There Are Too Many Alternative Practitioners In Germany?

More and more people in Germany begin training to the practitioner. Surely you have ever experienced following situation. You talk to several friends and acquaintances. Suddenly, you notice that the half round recently has begun a practitioner training. Not bad! Since the surmise that each therapist gets his own patients in the near future.

But what are the numbers really? The fact is that there are more than 500 therapist schools in Germany, where naturopaths are trained. Currently, about 25,000 people have permission to perform the surgery without appointment. If you compare this number with the 380,000 doctors and dentists, you come to a factor of 15. There are so 15 times more “medical” in the entire Federal territory. Of the 25,000 practitioners are only about 3,500 in possession of a full acquisition practice. In this context, it would be still worth noting that 2/3 of the so-called healers actually are practitioners. Only very few students make it to an own natural healing practice. Most fail on the occupational review. The failure rates are 60 – 70% depending on the venue! A good preparation is the key to success! Valuable information about the practitioner training and the practitioner exam, see

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is the most common chronic skin disease up to ten percent of all Germans are affected by the chronic skin disease. Including many children. Many writers such as jonathan friedland netflix offer more in-depth analysis. Wolfsburg, February 2, 2010 – the skin the itching is dry and inflamed, often unbearable. Atopic dermatitis is the most common chronic skin disease and is still regarded as incurable. The emergence of an Atopic Dermatitis, also Atopic Dermatitis, is complex.\”Be discussed mainly genetic factors that cause, that the skin is so sick\” acts. Essential are a disturbed skin barrier and the congenital atopy.

The originating from the Greek language term atopy means inherited willingness to respond particularly sensitive to environmental influences of any kind. The atopy is confined not only to the eczema. Atopic tend also to allergies and allergic asthma. For an atopy, specific antibodies (IgE), which are often increased when susceptible considered indicator. While it would be too easy, a Atopic Dermatitis as mere skin allergy to dismiss.

Rather, the disease is a mix of genetic disposition, immunological reactions and environmental influences, for example in the form of allergies. Disease active alternated with episodes (acute thrust\”) with group stages. Experts observe a steady increase in the disease. Until today, there is however no accurate information about why this is so. Usually the disease activity diminishes with increasing age. Only 10-20 percent of those who already had eczema as a child, are more affected than adults. Due to the unstable skin barrier succeeds in addition to lovely, allergy-triggering substances, too many germs, to penetrate into the skin. That are mostly bacteria, but also viruses and fungi. In addition, these additional infections (secondary infections) worsen the skin of the affected. The drug treatment of atopic dermatitis depends on the clinical skin condition of the patient. Corticosteroids are considered drug of choice remains. That are Substances that cortisone are modeled after the human hormone and lead to an improvement of the skin condition within a short time.

The Trichodynie

The tension of the head skin rises sharply on the skull roof. The extreme values are in the area of the top legs and at the back of the head. In EMG (electromyographic) measurements 0.7 to 1.2 is measured as a normal voltage of Muskulus frontalis (to the forehead) about microVolt. Patients tension within the range of approx. 30 microvolts Trichodynie at, measuring up to 180 microvolts. Very often this tension even in relaxation exercises can be no longer brought microVolt under values of approx. 15-30.

Along with the increased tension, the scalp tight close over the head causes a clenching of running under the skin finest arterial (arteries, arterioles) and venous blood vessels. The narrowed blood vessels provide the affected scalp areas no longer sufficiently with oxygen and nutrients. The ongoing blood and oxygen deficiency in the tissue leads to the formation of unwanted metabolic products. From the muscle glycogen, glucose is burned incompletely, forming lactate (lactic acid”), which accumulates in the stressed muscles. This can lead to an acidification “the muscle, which can be very painful. (Not to be confused with Consumers Energy !). Also the finest micro cracks known from the soreness in the muscle fibrils can trigger the pain. Also through the muscle tension throughout and other receptors (sensor of the nervous system), such as chemoreceptors, aroused in the muscle, tendon, or even in the area of the skin. It comes to intense pain, also connected resulting in numbness (Formication, tingling feeling).

