Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee (stage name of Raymond Ayala; Puerto Rico, 1977) singer, composer and producer Puerto Rican. Raymond Ayala was only a boy of thirteen of the population of river stones when he became interested in music and began singing rap songs. Despite this, its more or less professional beginnings in the world of the song from Puerto Rico came from the hand of the well known artist DJ Playero. It was then when was born the figure of Daddy Yankee. Early in his career he flirted with rhythms like merengue and salsa, but it can be said that his greatest successes at the international level have come when he has composed and performed his now famous songs of Latin rap and reggaeton. This singer receives various nicknames within the music industry. In these circuits is known as 30-30 by the message containing the lyrics of their songs, an accurate portrayal of many aspects of the everyday life of Puerto Rico. Also the title of King of improvisation has earned for its special creative skill, a virtue that has made Daddy Yankee be the winner for five years followed by various Street Jam Reggae Awards.

Daddy Yankee has managed to build his triumphant musical career combining reflection of social reality of their country with the most sensual rhythms in each one of his works. With this mix has made possible many Latino youth to identify with their songs. The Daddy Yankee’s solo album was released in 2000 with the title of the poster. Its great success made it possible to launch in 2001 El Cartel II. The big sales achieved by both albums meant for this singer their recognition with two platinum records. In 2002 he assumed the identity of El Cangri to perform his work El under his own label (Los Congris Inc.). This album includes the song Grand Theft, which had the exceptional Lito’s collaboration in your recording.