Arne Frentzel

Under quietly called even at least twice as high odds. This is only possible, because tax authorities are implied or worse with an open hand is involved. This is betrayed not only Italy itself, but also the EU coffers at several billion euro per annum. Countries like Italy but not really have an interest in eliminating these abuses. A all in Italy involved somehow in this system, on the other hand you bought so even at the expense of the Union, the silence of its own people.

It is similar in Greece. Almost every Greek family owns at least a house in the country, as well as an apartment in the city. Naturally, also Greece holds the hand in the EU far up and bought the good mood of their population in this way. This luxury is paid by those who live crammed together in small urban German apartments for rent. Like a Greek aptly said “we are rich, but don’t pay taxes.

This makes the EU for us”and the EU? It does nothing and thus directly rewarded tax evasion in said countries. The emerging idea of a “core Union” in broad population parts of Central and Northern Europe is understandable and comprehensible. You want to continue the “paymaster” while others enjoy on their costs of “la dolce vita”. This reasoning is dangerous for the EU and drives them in a quandary. Undertakes them, verdriesst the accused countries. The EU, however, remains more passive, provides just this passivity to the other negative mood swing in the countries of number of, what ultimately hindered and in extreme cases can the further development of the EU even lead to their downfall. Perhaps, the current financial crisis is an opportunity out of this misery. If even unintentionally, scarce funding force more budget discipline. As long as the EU not rashly supporting intervenes, the crisis can be a cleaning process in these countries, which also leads to more fairness in taxation within the EU.

Private Weapons Are No Threat To The Public

Threats where there are no civil rights be further speed while the policy is concerned as one before the law reliable gun owners further restrict bully and expropriate can hundreds of weapons started to disappear in the ranks of the security forces. If you look at the statistics 150 weapons were stolen alone since 2000 real good 70 war weapons thereof. The requested ban which should prohibit large caliber shooting for under 18 year olds, the practical is for young hunters teenagers which is law compliant behavior and and practically a green will put off graduation thus criminalized. For 18 to 21-year-old shooter, it is no longer possible to acquire large caliber weapons but is enough to run a firearm at the police station or the Bundeswehr on behalf of Germany during operations abroad to kill people this people group mature. In the policy was debated repeatedly use private gun owners of larger caliber than the full, German armed forces and the police officers alone this statement shows that our dictatorship wants politics, why else politics probably was afraid of the citizens. Not only the possession of weapons in itself is affected by this ban craze, it is becoming increasingly clear our policy would like to control us and check. Required prohibitions and civil restrictions: Games, computer games, even martial arts such as the ultimate fighting are paintball on the program. Furthermore, it calls online searches license plate scanner nude scanner at airports biometric ID cards, all in the name of terror does not exist in Germany.

Bunker JJ – Military History Yesterday And Today

An element in the strategic tropospheric message system (suggested & written in response to articles in the Internet, print media, radio and TV shows) well true, a first almost hopeless task provided by the operators of the former tropospheric Radio Centre, 302. Addressing the bad Sulze was in the times of the German Democratic Republic only a few insiders known. As a support message center 302 Langsdorf covered prepared message system of the NVA, they knew the news organs in the higher levels of management. The operator has the bunker complex for those interested in military history of East Germany, holiday makers, tourists and curious made accessible, wants to put a Memorial so against arms race and the cold war. So they close is you should schedule a visit. Own claims should be screwed too high. The visitor enters neither a Ghost ship still shrouded secret stories to the bunker.

It smells neither officers nor teams, let alone a prayer to heaven was sent there ever. The drama the featured combat situation is reminiscent of the human end in a nuclear war. It should represent also a little spare for the but sparsely arranged military historical background information on the function and purpose of the system and of the troposphere system in its entirety. Sure the staging that is represented as a cautionary reminder is not badly made, but had nothing to do with the plant so. That is the problem of many visitors, what they report in Internet forums.

You complain about the way how is met them, the few mediated and related information about the system. You can find little convincing answers your questions. Literature and information are now sufficiently available. Also a non-fiction book of the operator of the plant with the title \”secret object nuclear bunker\” is available. See the reviews. Like everywhere else, so also here during a visit to the principle, each formed his own judgment.