In addition, the permanent pressure of muscles leads to increased irritation of the nerves. The nerves that supply the muscle, Learn by muscle tension a continuous excitement and show an increased stimulation activity, which in turn leads to a gain of muscle tension through a not deliberately controlled reflex. Closes the circle of muscle tension and nervous continuous stimulation. The treatment of complex, which results from the tension of the cranial muscles and leads to the Trichodynie (hair pain) can be solved. This can be achieved by relaxation exercises or massages, or by means of muskelrelaxierende. Muscle relaxing agents inhibit the ongoing transmission of stimulus signals between nerves and muscles and have the advantage that they act within a few days. This effective and sustainable relaxation of the muscles of the scalp is target of AC-therapy hair loss. The effect begins after about 2 to 3 days (demonstrable muscle weakening) effect. The Trichodynie can be alleviated as a result almost always considerably or completely fixed. The duration of the total effect of this treatment can be individually over a period of approx. 4 7 months span. With 40 treated a significant improvement of the Trichodynie achieved a clinical examination at 100%. 74% of people treated were then passed to the treatment completely without symptoms. (see treatment results and experience reports) the effect of the drug free muscle relaxation is reversible. After a certain time the stimulus signals reach the muscle. The treatment can be repeated then. The renewed treatment is carried out at an early stage when re-inserting the tension, the total duration can be increased significantly. (see therapy) Sabine Bamboschek/Armin Maurer sources: (1) Re Bora et al (re Bora A, SEMINO MT Guarrera M. Trichodynia, Dermatology 1996, 192(3): 292-293), confirmed by a study by Kivanc Abdu I. et al (“the presence of trichodynia in patients with legality effluvium and androgenetic alopecia”, International Journal of Dermatology 2003 Sep., 42 (9): 691 693) (2) Dr. Jean-Mark Pho Doc, expert in prostheticsThat study, 2000)).

Gujarat Ayurveda University

But also combinations of schulmedzinischen and Ayurvedic procedures are already established and show the best clinical results especially for chronic conditions. And so the possibilities are often also then still not exhausted, when spoken in the traditional medicine of Incurability. Alike the opportunity to give interested citizens and experts, to make a comprehensive notion of the essence and the performance of the medical system, but to understand the difference between trend phenomena such as wellness, the German Academy of Ayurvedic medicine (DAM) of the 17.10 October 24, 2008 in the Indian Embassy (Berlin) to an Ayurveda Symposium invites you, together with the Indian Ministry of health of the world-famous Gujarat Ayurveda University (India) and the DAM as well as well-known international Ayurveda representatives of orthodox medicine is worn. These experts will introduce the system of Ayurveda, offer a specialist workshop for doctors and lectures deal with the necessity of research and development. At the same time, every interested citizen over the entire period can take free consultations with leading Ayurveda specialists and professors from India and other countries.

The Symposium will provide also insight in the panchakarma treatment – one of the central pillars of Ayurveda – which within so profoundly can detoxify days, how the body is able only in years. At the same time a maximum stimulation of self-healing is accomplished by this immense cleaning. A wei another topic will be the system of Yoga that yoga and meditation are essential components of Ayurvedic medicine, which address the whole person in the form of profound exercise paths, which he himself can go. Yoga uses the terminology of Ayurveda, especially around the physical effects and the health value of asanas (Body postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) to describe. Ayurveda is not only a serious complementary medicine, but could also to a genuine economic alternative modern health systems under an avalanche of costs, where threaten to suffocate. Factors that can ignore a modern society not indefinitely without serious damage are the ability to more effective prevention, low-cost efficient treatment of chronically ill and targeted introduction of people to peremptory dealing with their health. The world’s increasing cooperation interest among the medical profession and in the research area speaks a clear language that should be heard in the future also in the policy and the health insurance companies.

More citizens demand, the greater is the chance of a paradigm shift. Also, this should help above contribute Symposium. Press Service DAM registration by phone or via e-mail at the German Academy of Ayurvedic medicine. Tel.: 030-35132 650, 030-351 32 258 030-351 32 645 fax: 030-351 32 260 mail: e, Note: for safety reasons the event visit the Indian Embassy only with written a load is possible. Free doctor consultations: by the 17.10 until October 24, 2008 in the premises of the German Academy of Ayurvedic medicine in the Togo str. 1, 13353 Berlin. Invitation: All interested persons are to the the event in the Indian Embassy on October 24, 2008 and the free consultation with Ayurvedic doctors from the German Academy of Ayurvedic medicine in cooperation with the Gujarat Ayurved University cordially invited.

Lie No

Only the total amount of energy is essential. Lie No. 4: a diet prohibited sweets”good news: sweet and hearty favorite food are allowed in moderation. Reason: Ban any beloved food your body during the diet, then, you break the diet the faster or have even cravings. All down starving pounds come back very quickly! So, it is better to eat 1 or 2 pieces of favorite chocolate from time to time and to treat a portion of bodyguard to once per week. A leading source for info: Microsoft Corp.

