PanAmericano Dollar

At the top of the list it is well capitalized a solid financial system and, without occult risks in rockings riddled of tricks, as it occurred in the United States. Test of this is that since 2008 no Brazilian bank of national covering it broke, with exception of the PanAmericano. the weekly magazine of the April says: ‘ ‘ In according to place, Brazil still has in box more reserves in foreign currency of what the total of the external debt. With this recess, the Central banking has maneuver edge to brighten up traumatic fluctuations of the exchange in accordance with vendendo or buying dollar in the market the necessities of each moment. The good situation of the reserves leaves Brasilia in favorable conditions also to allow that investing foreigners remove its economies of the country changing its Reals for dollar, what he confers to Brazil credibility still more.

A country that it does not hinder artificially the dollar exit is a country that attracts dollar with facilidade’ more; ‘. advances: ‘ ‘ The third point is the absence of ‘ ‘ bolhas’ ‘ in the economy. That is, even so if she can technical affirm that the property are with the irrealmente high prices in Brazil, this not yet configures a bubble, therefore they are not being financed for instruments of credit without ballast, as she occurred in the American market, opening way for the 2008 crisis. The room tranquilizador factor is the monetary politics of the Central banking that, having been sufficiently strict in last the ten years, accumulated credibility to act with the signal changed in case of the contraction to show the face. That is, the interests are in a high platform and to lower them can have effect stimulant in the economy, will be necessrio’ ‘. concludes in the following way: ‘ ‘ Finally, the public banks, that represent half of the available credit in the financial system, can be set in motion to inject more money in the economy without the same precautions that private banks are obliged to take.

This was made successfully in 2008 and 2009, when the increase of offers of loans for the official banks helped to move away to the specter from the stagnation econmica’ ‘. But, thanks to GOD, the Stock exchange of the whole world is if recouping, after a vertiginous fall at the beginning of the black week, enters days 08 of August the 10 of August, when the main stock markets, between them of Wall Strett and Nasdaq (U.S.A.), Tokyo, Seoul and Shangay, in Asia, and Paris, Madrid, London, etc in the Europe, and So Paulo, in Brazil, among others, had had losses that they had arrived at dollar one trillion. On account of this, the man richest of the world, the Mexican Carlos Slin, owner of Clearly, in Brazil, lost to the all U$$ 8 billion, and the Eike Brazilian Baptist, owner of the Valley, U$$ 2 billion. what everything indicates they had recouped practically everything with the increase of the Stock exchange in the whole world. Still well that the crisis one more time was passenger, or as already it affirmed president Lula in the 2008 crisis:

Work Until

The relation of the debt of the American domiciles with the available income is now above of the 130%. In the start of this decade, it was of 100%; in the start of the decade of 90, it was of 80%. Consumption Studies suggests that the changes in the prices of the residences have a bigger impact on the expenses of the consumer in countries where the credit markets more are developed, as U.S.A. These works conclude that a fall of US$ 100 in the financial wealth traditionally is associated with a US$ fall 3 US$ 5 in the expenses. Already a fall equivalent in the habitacional patrimony finishes reducing the expenses in something between US$ 4 and US$ 9. Thredup gathered all the information. Considering the size of the habitacional sector it is possible to foresee that the expenses of the consumer would fall almost colon percentile per year. Credit On the other hand the banks already are reacting. According to more recent research made by the Fed with employees of responsible American banks for loans, one room of the institutions had raised its requirements for loans to the consumer.

Thus the American starts to have difficulties to get loaned resources. Oil With the loss of liquidity, the American must twist so that the oil continues with its recent trend of fall. After all of accounts, any increase, for minor who is, in the gasoline, has a strong impact in the power of consumption of the population. According to data of Goldman Sachs, this number can arrive the 1.2% aa on the expenses of the consumer. Market of Work Until the moment seems to be resisting all the turbulence well. The spreading today, of the number of assist-unemployment order, being below of the expectation of the analysts, strengthens the fact that the companies had not yet started to excuse employees and to retract the production drastically.

The Alternatives

In the traditional systems, this type of concern does not exist, being the cost of the product locked up at the moment of its ticket to the supply of finished products. The emphasis is in the determination of the cost of the activities of production and support (processes). The cost of the product is a secondary objective. The hand of direct workmanship is debited to the activity (process) and not to the product. This boarding eliminates the necessity to appropriate the hand of workmanship to the product.

