IPhone phone users are happy because they had a multi-tasking. Nokia users will also have to do it, albeit with certain restrictions. Managing too many concurrent problem leads to an error 'insufficient memory'. Owners of previously purchased Nokia N97 and N96 are aware of this. Is it enough to 256MB of ram, smartphone Nokia N8 to provide multitasking? I raise this question after seeing the recently video to demonstrate pre-release Nokia N8. In this video, you can see that error, "Memory exhausted. Close applications and try again.

" A window appeared when Rapporteur Nokia tried to play a video clip. Almost immediately after the occurrence of messages, she pressed the menu button, display the running tasks. These were the application of social network, gallery, photo editor, setting up WiFi, the application menu, the browser. Before we will condemn too strictly, it should be borne in mind that the phone is not ruled latest version. For example, I have not seen such a message during a brief test Nokia N8.

Let's compare: the Nokia N97 on board 128 mb ram, while the Nokia N900 was 256 mb. When released in selling , it added a 512 mb. IPhone 4, which according to some techno geeks, does not provide 'true multitasking', the bot is on 512 mb of ram. The emergence of Nokia N8 expected in the third quarter of this year, and she was stuck at 256 mb of ram. Why Nokia does not put more memory? You may think that I'm looking for a reason to nit-picking, but I truly wonder. I am interested in Nokia N8, but I really hope that we will not see a message that the 'memory full' when the device available for sale.

Senior Citizens

I wonder whether the mobile phone manufacturers ever considered that not all customers want the latest development in mobile phones? Yes, I agree, camera with flash and video player that supports all known formats – it certainly attracts attention. Young people must look at these opportunities and to maximize the amount of flash – memory and even the number of speakers. For all young people is crucial, but In addition to young people of mobile phones uses another part of the population, namely pensioners. Their requirements differ fundamentally. Pensioner’s not a hands most modern phone, they require:

1. Opportunity to call at any time. It is no secret that many retiredpeople live in the private sector, where coverage of mobile operators are not always perfect. That is, they need a phone that catches a good network in poor conditions. Continuing to run for the nearest hill to call – this is unacceptable.

2. Ease of use. Retirees do not need a mobile phone complicated and small buttons. Rather, he would give preference to large keys and screen in two lines, because they would be enough to dial a number, but the sms and mms aged people usually do not know anything except the name. 3. Low energy consumption. Actually, from this will not give up and productivity, but the phone with a minimum set of features still survive from the charge to full charge a lot more time than cutting-edge smartphone four speakers and a huge touch screen display with the same battery capacity. 4. Affordable price. People living on small pensions, not pay 200 – $ 300 for a mobile phone, which will be used maximum of 10 percent. The more each additional option is not free. Agree, it makes no sense to pay for your camcorder, flash card to 8 gb of the same bluetooth, unless they are used. What we got in the end? And we got the following result: pensioner is likely to be enough cell phone such as Nokia 1110 and the like. He is a cheap and suitable for all four points. Well, do not forget that the simpler cell phone, so it is safer. Afflicts only one – phones in this class have long been discontinued, you can only buy it used. Perhaps the producers still need to pay attention to this market segment? Especially since there is nothing new to invent is not necessary, just enough to restart the old assembly tape.