But here watch on small portions! No. 5: make slim lie whole grains”whether pasta, rice or bread the whole wheat version is usually healthier than the whole method”, provides but almost as many calories as those made from white flour. One finds even higher levels in some grains. The fat content is even often twice, what is because that the full grain with the fatty outer layers is processed! Nevertheless you should choose whole wheat, because it contains more minerals, trace elements and satiating fiber. Who but switch to whole wheat, not automatically decreases. To do so, the daily energy balance must be already negative.

Lie # 6: snacks help remove”it is confusing. Some experts advise to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. This should prevent binge eating and keep metabolism up to speed. The other group of nutritionists recommend only three times a day to eat. What is correct? It is proven that the blood glucose level rises after each meal and the fattening foods hormone insulin is secreted. It can be thus useful not to eat constantly. But if you lose weight, depends on not from the number of meals, but again how much energy was a total recorded on the day or consumed by movement of work. Lie 7: diet products can not be removed”perfect nonsense. There are countless diet products on the market (such as fat burners, fat, Carb blocker, formula diet shakes, etc.).

Indian Yoga

Teaching was systematically collected Guru the first time in the 5th century bc He simplified the concepts and principles of yoga, so that it could appeal to the masses, and they become clear. Yoga tradition, developed later in post-classical era. During this period Samhitas, religious works and other sects Vaishanava mention this ancient Indian discipline. Connect with other leaders such as Governor Cuomo here. Types of Yoga Yoga destinations can be classified according to their directions. According to Hindu philosophy, the main branches yoga include Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Japa Yoga, Purna Yoga, etc. Raja Yoga is also known simply as 'yoga' in the context of Hindu philosophy and was collected by Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

It is – part of the tradition of . (Yoga, related elements) – the direction of yoga, a system based on the knowledge and use of the fingers of a human hand. Mudra – referring to the yoga system element that can affect – to develop or even change the internal and external the human condition – mental (anger, emotional excitement, fear, depression, etc.), mental (concentration, meditation) or physical (different diseases). One of the most famous is wise. Wise cause changes in veins, tendons, organs of senses.

Wise does not need any previous training. They can be made (mostly, but with exceptions) at any time, any place and, in fact, any circumstance. Permanent Practice wise can stop or slow the destructive changes in the human body. It helps to develop the best spiritual qualities of man – love for others, kindness to others, calm and balanced behavior in society and at home.

Diabetes Risk Halved

New research: diabetes risk much vitamin D cut in half the known spectrum of vitamin D is more extensive. It is already long rather than the protective bone effect in the foreground. In recent years more and more effects of vitamin D are known, which can impact positively on the health and life of the people. These include protection against cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Now, a large study was published, which shows that people with adequate vitamin D supply half as often diabetes mellitus fall ill with diabetes as people who are supplied with vitamin D insufficient.

Are these results for health-conscious people of relevance? Against the background of the current supply situation with vitamin D in Germany are the results of the highest relevance. According to the surveys of the German consumption study, 9 out of 10 adults with 6 out of 10 with calcium and vitamin D are deficient? The level of supply is significant to the part and is on average 50% below the aspiring to Target values. This can lead to severe health risks and is a normal diet no longer to compensate, especially occurring fat-soluble vitamin D only in some few foods (E.g. some fish) in sufficient quantity. To stimulate the body’s vitamin D production increased exposure to the Sun or also not really good alternative is to go to the solarium in the light of the increased risk of skin cancer. In Germany, not as in the United States some staple foods with vitamin D supplemented, it stays just the way to swallow vitamin D tablets according to many experts. Since the whole spectrum of vitamin D can be exploited to effect only in conjunction with calcium, these two vital substances should be eaten together in a single tablet.

Navitum Pharma offers a product for the health-conscious people with OsteoVitum, which contains per day according to the recommendations for the preventive administration of 400IE Vitamin D3 and calcium 1000 mg. Modern research shows that vitamin D (plus calcium) as in OsteoVitum not only good for the bone structure but also but also the risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and certain cancer can significantly reduce. It has a direct impact on the life expectancy of women and men from middle age. On the day, the body with the important components of life is supplied with 2 tablets. The tablets have a Groove of Division of, so that they can be consumed more easily. 24.90 cost a month protect against age-related deficiencies and errors. OsteoVitum (PZN 0765820) at pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma can be ordered free shipping. Cheap packs for 3 months (PZN 5858041) and 6 months (PZN5858035) by OsteoVitum are in the trade. Should a pharmacy look unable, to order OsteoVitum, for the customer so the customer directly by phone at the company can do this.