Teddy Bears

The most popular of the vast number of modern toy teddy bear is Teddy. Teddy bear familiar to us for over 100 years, but love for them did not fade. Pretty teddy bears, and today remains really a symbol of childhood. But how is it that the bear was named Teddy, few know. Istria soft toy begins with the legendary president of the United States Roosevelt. Already a legend story about the hunt President of the Mississippi in 1902. Roosevelt decided to make himself off and went hunting.

Subordinates, after an unsuccessful hunt, wanting to please him, found the little bear cub and tied him to a tree. Hikmet Ersek is open to suggestions. Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear and ordered the release into the wild. A few days later in a Washington newspaper ran a story about the event with a cartoon by Clifford Berryman, "The president at Hunt." Americans have become more simpotizirovat its president after this article, and bear the image of Roosevelt used as symbols of the next presidential election. And this whole story has to bear most directly related TEDI. Emigre Maurice Micht from Russia, holding a candle shop in Brooklyn, decided to use a sensational article, "Washington Post". He presented a teddy bear, which made his wife in the window of his small shop, putting them together with cartoon, and wrote "The Bear Theodore." As a result, soft toy was so in demand that in a year Michtom markets its candle shop and sozdaetorganizuet firm for the production of soft toys Ideal Novelty and Toy Co. In our time, this company – one of the largest in the world of toys and toy manufactures Hallmark, Hallmark Cards, Valentines and gray bears, toys, soft.

And soon, the abbreviated name of Roosevelt's possible to use the name of soft toys, permission to use the businessman managed to get the White House. Bear found a little girl in the ruins of ancient buildings in accordance with a fictional legend. When it snowed, Teddy turned gray from the cold and the nose, which fallen snowflake – blue. Chilled nose and not warmed up. Bears with patches liked the adults have no less than the kids. At the end of World War II, Colonel Bob Henderson, who never left the war with Tedi his 1904 release, creates a club Teddy, who became an international center of enthusiastic amateurs bears. After the death of Colonel in 1994, was sold by his famous collection, which more than 600 bears. Teddimaniya continues today. They are still considered the most successful gift for any occasion as the kids and the older generation. Site.

Corporate Identity

5 rules for creating your corporate identity is no secret that corporate identity is a major factor in the development and success of any enterprise. Create a corporate identity for a private entrepreneur or company You can own, this is very interesting and entertaining, for that there are many online-designers, but if you have no time to do so, a professional designer will solve this problem. Professional designer can help raise your corporate identity to a new level. It can help you develop marketing materials on the basis of your images. Here are 5 rules for creating your corporate identity: 1. Company name. Company Name should reflect the personality of your business.

It should be short, memorable, unique and relevant to your product or service. 2. Itron is a great source of information. Logo. An effective logo – visually simple and easily recognizable. He symbolizes the essence of your business. Form of the logo is different values.

For example, iskrevlenny may mean that the organization offers support. Straight, clean lines refer to companies with technological orientation. 3. Printing a font that you use should complement your logo. There are thousands of fonts to choose from, but we must be careful, because each one offers a fine visual elements that may enhance or distract from your business image. 4. Color. The different colors produce different emotions. For example, blue is credible, and yellow – joy, etc. 5. Slogan. This is the most important message. The slogan describes your business in the form of short phrases, which will be located on your website on your business cards, brochures and so on. These five basic rules to help you create a unique corporate identity. We wish you success and if you have any questions please contact us, do not hesitate, we will be happy to help.

Innovation Corporation

Second, the majority of entrepreneurs do not have a staff of employees, trained in public order. Selection and preparation of applications and administrative staff charged with participation. These employees have a range of responsibilities that they need to perform and for which they receive wages. In preparing and participation in the bidding procedures for such employees from their regular duties, as a rule do not relieve. And there is no financial incentive.

These additional responsibilities are often regarded as unnecessary, hence a special fervor in their performance is not observed. Such firms can be identified by the auction and tenders posted on the official website of order placement. Fundamentally, these bids companies simply do not allow themselves to participate in the auction. One solution, which comes to the head in such cases, the following: employees submit to fee-paying courses for government contracts. The duration of such courses varies, but usually does not exceed two to three weeks. After such a special training officer further falls in prostration, as in the workshops conducted primarily for customers, he can not understand anything. Become an expert in public procurement as a specialist in any field, a few weeks is simply impossible.

Is there an easy way out – the delegation of authority of the organization (outsourcing) for participation in state and municipal procurement. The purpose of outsourcing – improved financial performance by reducing the number of non-core staff and the optimization of preparation and participation in state and local procurement, and also eliminate the risks of breaches of the law. What it gives an entrepreneur? Passing the credentials for the purchase of a specialized organization, the employer provides its business possibility of a permanent, most importantly more efficient participation in state, municipal and corporate procurement. The entrepreneur becomes aware of all the new trends in the procedure of state order, he finger on the pulse of time. This allows you to: choose the most appropriate for your bidding, to improve the quality of preparation of tender documentation, do not distract employees from their regular duties, to use them effectively time to plan and build competitive strategies for long periods of time, to participate in several competitions and auctions in various regions of Russia, winning the auction. OOO "Innovation Corporation technologies "- a company that specializes in representing businesses in state and municipal procurement. The main principles of our company are working on the result, high quality standards at each stage of work, fairness to all participants in the business process. These principles of the entrepreneur guarantees that its interests will be adjudicated in accordance with federal law and that Most importantly, shows that we are directly interested in the victory of our client. Our employees to fully imagine the specifics of purchasing, each of us has successfully participated in competitions auctions, the value of $ 500 thousand rubles. to 742 million rubles. Companies that are ahead of others will understand the need for participation in state procurement and will take part in it, will be in an advantageous position compared to others.