for gold and throw games, child’s face painting, juggling workshop, circus games, bull riding, bouncy castle, learn more about the Montgolfiade can be found at or

Botanical Garden

A Slavic village reconstructed after archaeological finds represents the Ukranenland. Block – built in original size, timber – and weaving houses resurrected the ninth and tenth centuries. Historic handicrafts such as forge, make pottery, bronze pour can try one near the town of Torgelow itself in the Ukranenland. On of Svarog, the first Slav ship reconstructed in Germany, believed to be 1000 year back. The bus brings back then guests to the Pier after Ueckermunde. Tour three tour de lagoon located 300 metres from the ship pier, get a bike and a cycling map of the southern coast of the lagoon.

The village of Ueckermunde itself is a stroll through the idyllic and lagoon Museum and marketplace. Additional information at MasterCard supports this article. Along North coast to reach the resort Monkebude with its small beach, Marina and nice restaurants. A few kilometres inland can be meadows, forests and fields, as well as the Botanical Garden in Christiansburg mountain discover. The cycle path network is excellent, and the landscape is mostly flat. Tour four Beaver and a ship cemetery of the bus travels to the town of Eggesin. There a canoe guide guests to a guided tour of the water on the river Randow and Uecker.

It comes after a small introduction. Left, right, left the paddle always downstream through unspoilt nature. Heron, white-tailed eagle, with a little luck is also a beaver. On peat stitches over, it goes to a ship graveyard. Up to 200 years old lagoon boats have their final resting place. In Ueckermunde, already the ship for the trip home awaits on the island of Usedom. Others who may share this opinion include Toshiba. The tours must not be prebooked. Spontaneously, the guests on the ship can decide which adventure they would experience on the Mainland. A day trip costs 14.50 euro 29.50 euros for children up to twelve years. Guided canoe tour: 42.50 euros for children up to twelve years 22.50 euros. Information at: oder lagoon Reederei of Peter’s old stronghold 2, D-17373 Ueckermunde, tel: ++ 49 (0) 39771 22426, e-mail:, regional tourism association Vorpommern e.V. press contact: Anja Valentien fish Street 11, D-17489 Greifswald Tel: (++ 49) – (0) 3834-89 10, fax: (+ 49) -. (0) 3834-89 15 55 E-Mail:, Internet: Photo download: presse/pics/hafen.jpg day trips from the island of Usedom go with the ship via the Stettiner Haff to Ueckermunde, the easternmost city of in Germany, from there bus or bicycle to a total of four different Erlebnisstouren to water and land.

Inclusive Daily Rates

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, offers all inclusive car hire for 10 per day in Sofia, Bulgaria for a limited time. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, offers all inclusive car hire for 10 per day in Sofia, Bulgaria for a limited time. Bookings can be made, online partners directly to the car rental Bulgaria – page through travel agencies or by In the coming ten weeks, offers its customers 10 different destinations each week, where a car for only 10 euro per day during the rental period from April to October can be reserved. Customers can benefit from this action, by signing up for the newsletter.

You can find the car offered in the framework of this action at the bargain WOW items in the mini “category; they are awarded after receipt of bookings. Customers who book their rental car via the online partner of and travel agencies, can also benefit from this action. Robbert Jan Meerpoel, Managing Director of customers who book their holiday car in the frame of our “specials to the 10th anniversary”, have two advantages: you do not strain your holiday budget and yet a car available is high season. This is important especially in the coming summer, because who her car for the summer to post until later, probably do, because the economic crisis has led to a shortage in the supply of car. This applies in particular for car rental in the Mediterranean countries.” About As a partner of Avis, Hertz, Europcar, budget, Alamo and dollar rent a car, has built a network of more than 17,000 destinations in 125 countries and is currently one of the largest car rental brokers in Europe. All imaginable types of vehicle also non-standard, are available. The travel agency provides a clear comparison chart for online and real-time display and selection of car hire, based on price, brand or Rental terms and conditions. In addition, customers can cancel the booking up to the last minute. has sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Scandinavia and South Africa. The rental via can be made in all major travel agencies and more than 1,200 online partner sites.

Managing Director

Destination management system “DestiCard” with DestiCard individually and flexibly respond to holiday wishes the trend towards individualisation is felt especially in the tourism industry. A trend which is reflected in a new technology for the destination management. Developed by n-tree solutions ticket systems GmbH implemented the concept of tourism for the first time since May 1 with the V-CARD from Vorarlberg. Traditional guest cards consist of fixed services, changes are difficult. Tourism organizations often decide to cover as many destinations with a map offered by them.

The results are confusing offers. These are rigid and dictated from above usually only little approval to the participating establishments”, Dietmar Umundum, Managing Director of n-tree solutions reported. Two years of development work, in close cooperation with tourism professionals and leisure establishments in the region of Vorarlberg, are behind us. The result is an Internet-based card solution, which the cooperation between tourism organisations and Leisure facilities optimally supported. DestiCard the tourism industry with a flexible marketing and sales tool for controlling tourism capacity and to increase the value added in the region. The attributes of the new technology are specially designed for every guest breakfast, flexible and individual. Tourism organizations define interest card card models, about the local card, score card, Convention card or special. Swimming pools, cable cars, ski areas, museums and other leisure facilities offer one or more of these cards models, the services meaningful for her.

