Mobile Internet Comparison

A comparison before conclusion of the contract may be worth. More and more people use and above all more and more people want it. The speech is of the mobile Internet. The mobile Internet has now reached a speed that is comparable to a traditional DSL connection. Thanks to the data Turbo HSDPA can reach with a UMTS connection speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit / s. Mind you can the speeds reached almost everywhere. It no matter whether the customer is in a cafe, on a beach or in the countryside. The big mobile providers guarantee a nearly 99% coverage of UMTS in Germany.

The data Turbo HSDPA, however, is still not available everywhere. Some contend that BWX Technologies shows great expertise in this. The mobile service provider however work with high pressure on the expansion of the existing UMTS network, so that to be expected that already HSDPA almost nationwide will be available from 2010 in Germany. In addition to HSDPA, there is still an additional extension for UMTS. HSUPA is for the upload responsible and can reach maximum speeds of 1.45 Mbit / s. Especially for Interesting photo reporters or photographers is HSUPA, because quickly the images to the editor or directly in the own blog can be inserted. In addition to the whole extensions for UMTS, there are almost as many tariffs.

It can be from a confusing. More and more providers pushing towards the market and want to convince customers with the offer of a UMTS flat rate. However, not every offer for mobile Internet is the best. It is strongly advisable to complete a comparison before conclusion of the contract. Usually fast and above all for free on the Internet can be found such comparison (mobile Internet comparison) for mobile Internet. Torsten Heinsius

SIMfix Flat Rate Vs. Congstar Flat Rate

What distinguishes these two mobile Flatrate tariffs? There is mobile phone tariffs now like sand on the sea. Almost every day there are new tariffs which present us the provider. Recently only Congstar start with a Vereinfacherung of the fare structure. The former mobile flat rate construction kit is now no longer possible. Customers could put together at that time their mobile flat rate according to taste.

In the meantime Congstar offers fares only 2 mobile flat rate. The first flat rate is a mobile Flatrate for the German fixed and monthly costs 9.99 euros. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Walmart. The second flat rate is a mobile flat in all networks for 69.99 EUR per month. Besides Congstar, the mobile radio discount stores simply has advanced its product range. Under the new name SIMfix, simply presented 3 different flat rate tariffs. A fixed flat rate for monthly 9.95 euro, a combination flat for calls to German landlines and to SIMfix 12,95 EUR per month and a mobile flat rate to all networks for 59,95 EUR per month. Thus the SIMfix is the currently best available deal for mobile flat rate offer Tariffs. Also the price per minute is lower in comparison with Congstar.

Outside their flat rate mobile, Congstar customers pay a minute price of 19 cents per minute. SIMfix customers, however, pay only 18 cents per minute. In the area of minimum contract period, Congstar can score again. Congstar has no minimum contract term. SIMfix would like to retain the customers however like for 3 months at the company. Then, the customer may terminate but daily. As can be seen, there are now many mobile Flatrate tariffs in the German mobile market. It is advisable, before conclusion of the contract a mobile flat rate to make comparison. This comparison lists open all advantages and disadvantages of such mobile flat rate offers. Christopher Heinsius

Selected IPhone

Have you heard accessories of latest iPhone3G? It replaced today really pretty much every laptop and is regarded as the Smartphone par excellence: the iPhone 3 G! Numerous apps and features that gives us this marvel of technology called iPhone 3 G, our daily life is truly refreshed! With the help of the built-in 3Megapixel camera, you can shoot snapshots everywhere and immediately share it on Facebook, “lokalisten” or similar portals with his friends.Incidentally, this wonderful multi function phone manages still to entertain ourselves – with the iPhone 3 G’s built-in iPod, the ability to listen to music anytime, anywhere or to see even recently missed favorite series.The dates and plans can on iPhone 3 G really simple about the calendar and the notes be coordinated, that literally checks weather of the next few days with a finger and informed friends about it. But what is enclosed accessories, hardly sufficient. Read more here: Deutsche Bahn. To the sensitive and innovative display of the to protect iPhone 3Gs, there is Brando extra on iPhone 3Gs zugeschnittete screen protectors. They protect from scratches, wear and tear and compensate for any light reflections on the original display; The Brando screen protectors for iPhone 3Gs is ideally suited as protection. Should however the display but once damaged, there are now even spare Dsplays for iPhone 3Gs. Furthermore the leave in addition more effective damage and impairment on the iPhone 3Gs vermeiden-with the high-quality leather bags by Grande, is 100% cowhide. To give its firm and secure place in a vehicle the iPhone 3Gs car mounts designed extra for this Smartphone. Also, the term can extend many hours of iPhone 3Gs with a new external battery!

