Versatile Tool: Knife

As a rule, it is 5.6 items. The knife has increasingly become the universal tool. In 50-ies. If you would like to know more then you should visit COSCO. xx century knife finally become a versatile tool, with almost all models under pressure from legislative restrictions disappeared lock blade. In 1990-ies. revival folding hunting knife.

Began to appear a model that could be used as a tool and as a fairly powerful weapon. This series of knives, 'Sable' firm capo. This knife comes in two variants – with odnoklinkovy pads on the handle and dvuhpredmetny with an additional tool – the universal saw. Blade opens with one hand and in the position of becoming hard lock. Blade length 140 mm, thickness in the butt to 6 mm (for odnoklinkovoy model) and 4 mm (for dvuhpredmetnogo knife). modification has no caps on the handle to reduce the size and weight. You may find that Uwe Brings can contribute to your knowledge. Handle all-metal with holes. Blade of leaf-shaped with sesquioxide sharpening.

The width and sharpening of the blade you can use it for cutting. At loggerheads has developed a two-way guard, referred back slightly to increase the blade's departure. In addition, little is shifted back axle attachment thus increasing the contact area of the lateral blade with a handle and decreases its transverse vibration. Used for locking the lock line-lock, which has high workability and sufficient strength. Since this type of knife used as a weapon, and as a tool, then the bare metal handle more convenient for the care of weapons, it is easier to clean out the blood and mud, in addition, the holes to reduce weight, made it not allow dirt to build up inside the blade.

Catalytic Heaters

Catalytic heater consists of a reservoir filled with cotton packing with net socket, which placed a catalyst, and cover with vents. The principle of operation is based on a heating pad for heat dissipation flameless oxidation of gasoline vapor in the presence of a catalyst. Gasoline vapors from the tank passes through the catalytic cartridge, which are oxidized by atmospheric oxygen (burned without flame) on the surface of the heated catalyst. Oxidation products out of the vents cover. Simultaneously through the vents cover the surface of the catalyst enters the air containing oxygen. On sale found several models, of which the toad, which crushes, had agreed to consider only three.

1. China Warmer with a star on the cover. 2. Warmer Korean company Kovea. 3. Russian SC-1. Having read user reviews, struck the Chinese, according to reviews disposable, although the price of $ 100 is very appealing.

Warmer Kovea and GC-1 on responses were identical, but confused, what to warmer Kovea sold spare catalysts, if sold, then for some reason, you may need, so staff can fail? Toad to add to this argument that CC-1 is cheaper than the 500 rubles and the choice was made in favor of GC-1. Googling and found someone selling by mail, make an order, price 600 euro + shipping from Moscow. Came days after 10 packet. Complete set – box, manual, heater, Hot water bottle cover. Revered than the charge, recommended petrol "Shoe", it "Nefras S2-80/120" (sold to household cleaning products and solvents) has recommended fuel for cigarette lighters. Attention! Leaded fuel can not be refilled, the catalyst of this dying. According to reviews from gasoline to cigarette lighters have a smell at the time the work of "galoshes" say there is no smell. In the sale of "Shoe" is not found, bought gasoline for lighters. Wife sewed a cover for the heating pad that you could wear on his stomach under the clothing. In warmer for smokers made for lighting a hole. In the photo warmer, for the scale of a matchbox. Dimensions 10×6, 5 cm, thickness 1.5 cm, weight 100 gr. We first ran a heating pad at home, in 30 ml of gasoline heater worked 14 hours, while in the hands of more than 2 seconds can not hold, hot, temperature around 60 degrees Celsius, if the stick water bottle in the holster, then we get a such a warm pebble. If you bring it to my nose, it felt a faint smell of gasoline. To test was chosen frosty day with temperatures -32. While walking to the water heater under the clothes hung in a pouch on a string, very pleasant, when the stomach is heated in a frost. Yet put , warmer continued pleasantly warm stomach. In the tent if the bottle warmer to heat the gas burns obviously more fun, the only inconvenience, it is necessary to periodically hidden water bottle under his shirt, because if cooled container gasoline, evaporation is sharply reduced and warmer can go out, but the cover on the tank does not cool down until the bottle warmer in his bosom, so the tandem burner + heater works. By evening, assembled the tent and went to collect . Found that in a thermos primerzla cap, sleep warmer in mittens, mitten dressed in a thermos and went to collect further. 40 minutes remembered the thermos lid thawed, heater went out on a cold body of water could not run. Home, warm, run. Conclusion: Warmer instrument payload, fuel consumption is minimal need to run warm, do not keep long in the cold.