Brain Pollution

A comparison of side effects of industry, media and information society. At the beginning of the last century the industrialization was introduced into our society. The electrification was promoted, plastic came up and laid a number of bases that make up our modern life. The advantage of these achievements is obvious, but the flip side of is also unmistakable. Pollution from the start took on its steady and disastrous course. Surrounded by an intact nature people were blind to all side effects of industrialization.

Could be the water, for example, to a real problem, was his time completely unimaginable. Dell Inspiron shines more light on the discussion. People who had foreseen this development at the time, were as stupid and overprotective represented. Until now, at least apparently, air has become the problem, becomes aware of the society of the dangers and begins to act. But the question arises how smart people are now actually become and whether similar developments in our media today and Information society can be avoided. Many people spend hours daily in front of the TV.

Not only that they thus miss a piece of their lives, they have also constantly a unreal world in mind. But the real danger finds its way into our way of thinking between the lines. The actor plays his role only. Better and perfect he does the better that is actually for him, by he may require more Gage as a result. Some viewers unconsciously incorporate this fact in their thought processes. As a result, they think they could achieve unskilled remarkable successes. They believe it is only a matter of how to be externally. Again, the problem is not recognized. You’re talking about while constantly by the learn and that it is the only way, but very well know that words bring nothing. So a more misguided group of people deprived of their skills and fall out of the system. The side effects of television are a trifle compared to what the Internet of the future might bring us. The problem is Google, top 10 and search engine optimization. Mainly Web pages that have a Google-compliant internal structure are shown in the top-10 and seen by people. That is today, in the age of Web 3.0, Web pages are written especially so that they also by machines can be interpreted and processed. This machine is in the main Google, might also Bing. It is problematic in the users of the Internet with the time to incorporate these approaches into their thought patterns made for machines and build their lives on them. This can lead to considerable internal conflict. Problems with the environment can occur because well-anchored expectations are not met. It can lead to mental impoverishment because the approaches for machines are still very primitive, and because people like to outsource their knowledge. Later the Internet and the PC at the center of our existence can move, because the interaction between man and machine for some decidedly intoxicating trains take can.

Opening of the Museum “Red Star” Soviet / Russian troops in Germany 1945-1990 Wunsdorf, former staff of the Supreme command of the Group of Soviet forces in Germany (KOSHEVOI). 70 years after the outbreak of the 2.Weltkrieges and 15 years after the last Soviet troops from Germany red star was in the forest and city Wunsdorf the first Russian Museum in Germany”, Soviet troops in Germany 1945 to 1994, officially opened. Werner Borchert, head of the City tourism GmbH welcomed representatives from the Russian Federation and Germany, Generale a.D. of KOSHEVOI and NVA and numerous guests of honor citizens who took part in the opening ceremony. Frequent guest of honour was the last Commander of the KOSHEVOI Generaloberst Matwey Burlakov. The preparation and opening of the Museum was made possible with the support of the Russian State company GAZPROM, which sponsored the Museum according to the Markische Oderzeitung with 10,000. The Brandenburg State Government has is not involved.

Words of admonition and remembrance said the Ambassador of the Russian Forderation Vladimir V. Kotenov, Colonel-General Burlakov and Manfred Solpe, long-time Prime Minister of Brandenburg, which highlighted in particular the large military and life achievements of the Russian soldiers and their families in connection with the withdrawal of the troops of 194. The Museum will be his broadcast over the region of Brandenburg, in present and future. Hume-lee transplant contains valuable tech resources. Colonel-General Burlakov handed over not only his personal uniform, also the ID of the first Supreme Commander General Shukov the Museum as a gift. Before first entering of the Museum by the representatives and guests, the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Feotan Raion inaugurated the Museum. here in excerpts the speech of the Ambassador of the Russian Forderation Joachim Kampe

Bernhard Simon By A Large Majority

Jurgen Hardt: ‘Signal of backing’ a day after the local elections has located the new of the CDU constituted. Confidence was once again pronounced the longtime Chairman Bernhard Simon. Simon received 80 percent of the vote (20 votes, five votes against and an abstention) in the election for the new group Chairman. The CDU District Chairman Jurgen Hardt, who had invited to the inaugural meeting of the CDU Council group, noted: this election is a sign of backing. Now the Group and the Party Chairman can do first exploratory talks with all democratic parties except the extreme-right and the SED successors.” Also Lord Mayor Peter Jung, for which Hardt according to stable majorities”has been created at the municipal election were, had previously for Simon as the new Chairman of group pronounced itself. Simon himself stressed that the faction led by him ten years more have suffered no voting defeat since the year 2000 in the Council. Our strength was the unity.