Starter Pack

Until June 30: ten instead of five euro starting credit who now Congstar prepaid goes, can once more about double credit forward. During the promotion period from 15 May to 30 June 2009, the discount increases the starting credit of five to ten euros. The action applies to all those who decide on the Congstar Web site online for a prepaid card or a prepaid service with mobile. Starter package costs 9.99 euros, but also customers who buy a Starter Pack drugstores, in DM drug stores, as well as in the offices of RAI and the purchasing country group for real, Muller, benefit from the double credit. To deepen your understanding Western Union is the source. Congstar prepaid Starter Pack costs 9.99 Euros – nine cents per minute and SMS sent costs consistently calls and SMS. At 20,000 points rechargeable Congstar prepaid credits can be charged nationwide in over 20,000 outlets: retail, kiosks and petrol stations or directly via SMS, Internet, bank transfer, or telephone. In addition, Congstar provides online a “charge Finder”.

The current Balance is free of charge available domestically via the shortcode 9577. Congstar tariff information 9 cents per min/SMS in all German networks calling D power quality with UMTS and of course no minimum sales, no fee no contract binding Starter Pack only 9.99 * incl. 10 starting credit free voicemail service query in the Inland immediately at home and abroad call free query of the current balance in the domestic free, automatic announcement, if the credit balance falls below 2 easy loading at over 20,000 on stations visits now to more to learn about the Congstar prepaid fare. Source:

Shopping PocketShopper

elumos new mobile software supports blind and visually impaired at the shopping spree on the SightCity Frankfurt (28-30 April 2010) Germany’s largest trade fair for blind and visual resources for the handicapped, presents the elumo GmbH in Munster for the first time the new shopping aid PocketShopper ( the public. Specializing in the development of innovative mobile software, which provide mobility and independence of blind and visually impaired users, this is after the reading software TextScout already the second product of the Westphalian this young company. The functionality of mobile phones has grown steadily in the last years, so you’re already wearing a small computer in your pocket. The performance of devices can serve not only to entertain, but open up the prospect of an independent living people with a visual impairment. elumos handy shopping aid PocketShopper, for example, supports blind and partially sighted people at shopping. Because while many people enjoy it, to browse through the supermarket offering and to snap up a bargain, the shopping with some difficulties associated for most of the more than 600,000 blind and visually impaired in Germany: often they are dependent on foreign aid.

I’m even blind and go shopping alone is sometimes not easy. When packaging the same feel, I have a seller or another customer to ask, what kind of a product it is. I can with PocketShopper but simply read to me, if I can handle straight milk or fabric softener in the hand”, says elumo employee Faten Faroon. The practical guide to buying PocketShopper consists of a mobile software and a small, cordless barcode scanner, with which article can be scanned. As soon as the device has found the bar code on the product, a beep sound is heard and the product information will be read out.

Detected most supermarket products, include also goods from discounters such as Aldi or Lidl. Also CDs and books, which are even PocketShopper Blurb reads, recognized. The mobility of the device was particularly important for the developer says Managing Director Christian Bott: PocketShopper hinders the user not purchasing because Cordless bar code scanner is easy to use with one hand. You can then store the phone within earshot, for example, in the shopping basket and so you have your other hand free to find products from the supermarket shelf.” But even at home, PocketShopper can be a useful aid to identify various objects which do not have bar code. With the scanner and the software additional supplied barcode labels, can be individually identified by voice recording or entering text in the cell phones.

Internet Bookstore

Teeny-weeny, but with a huge amount of information Smartphone owners can look forward. Now your mobile phone can do even more: by means of a new app and an innovative technology, it is now possible to digitize traditional business cards within a very short time and to accept the data quickly in the mobile address book. The annoying typing by hand finally belongs to the past. This saves time and nerves not only in business, but also privately. LogiCode makes it possible. This black and white engineering marvel from the House of, the second largest online print shop of Europe is a 3 x 3 cm large 2-D matrix code, encrypted containing all deposited data of owner.

In addition to name and address, telephone, fax and mobile numbers, space for a photo or logo, as well as a short description is also enough. Nevertheless, the LogiCode is so small that it easily fits on each card. The procedure is simple and ingenious at the same time. There are only three short steps”, explains the 39 years old Michael urban, Inventor of LogiCode and founder of the successful Internet Bookstore Take your iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Palm, or another phone with Android operating system, download the free app, LogiCode, and scan the code.

Finished!” Within a very short time is fully decodes the information code, the data transfer is fast and securely closed. Conclusion with the huge stacks of business cards and tiresome search for phone numbers and contact data is finally. Smartphone owners have always and everywhere in the future all necessary data of their friends and business partners, carefully sorted in their own cell phone directory. Special highlight: If someone changed the online stored data in its LogiCodes to the example because he has a new address or phone number all have scanned this code before the next Internet connection will receive an automatic update. So, the data remains up-to-date in the long term. This is just perfect and a real added value in the age of global communication. By the way: The LogiCode will be available in 14 different countries across Europe. So, then also the international contacts is always straightforward. Those who would like to have one of these incredible QR codes, can online under to create it and download and completely free of charge.