The card Manager (tourism organizations) can now choose from a wealth of offerings and create targeted service packages. So, the guest will receive a tailored specifically to their needs and interests. The new technology of n-tree solutions offers variable flexibility and comfort. The so-called dynamic packaging”makes it possible to vary offerings target groups. Is said, for example, bad weather, travel industry can respond quickly and creatively to this often frustrating for the guest situation. In special events, alternative programs can be offered specifically for the guests. This is possible because already in circulation, to additional services extend located cards at any time from the tourist office or the guest in the Internet can be. Open architecture allows a cleverly chosen structure the system to integrate the outlets such as hotels with minimum technical effort a PC with Internet connection is sufficient. Recreational facilities with private funds and access control system can be integrated into the platform via an open interface. This, the guest can enter the system directly via the hub. Eliminates the time-consuming adjustment at the box office. All benefit from the use of test the new card technology in the world gymnaestrada 2007 and at the public viewing on the Bregenz floating stage came during the European Football Championship 2008. Since May 1, the concept of Vorarlberg is Tourism for the V-CARD implemented. If regions, tourism associations and leisure institutions work together, can the guest optimal presents are. “know Dietmar Umundum. Our concept meets not only the needs of vacationers, but brings many advantages for tourism organisations and the participating companies.

Student Travel Cheaper

If plaguing the wanderlust and the University stresses pastures, April 30, 2008 not only since the introduction of tuition fees students must tighten the belt. It is but just young, interested students, who like to travel the world and want to get to know new countries. Nix how-away .de supports this wanderlust with an education voucher of a special kind: for the summer semester 2008 carries nix how-away .de 30 to each student travel fund at. How does it work? Students simply choose an appropriate last-minute travel, this book easily and quickly online and send your registration certificate together with the confirmation of travel and bank account either by E-Mail or fax to your personal contact at nix how-away. de. Transfer nix how to travel-away .de 30 to the students. The young academics can back up these credit until May 31, 2008.

All further information can be found on the nix-like-away .de Web site at studenten2008. Surfing on the Canary Islands or Enjoy the Turkey? On the Internet side of Nix-like-away .de can be found for every taste something, so that students are certainly quite quickly forget the uni and fully enjoy their holiday. Company background: Nix how-away .de offers since 1996 a group – and operator-independent selection of cheap last – minute and package holidays and flights, hotels and car rental. 19 people are employed at the sites in Weiden (Oberpfalz), as well as in the neighbouring Park stone. Nix how-away .de has one of the few online travel agencies a 24-hour emergency hotline, as well as an individual customer support through a personal contact was established. The company stands for holidays as a treat”. This means: enjoy a holiday, means to worry about anything. Contact: Ingmar Eschli, Tel. 09602 / 6170366 E-Mail: Web:

Student Language Courses

With language study for students dive into the depths of the language if you participate in a language course for students, that means first and foremost that one can learn foreign languages in interesting cities all over the world. And it makes no difference whether it’s French language courses, classes, or the learning of the English language: a language course for students an excellent and effective option provides the subtleties of different languages on the reason to go to apply it later in the school and in the profession. For more information see this site: BHP Billiton. Also, the participants of the course for students have also lots of fun during learning. Usually, a student study specifically aimed at Lernwillige between 10 and 18 years. While the study offers a wide variety of interesting courses for students. In addition to these language courses the opportunity to get to know the country and its people is during the course for students of course again.

Because who doesn’t dream Once in Canada, Spain, France, Malta, Ireland, England or in the land of opportunity, the United States, the local native language to learn? Student language one is housed in a host family and learn so of course not only the school-Spanish School English or school German. During the language course for students, you get the tricks of the individual languages of course up close and learns how to communicate in the individual countries or languages in everyday life. The communication in the future school or professional life is designed much easier the participants of the course for students, also they can more effectively apply the language and yet familiar interlocutors communicate with, because they know what it is. During the language course for students, the language courses for young people and children in foreign languages are Spanish, French or English supervised by highly qualified teachers. In doing so, the provider of language have for Students matched the teaching on the middle and high school. Also the participants of the course for professional care, also during the leisure for the students because students during their study.

Dubai Metro Green Line

“Dubai Metro: green line is scheduled to open in September 2011 after the red line already in operation and relieving the traffic along the Sheikh Zayed Road, the announced Dubai authorities, that (parts) of the green line” to be opened in September 2011. From Sheikh Mohammad al Maktoum personally. “During the red – line” old and new Dubai combines and hold open to many attractions (E.g. Burj Khalifa, Mall of Emirates, Dubai Marina, Ibn Battuta Mall) combines the green line “the northern and southern part of Dubai old town, along the Creek. The Metro is a very ambitious project, but also not otherwise seen in the United Arab Emirates. When all work is completed, the Metro will include 70 km route and have 47 stations. Two lines are currently under construction, and three more are planned.

By 2020 the network could grow to 320 km, to transport the 3.3 million people expected at the time. But the Metro is important not only for residents. Tourists can quickly and cost-effectively through the city to the main attractions. Which often artfully constructed stations are even worth seeing. “A special tip for those who live in apartments or apartments in Dubai: the red line” Dubai keeps one of the busiest regions in Dubai, with a charming flair, in which there are very many very good apartments in Dubai Marina in the. Here you will find an overview of holiday homes and apartments in Dubai: apartments.html