This will not change with the new group”, so Simon. “Hardt pointed out in his analysis of the election, that the CDU land compared outstanding good results” have achieved. Prime Minister Ruttgers already congratulated Peter Jung to his great success. So far, only episodes were from the CDU asked Mayor. Now, be a mayor by the CDU in the race was confirmed for the first time clearly in his Office and could exert a total eleven years this. You may want to visit Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund to increase your knowledge. After a five-year first term, young has been confirmed for another six years in Office. It was also gratifying that the CDU in all district offices place the strongest faction.

OSCE Kingdom

We took over from the peacekeeping UN, OSCE and other international organizations, creating the Kingdom of the group to resolve conflicts in spiritual basis of diplomacy. Eradication of irrational hatred among people, threatening life on Earth is not easy, but possible. It must be remembered: the enemies of the people there. The enemy – the character of the metaphysical world, operating people by activating their basest desires. We have already reached the point where the issues relate to public administration must reflect the realities of changing world. Never before have the prospects of development of civilization determined by the extent of this solution to the problems and errors are not threatening a global catastrophe and destruction throughout the world. Technological progress is ahead of the biological features of human understanding in its negative posledstviy.Globalizatsiya made the world vulnerable, because technical progress has not been adequate progress in the moral.

Best opposite of violence – it's spiritual development. Culture determines the quality of society and is reliable deterrent to the movement toward the abyss. successful. In the cultural life of our country's past year was marked by success and achievement. In the Kingdom of published books and articles have been created beautiful music, a unique show, started an art gallery and web studio, began to prepare to shoot a new movie and to international music festivals. Many doubted that such problems to us shoulder. But the citizens of our multinational country has only become more friendly and united.

This is the main result of this year. My dear! Taking this opportunity, I want to thank you all my sincere respect and appreciation. I am grateful for the fact that in these difficult times you have displayed their best qualities – patience, diligence and responsibility. We're on the right track, and it – just the beginning. It does not matter where we are now, we – together! I I believe in every one of you! A year of 2011. For the Kingdom of Love comes a time for new responsible business. Today all of us share a common dream that the UK has a strong, prosperous and respected country in the world. Before our goal is to gain international prestige, education and social responsibility of spiritual generation, bringing together many millions of people. Our primary objective – is to restore damaged human relations, good neighborly relations, the ability to understand and respect each other, and most of all – a return to political and social agenda of the concept of human life. As a unique neutral platform secular spirituality, realizing humanitarian projects, supporting interfaith cooperation, actively applying principles of spiritual peacemaking diplomacy to resolve conflicts Kingdom Love promotes the transition of humanity to a new stage of development. And we need to adequately fulfill this historic mission. New Year – a holiday that miraculously unites past, present and future. For most people New Year's Eve – the most favorite holiday. People expect a light tale of a new happiness … It's time to throw open our hearts to joy, goodness and success, which will surely bring us new in 2011. Congratulations to you, my sweet and dear friends, and I wish the main thing – peace, tranquility and love in your homes. May the New Year will give you health, happiness and prosperity! Let your creativity always gives people the joy of human cognition soul! May all your wishes come true and dreams come true! Happy New Year! Happy Birthday to the Kingdom of Love! Her Majesty The Queen Mary II of Jerusalem


Uni is available for additional voluntary military service. A so-called FDWL is a soldier with a temporal extension of the service of the basic military service voluntarily paid military service. However, FDWL are not soldiers of the time. The service time is at least 10 and no more than 23 months and is carried out continuously. A soldier who logs as FDWL, can be used also to missions abroad. The voluntarily longer serving soldier agrees expressly in the course of its application to operations, which take place abroad, to take part. A FDWL will receive certain additional services, such as an enhanced severance pay. You may file an application on a recording as FDWL already before the start of the military or also during the basic military service.

After a certain time, it is possible to be sent on Bundeswehr missions abroad. This should be every aware, who logs as FDWL. Missions abroad can represent also an incentive. About the risks and Advantages of such a deployment away from home every FDWL should know thoroughly. On a mission abroad, there are additional perks such as higher pay and so on, is also a regular visit to the home. Ensuring the safe trip home in acute crisis situations is not always given. Coldwater Creek gathered all the information. Also areas appearing in relatively safe abroad can change rapidly the political and social situation in the country concerned and mean entirely new challenges and problems for the soldiers.