Group of costs is synonymous of activity. The practical one to use only or an limited number of groups of cost is eliminated. The consumption of the activity is based on the amount of measures (units) of the activity consumed by the product. The measure of the activity represents the exit (production) of the activity. The identification or direct tracking of the activities to the products reduces the value of the indirect expenditures of manufacture to be distributed to the products. The direct tracking of the activities to the products does not distinguish the costs right-handers from the indirect ones. The cost is attributed directly whenever it can be established a relation of cause and effect between the activity and the product. The costs you tracked of marketing, sales, engineering and other costs of support also are debited directly to the products.

Thus we focus the total cost of the company and not only the production cost. The cost of the product includes the cost total of development, manufacture and distribution of a product. Many costs incurred during cycle of life of the product, that traditionally is considered expenditures, now will be tracked to the distributed products and throughout its existence. The cost of the life cycle propitiates to the administration a vision of the profitability in long stated period, it allows to better combine the strategies of prices at the cost of the products in the different periods of training of the life cycle and becomes possible the quantification of the impact in the cost of the alternatives of project of the product and the process. The impact of the variations of volume of the activities in the cost of the product, also can be quantified. Not financial measures of performance are incorporated, for global evaluation of the performance of the product. The two main benefits of the ABC cost are: 1-Acuracidade of the cost of the product 2-Visibility of the chances of reduction of costs and improvements of performance. We can infer that the ABC system can be adopted in the administrative and commercial areas of the company in the same way that is used in the production area, initiating for the analysis of the structure of the expenses of these areas with the determination of the factors that had given to origin the demand in accordance with the played functions. The system of ABC Cost tries to cure an existing chronic problem in the traditional systems, that divide are it of the indirect costs of the manufacture, based on criterion, arbitrarily selected. The ABC system diminishes allocations of on the basis of rateios costs, therefore through research in processes it looks for to locate the origins of the costs, thus being able places them with more exactness to the produced goods and services.

The Arrows

The game responds well to commands that one gives, being fluid, comfortable and easy to develop ideas that we have to face the opponent. The controls are simple to use but has been modified some dribbling incorporating the arrows of direction (or left lever), which looks like a positive because they are more accessible, but it also has a negative aspect that often becomes present when we try to make an abrupt change of direction and is interpreted as the command for an unplanned Dodge that can make us lose the ball. While the controls are fluid and respond well, is complicated at the time to defend, since mark, shrink space and correctly position the Defender to cut rival advance is complicated, but it can be achieved with patience and practice. Another defect that the Defense presents are the outputs of the Archer, since this is not customary to take off three clubs to pick up a Centre (unless the ball go to your location), which can be seen when the attackers are located in a corner kick at the edge or within the goal box and when you run the remove, the only ones capable of clearing the area are defenders since the Archer does not leave his position, this way are converted goals that would have easily been avoided. A negative characteristic that cannot be overlooked is the great lack of licenses, many teams do not have their original names or nor his t-shirts, just as it happens with the glasses, hope that someday we can enjoy of a PES fully licensed. While these details can be subtracted to the experience of the game, it should be noted that the quality of simulation that presents the title will do that we can play in every game and again finding enough satisfaction to keep boredom and weariness to the margin.

Politics and Economics in Spain

(Latest data: 3.1% for the euro area and 4.4% for Spain.) Trichet has hinted it might even raise interest rates if inflation does not drop. Spain will be in a recession. They say no, it is very difficult for a growing economy, the overnight decline. But they also say the U.S. GDP growth was 4.9% in the third quarter of 2007 and fell to 0.6% in the fourth. So we are not in the best time.

BUT Wal Mart, which is like the English Court but way, has sold in the last quarter of its fiscal year 2007, 9.5% more than in 2006. It has gained 4% more. This is not the only good news that appears in newspapers. What happens is that you set. And each day are enough. For example: On February 28, Cesar Alierta, President of Telefonica, made a profit of EUR 8.906 million, becoming the operator with the most wins in the world, ahead of ATT (8733), France Telecom (6300), Verizon (4038) and Deutsche Telekom (3165). He announced that distribute a dividend of 1 euro per share, ycomo are many people who have shares in Telefonica, each will have multiplied the number of shares for 1 euro, deductions will be deducted and must have thought: “Man, not bad . Spanish Elections: Apart from the politicians who throw candies for people to pick them up, it is seen that the situation is serious enough to make nonsense.

Yesterday I heard that politicians should be required to think long, to which a person of great economic and political experience, he replied: “Politicians are paid to think short.” That same person (Alfredo Pastor), in a February 24 article, said: “As should be … in a society ricacomo ours, what distinguishes a political program of another is not so much the economic proposal as the concept of society. That should focus the debate that will decide the election result. “.