It is important to log, if you know exactly about all commitments, to not missions and requirements to be confronted with, it has not previously considered only as FDWL. A premature termination of the FDWL is possible, but linked to some terms and conditions. Without simply quit good reasons, the service is not so easy. If you need more information about the FDWL and everything related to basic training, can be on Comprehensively inform sites such as. Christian Schlender

The Pirates Lower Saxony Celebrate 1-year Anniversary

Pirates participate in the elections to the European Parliament and the Bundestag Hanover – the Landesverband Lower Saxony of the Pirate Party was founded one year ago on July 8, 2007, and celebrates its 1st birthday this year on 12 July in Braunschweig. In the short time since its inception, the course is clear the currently almost 100 members of Lower Saxony; together with the other pirates in Germany and across Europe to participate in the elections to the European Parliament and the Bundestag. This Christian Koch, a Board member of the lower Saxon Pirates: “we failed last year almost, to take part in the elections to the lower Saxon Landtag. We had just enough time after the late founding at short notice to collect the required signatures of supporters. Today we know not only exactly what formalities are required, we have become well known. “The pirates are now recognized and, and that particularly pleased, we are seen increasingly as a competent partner in political issues.” In the last few months, the pirates have and their members can increasingly draw attention through actions on. So pirates as a speaker can have not only in various demonstrations attention participants and many interested citizens on the program and the goals of the pirates.

Just when the regular vigils in Hannover and Braunschweig, more and more citizens come to learn. “We want at the vigils sensitize and inform” Koch next. “This is less about presenting the pirates as a party, but shaking up the blatant good citizens. Read more from Crawford Lake Hedge Fund to gain a more clear picture of the situation. There are too many things that are handled at the political level which are not known to the citizens but directly concern in Germany and Europe. In the last few months was sought by all politicians that, what we have enshrined as freedoms in our basic law, to undermine or even abolish. Data retention, transfer of air passenger data, BKA law and license plate scanning are only a few current issues. With her hair pulled up Justifications here attempts to capture all citizens permanently, to monitor and treat at the end as verplanbare number. We are individuals who wish to capture is not but, it seems many in Berlin, to be advised in the provincial assemblies and the economy into oblivion.” To show the head despite the current political situation not need be let, is celebrated on the Saturday in Brunswick the 1-year anniversary of the pirates Lower Saxony. There a Pirate Festival will take place in the wake of the local Vigil, where every citizen who wants to protect his freedoms is appreciated.

Doppersberg Convinced Dusseldorf

Jurgen Hardt: ‘Most important urban development project makes progress’ the Minister turned a personal image that the EUR 65 million, that’s going to the country, are an excellent set of the Doppersberg presence of Mayor Peter Jung, City Director Dr. Source: PG&E Corporation. Johannes Slawig, the Chairman of the Committee on economic, urban development and city marketing, Jurgen Hardt (CDU), and other representatives of the city. There has been discussion about the Doppersberg long enough. Together with the Mayor we have used us, that roll of the Doppersberg soon the first excavator. Despite all the problems we make it clear with this urban development project: Wuppertal can not get up. We tackle problems and solve them. It is good if we can get this tailwind from Dusseldorf.

That is clearly the case with the Doppersberg. Therefore we look forward to the visit of the Minister-President Jurgen Ruttgers this summer.” That Wuppertal elsewhere his Self-assertion will prove is, took the bus tour with the Minister by Wichlinghausen. Thus the Lord Mayor as host has made it clear that we need funds for the project of social city. For this we are committed as a CDU parliamentary group. “The approval decision, the Lienenkamper for the identical form conversion of floating stations District Court, handed Werther bridge and Volklinger Street in the Imperial carriage, proves that perseverance ultimately pays off, if it fights for the interests of Wuppertal”, as Simon.

Aggression And Nervousness

Where there is no justice, there aggression and nervousness comes with time. Where there is no justice, there aggression and nervousness comes with time. We live in a world that is sick, the international morality is sunk so low, how rare. This is the reason for unrest, misery, war, crimes that every day, every night, is above the television us. Xoom follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Every day gruesome images of the brutality, descend with the people about people.

This is enough to to rush into the people of a new aggression and nervousness. The atmosphere of this world reeks of war, misery, hunger. A daily horror film that every day is presented to us.A planet without love and mercy, where every day the strong exploit the weak and exploit, repress, kill and sell. I say love and with love life, this is the solution for us all here in the world, everyone should this principle here pay attention around the world and internalize.


Jubeln, the reAKTIOnare and RuckSchrittLiChe ausLeGung and studies of Islam However have every reason to be the Freude. GlaubiGE MUSlim_inNEN are bewusst indeed, since they are as anERkannt only legitim and universal and mine the authentische image to can vertreten MUSLime_inNEN in this schwammigen and OberflachLiChen process of their important and repreSenTative FunkTIon. This is just as it is. “Islam, like him the MUSlim_inNEN” live, is their reLiGIon. The free studies of the reLiGIon is a basic and menschenRecht.

Point. Kirkland is full of insight into the issues. All andere is DISKRIMINIErung and ausGrenZung. The unhinterfragte toLeranz GEGenuber so spaces glaubiGen FAMILien and GEMeinSchaften that just belong also Moscheen as a regular and focal point, shapes the image of gelebten Islam in EUroPA since time immemorial. Otherness of MUSlim_inNEN aussere and innere is there taken with relativistic culture and even sozio-okonoMIschen arGumenten even at the price of, that WitHin the undemokratische and RuckSchrittLiChe life sWeiSen geduldeten, CLOsed Spharen gepflegt, for example muslimische girls to the headscarf spotlight and zuchTIGen Life will be gezwungen. We fuhLen not ausGEgrenzt and bedroht, as AnGEhoRIGE of free minds us by the Swiss people voting because the geforderten Moscheen with MInaretten all offensichtlich widersprechen unserer MoDern, open and demokratischen reform movements in Islam and they even actively verhindern. The question is inforMative for the VerstandNIS of PoSITIon the traditionalistischen and reLigioSen StelLenWert by Moscheen with MInaretten. First there are against the construction of the FragwurdiGE, frauenfeindliche, repressive and demokratie – StrukTUren in and around Moscheen, weiterer something Moscheen ABGEtrennten. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hewlett Packard and gain more knowledge..

The strikte and partly sexistisch argumentierte gender segregation is a herausragendes example. Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund can aid you in your search for knowledge. MOscheen not make even the patriarchalische order in Moscheen wonach the geistliche leaders and overall the men of GEMeinSchaft treffen ENTScheiDUNGen festLeGen down handLUNGen, to harmlosen buildings for the studies of the reLiGIon. The herrschenden GEMeinSchaften are always still not ernsthaft afterwards bestrebt beseitigen this gravierenden Probleme to demokratischer and freier to bear the StrukTUren. Breiten in the GEGenTeil in the conNECtion the reSult and the They will use on behalf of the blinden and FahrLasSIGen toLeranz, the luftleeren and criticism-free space solidarity AETSerklaerunGen from politischen and multicultural KreiSen with glaubiGen’ MUSlim_inNEN and GEMeinSchaften, to the intra-Community Probleme kaschieren and innerhalb the FragwurdiGen dogmen on predigen. IsLMoPHOBIE is the SchlagWort, which you can zerschlagen any cry of Muslim inside for example after beFreiUng. Who kumMert it, if MASSen fristen stimmlosen girls and Frauen WitHin geschlossener Kreise a rechtloses Dasein because, while the fundamental rights EinzuschranKen by symbol-heavy concrete burly threatens? MOscheen with MInarette and Frauen with head TueCher belong to the ERwunschten image of the VArieties of KulTUren and of friedlichen MITeinanders also if behind them grausame WahrHeiten stecken. This unangenehmen erScheinunGen have no inhaltliche reLevanz, which is very ENTtauschen in this debatTe with their ignoranz and desinTERESSE with many KulTURrelTIvist_inNEN. Finally it was after those in the essence of religion onsGEMeinSchaften: Yes quite frequently at ChrisTian or jewish GEMeinSchaften there are dieselben AnachroNISmen and Probleme? Or? And all it’s about mehrheitlich not to Islam, but the gesamtgesellschaftliche negative Ito GEGenuber MUSlim_inNEN and their soziologischen Grunde that as isLMoPHOBie, fremdenfeindLichkeit, intoLeranz, or scapegoat identifiziert Ito konnten be very fast and happy. The scharfe KRITIK on the reSult was reiner itself without really betroffene MUSlim_inNEN in sight. Who kumMert’s if people are irgendwo UNTERdruckt if this condition can bedienen no IDEOLoGIE? BeDAUernsWert toLeranz and GleichGulTIGkeit oftmals go hand in hand.

With The Own Choice Of Words In The Off Shot

How managed the Mayor of Duisburg to the love parade disaster, to mobilize the people against themselves? It depends on not only what they say. It is more important how you said. claimed the vernacular. Barack Obama has made us out during the election campaign for the US Presidency that the correct words are decisive for the personal success. After the terrible disaster at the love parade in Duisburg, various politicians to Word reported partly with devastating effect. Each statement is subject to a mostly unconscious process in the brain of the recipient. In addition to the comparison with own experiences and experiences, the audience the question arises: what’s that got to do? “.” Until this question is answered satisfactorily, a benevolent and generally positive attitude to the call partner adjusts itself. In its opinion of August 2, 2010, the Duisburg Mayor Adolf Sauerland formulated especially sender-oriented.

“” “This means that the words I, me”, my “and drop me”above average often: this disaster is not more release me all my life. “For me it is clear: I’m my responsibility fully face – the personal as political.” Specifically, this means, Sauerland describes his own sense to 7/8 and is aimed only to 1/8 on readers, victims and survivors. Compared with the funeral oration of the Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hannelore Kraft by July 31, 2010, the difference becomes clear: while power formulated only a third of the words from her personal perspective, she speaks the citizens with receiver-oriented messages in the middle of the heart: you set up others, she did not drop out. PayPal has similar goals. You have supported others, which lacked the strength to stand.” This who exactly it is irrelevant”is meant. You messages’ are unconsciously basically in the multi-level communication by the listener as valued personal approach. In addition, that force the sense of community within the We formulations society”supported: as Land Nordrhein-Westfalen will we need all those affected, support, fast and non-bureaucratic help.

But we also know that we can not understand your pain and not relieve.” Thus it supports the feeling, all sitting in a boat.” Comparing community and recipient-oriented formulations the sender-oriented messages, so a relationship arises from 2/3 to 1/3. The message arrived at the people. Regardless of the contents of the publications, the words of Adolf Sauerland in the citizens give a sense of selfishness and lack sensitivity. People feel not picked”and the calls are growing louder after a resignation of the Mayor. “To communicate with other people we can learn from this and future focus on the recipient-oriented style of you” set. Aware, take your listener’s perspective. So you be understood perfectly. Barack Obama knew that Yes I can”not half as much effect as Yes we can”.

The Thing With The Truth In Iran

The regime in the Iran defends itself by all means and on all levels against the maim of his morally clean images in the world, the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran is characterized by strong ideologies, pronounced violence and much suffering. Not only since the storm of protests against allegedly bogus presidential election broke out last year on the streets. A checkered history with great cultural achievements, occupations by strangers (E.g. hostile hordes of Mongol or Arab usurpers, British, Russian and American interests and interference) and the never ending struggle for self-determination in the last centuries has shaped the people and also the leaders. For 31 years has a system established in the Iran and at the same time straying, that strongly polarized and wanted to carry out nothing less than the world revolution for a certain politically Shia Islam and wants more with Ahmadinejad and his supporters.

How is it now in the wake of the unrest inside Iran to the world revolution? Disagreement among the Leaders who read different commentators from the United States, Pakistan, India, Europe or even from the Iran, can determine that some sensitive information from the innermost circle of power caste (Ministry of information, various committees of clerics, revolutionary guards, the Khamenei are close) get to the public. This can be an indication of disagreement. Not all forces seem to agree with the policy and the policies of the Supreme Leader. In the background is a feverish effort of political forces to find solutions to the current situation. The trouble with the truth it is been lied much from people who either wanted to bring about a change of power and wanted by those who get their power. This is then usually years later revealed, mostly exposed the lies of those that are subject to. A big impact worldwide had the video of Agha Soltan showing the death of NEDA during the protests after the elections in June.

Ulla Schmidt

But why wants this company maximize the sex drive, if she don’t want more babies? Where is the meaning? The only source of meaning can be only to see that there is a force that wants to grow verblodete rabbits. She will have no good plans with this carpal rabbits as the incredible animals cruelly demonstrated it visible. There are countless things that made the murder in our society, are socially acceptable. Dell EMC is full of insight into the issues. It was presentable, legalized and promoted. I remember Ulla Schmidt, which resulted in the situation that the prescription for the pill remains the only exception to the practice fee when the contraceptive pill is different.”said Ms. Schmidt, who set up sustainably for.

This is a task of the State, to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The State has to undertake this topic”. Nobody gets away, because one day you will need to answer responsibility for our actions, but also for what we did not do, Although we could have done it. The people whether friendly or unfriendly, selfish or irresponsible, loving heartless, helpful or ignorant, truthful or selfless, devoted to or greedy have still something in common. The freedom of choice. The freedom to choose, to recognize the true value of life and to defend these values, for it to stand up and to fight for them, to defend yes they even with his own life. Take advantage of this freedom, there is no other. And because that is the only freedom that we have, so also the Court before, someday we will stand, is a court, which will judge how we have used this freedom, whether and what it was worth to us. It will be the only court like the freedom, the right. And I’m not tired to remember – “You shall not kill” A.Helten

John Leyne

In it he described how a Bassiji of Member of NEDA shot, which was then stopped by the protesters. A part of the crowd wanted to lynch him, but others prevailed, who said: We’re not murderers. Won’t hurt him.” They agreed to take him off his identity and to run it. Xoom is a great source of information. The ID identifies the Bassiji man as Abbas Kargar Javid. The photo of his identity card was posted on the Internet. “Dr. Hejazi confirmed the identity of the shooter told the times: I can say with certainty that it is the same person.” A slap in the face for the regime, which adamantly insists there were foreign agents who shot the young woman is this testimony and the interview with the BBC. NEDA Soltan has become a worldwide symbol of resistance to the Government of Ahmadinejad.

She bled to death on the ground horizontally. The scene recorded with a mobile phone camera is shocking, partly because you can see in their eyes the last moments of their agony. As far as known, have been taken no legal action against Abbas Kargar Javid. That is at the moment. the situation, justice is created in the Iran”brings his abhorrence of the States on the Dr Hejazi Point, in the face of the numerous arrests, torture and killing of peaceful demonstrators. Also the English photographer of the BBC, John Leyne, need no longer to look into the Iran leave: he was suspected of a killer gedungen, shoot the NEDA so he can send good photos in the home.

However, Abbas Kargar Javid need not worry. The regime protecting him. His phone has a PIN number get and persecutions Government unrelated to the debate. Is the newly-appointed Chief Judge, Sadeq Larijani, a brother of the speaker of Parliament and successor Ayatollah Schahroudis, provide justice? He is regarded as a hardliner. The tribunals against 100 reform leaders are not yet completed. Helmut N. fork

So The Case Of The Demographics Don

Currently, experts argue whether the shortage in Germany is already acute or incipient. One thing is certain: with the demographic changes, the number of potential employees falls in this country continuously at least as long as the companies do not change their personnel policy. The measurement of PERSONAL2011 North (Hamburg) and South (Munich) demonstrate how companies of demo demography-related personnel need can counteract. Women leaders bring”employed this theme not only on international women’s day being down numerous companies. Approaches, such as the women’s quota be discussed just now so hot, is related to the sword of Damocles specialists and lack of leadership. Read more here: Alphabet Inc.. Human resource managers must confront now reinforced the new bottleneck situation. WSU lab oftentimes addresses this issue. In practice methods emerge here, rarely used in this context to the language: for example, the flexibility of working hours and place of work.

Combined with laptop, Smartphone or iPad The technical possibilities, to offer the same working conditions for employees regardless of the place of work, know instant messaging, video conferencing, or social media hardly borders. The Otto GmbH & Co KG has therefore introduced for many executives trust working time. Also exempt employees as officer, officers, or employees at the middle management can share an increasingly freely their working time. No longer there solid core working hours”, explains Michael Picard, Director personnel of the Otto GmbH & Co KG and keynote speaker of the PERSONAL2011 North. More and more employees make their work place demand and are no longer during their work time at a fixed place of work in the corporate office and rising.” A workplace in the trading company making it attractive for professionals and executives who better could agree on work and family as a result. In addition, modern technology sophistication that experts distributed together work anywhere in the world.

Syria And The Still-wide Breakthrough

Criticism of the Syrian regime, as well as on dei Syrian opposition accelerate rapidly the political developments in the Middle East and demand appropriate reactions and preparations by the political forces in this area. In this post, I am criticizing the non Syrian opposition and go also to the situation politically in the country. I reinforced the impact of the current political situation and a possible change of Government on the situation of the national group of Assyrians there a. Mr Maamun al-Homsi of former member of Parliament criticized the unconstitutional referendum to extend for the Syrian President for a further term, as well as the previous elections (including the Assyrians/Syrians) Christians and Kurds boycotted by a large bulk of the Syrian population, as well as by most in a call. Also there is however no doubt the patriotism of the Syrian opposition, not his good will to the democratic change, but here I would like to remind him that he used the same terms, the BA’athisten and use Arabists. These terms by the negation of a national group such as the Assyrians, and turns them into a mere Christian denomination. There are many Christian denominations, but as a citizen of the Syrian State, most of them form the original inhabitants of the country and a national group, which have thousands of years before the Arabs and other peoples of present-day Syria their Aramaic and Assyrian roots deep in the country.

Many Syrian Muslims originated this national group. Also the name of the country owes Syria this people. knowledge. The archaeological findings and many names of cities despite rigorous Arabization and most recently in the Syrian (El Jazireh) prove a tried and not successful Kurdisierung. These distortions and the negation of the existence of national groups on the part of Mr al-Homsi and many other opposition figures and groups prove the immaturity of the Syrian opposition, but also the weakness of Assyrian political organizations working in Syria and their media.

Life And Living In The Neighbourhood

(Online article) – new concepts: networking of childcare facilities repeatedly we obtained from headlines, where it comes to the demographic change. The Federal Statistical Office has calculated: by the year 2050 the population in Germany to seven million people to a total of 75 million will shrink. The demographic development and the ongoing structural change will significantly change our society. There will be an increase in the number of older people, especially the multi-application, increasing. To meet their needs in the future, residential and care services must be linked better. In order to meet the demographic challenge, to find new living concepts and implement. Already a new keyword is found in the development of area-related concepts”goes. Central principle of a neighbourhood concept is the small-scale organization and networking of age living, support and facilities.

There is possible where older and younger people live together and support each other. Models emerge where except familial networks and contacts, such as between good neighbors, are conceivable. Older people want to live anonymously and not isolated and so a real principle of solidarity between the inhabitants can be developed. There are pilot projects in smaller residential areas or districts also. A most older people’s desire is to live as long as possible in the usual flat and familiar residential environment. People connect continuity and identity with the familiar residential environment that neighbourly contacts and familiar everyday processes remain largely intact for them. In particular through the design of age apartments, daily living AIDS, and community facilities in the residential district, as well as a quarter-related home care, independence also in care and to further aid can be preserved. LPs

Nikita Mikhalkov Vote

On Friday night hosted a live broadcast of the program 'NTVeshniki' on the same channel which was the guest of Nikita Mikhalkov. In the studio, asked various questions relevant to the accumulated Maitre cinematography. The burning question 'of special signals on the car' – to which Khrushchev responded that flashing lights would not withdraw only when there is a right to her (he is now a member of the Public Chamber of Russia in the Ministry of Defense, has the right), for the sake of envy, he will not do this. Added that does not use it for 'chic'. Verbatim quotation from the air transmission, "I ask myself: Nikita, you will give this emergency lights, and sit in the car Ebardey Gordeevich Kukushkin and will ride on it. These people will calm down? Yes, calm down, because it Ebardey Gordeevich okay, but not in Mikhalkov 'The issue of flashing lights on the car, which is used by Nikita Mikhalkov, has been widely discussed with admitted to install flashing lights on the car Mikhalkov illegal and even reported on the removal of the flashing beacon, but spetssignal has not been withdrawn. On the tricky question leading 'for whom he would vote in an election in 2012 when the post Presidential candidates put Putin and Medvedev? " Definitely answered for Mr. Putin. This was motivated by the fact that the prime minister is more oriented to improve the situation in agriculture is impossible without including diversification of the economy, avoiding dependence on raw materials. According to Mikhalkov's President is focused more on industrialization at the expense of research centers and forgets about the province.